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Save More than 10 Million Measurement Values

The new VD800 series provides a comfortable, menu-driven operation

The new VD800 meter on a black background

Additionally, the devices can be operated for logging pressure curves.

by Thyracont Vacuum Instruments
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With the new VD800 series, Thyracont Vacuum Instruments consistently focuses on the needs of the user. The large graphic display of the VD800 compact vacuum meters, in conjunction with the 4+1 membrane keypad, provides a comfortable, menu-driven operation. Pressure curves during real time measurements are being displayed directly on the display in form of a pressure-time-diagram, whereby chronological presentation and axis options can be defined individually. Depending on the setting, the measured pressure is plotted over time.

Additionally, the devices can be operated for logging pressure curves. The large internal data memory saves more than 10 million measurement values that can be divided over several measurement periods with their RTC data. The separate measurements are each saved as individual files. When used as a data logger, storage rate and recording period can be set individually. In addition, it is possible to choose the required data source to be recorded: absolute pressure, relative pressure, or both. By setting the logging rate from 20ms to 1min and the maximum measurement duration, the devices enable both recordings of highly dynamic pressure curves and long-term measurements.

The devices’ USB-C interface allows a simple and fast export of the data. Using the Thyracont software VacuGraph™ the saved data can be read-out, plotted, analyzed, and exported to MS Excel.

The VD800 vacuum gauges measure absolute pressure in a wide measuring range from 2,000 to 5e-5 mbar and additionally relative pressure from -1,060 to +1,200 mbar. The large graphic display shows current measured values, pressure diagrams, minimum and maximum pressure and, in conjunction with the 4+1 membrane keypad, enables convenient, menu-driven user guidance. The integrated data logger stores several separate measurement series with real-time stamp. Sampling rates between 50 ms and 60 s make the devices interesting for fast vacuum processes as well as for long-term monitoring. If required, an alarm function triggers an acoustic or visual signal when a defined threshold is reached.

Intelligent energy management offers a long battery life, and the models are easily charged via the USB-C interface using a standard power supply. The new, modular design of the devices makes it easy for authorized personnel to replace dirty or worn sensor heads directly on site. Maintenance times and costs are thus reduced to a minimum.

The models: The VD800 is used in conjunction with external Thyracont USB transmitters and is thus particularly suitable for angled systems or for reading out permanently installed sensors. The VD810 measures in the rough vacuum range by means of an internal, resistant ceramic sensor, independent of gas type. In the VD850, an internal piezo/pirani combination sensor records a wide measuring range in the rough and fine vacuum with high resolution and accuracy.

The VD800 vacuum gauges can be connected to vacuum pumps and systems, connected to external sensors or placed directly in the vacuum chamber. Whether mobile use or permanent installation in vacuum systems—both are possible. The compact VD800s are therefore ideal for service calls, quality assurance, and maintenance tasks or for leak tests via pressure rise measurement.

"Thyracont handheld vacuum meters set benchmarks for precision and functionality. Modernizing this product family, we successfully improved the products performance whilst simultaneously enhancing their intuitive handling. Graphical display, menu-driven operation, and a simplified use of the data logger are just a few examples of the improvements made." Frank P. Salzberger, Managing Director.