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Science with a Conscience: Advancing Lab Operations Through Sustainable Use of Assets

Join Lab Manager and our expert as we discuss asset management strategies for your lab


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This presentation is a part of our 2023 Leadership Summit. To learn more please visit  2023 Lab Manager Leadership Summit

Sustainability is an increasingly important goal for companies, but it can be challenging to achieve those goals while meeting or exceeding other business targets. A lab’s asset management strategy is crucial to meeting both scientific and economic goals. Actively managing and optimizing scientific equipment will result in reduced downtime, increased productivity, meeting sustainability objectives, and a better overall return on investment.

In this presentation, you will learn how to develop an effective asset management program, whether it’s from the ground-up or an overhaul of your existing service approach. Discover how you can stay focused on the science, knowing that the lab will be fully functional with the appropriate instruments available and ready to be used when you need them. Maximize your instrument uptime while optimizing your lab spend, and unlock hidden value by expanding the use of your instruments or identifying instruments to divest.


Melissa Zeier
Director of Product Management for Platform Products