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Sapio Sciences Unveils Enhanced Molecular Biology Toolkit

Sapio ELN release 24.5 features multiple improvements, including enhanced CRISPR design

Sapio Sciences

Founded as a machine learning and artificial intelligence company at a time when the lab was not yet ready to embrace the full potential of AI, Sapio has always recognized...

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BALTIMORE, MD — Sapio Sciences, the science-awareTM lab informatics platform, announced Sapio ELNSM release 24.5. The latest release of its electronic laboratory notebook software includes an advanced molecular biology toolkit with several enhancements that better enable scientists to visualize, analyze, and utilize molecular data also integrated with small molecule research, including:

  • CRISPR Design — providing both annotated and non-annotated multiple sequence alignment views.
  • PCR Primer Design — streamlining the design of primers for multiple PCR applications.
  • Plasmid Design — facilitating easier manipulation and visualization of plasmid maps.
  • Golden Gate Assembly Tools — simplifying the assembly of DNA fragments in a one-step, one-reaction format.
  • Vector Modification Tools — enhancing capabilities for precise genetic alterations.
  • Multimodal Entity Registration — Sapio’s enhanced molecular biology tools are integrated with small molecule research, enabling scientists to enhance their understanding and development of novel therapeutics.

The enhancements are particularly beneficial for antibody discovery workflows. They assist scientists in effectively managing the process from initiation to conclusion, including:

  • Immunization — managing the immunization of animals with target antigens.
  • Sample Collection and Antibody Isolation — streamlining the collection and initial processing of samples for antibody isolation.
  • Characterization and Cloning — enhancing the characterization of antibodies and cloning promising candidates.
  • Protein Production and Purification — facilitating the production and purification stages and ensuring high-quality protein yields.

“The rapid advances in molecular biology research require continual advances in the informatic tools scientists use to discover novel therapeutic products,” said Kevin Cramer, founder and CEO of Sapio Sciences. “The enhanced features of our ELN’s molecular toolkit are just the latest of many advanced capabilities we continually add to provide scientists a true ‘scientific assistant’ and help them accelerate drug discovery and make better data-driven decisions.”

Sapio’s advanced molecular biology toolkit is seamlessly integrated with the recently announced multimodal registration to assist scientists in bridging the small molecule—large molecule divide. It enables the efficient management of natural and non-natural biologics, diverse conjugates, peptides, and small molecules. The Sapio Platform provides a single, unified drug discovery platform that combines the Sapio ELN, Sapio LIMS™, and Sapio Jarvis™ to advance molecular biology research and foster innovative discoveries in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.