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SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600

High-resolution accurate mass system defining new levels of sensitivity

SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600

Driven by the power of the Zeno trap coupled with EAD fragmentation technology.

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Q: Do current high-resolution mass spectrometers have the sensitivity and orthogonality to characterize and quantify a broad spectrum of compound classes?

Most MS/MS applications today use collision activated dissociation (CID) for inducing fragmentation. CID is utilized in most quantitative and qualitative assays and is responsible for the identification and structural elucidation of countless numbers of compounds. But, it has limitations and can result in insufficient fragmentation of specific molecule classes, sizes, and chemistries that inhibits their characterization or selective quantitation.

A:The ZenoTOF 7600 system containing innovative Zeno trap and electron activated dissociation (EAD) technology. They are a powerful combination of unparalleled MS/MS sensitivity and a step change in fragmentation technology.

A powerful leap in proprietary innovation, this high-resolution accurate mass system combines the power of Zeno trap pulsing with EAD fragmentation technology (electron activated dissociation) to unlock sensitivity gains that reveal new, rare, or even previously undetected information on an everyday basis. Detect up to 20x more ions in every experiment and access a spectrum of tunable fragmentation techniques to uncover new perspectives for every molecule by:

  • Overcoming QTOF MS/MS duty cycle deficiencies
  • Identifying and quantifying low abundance species enabled by Zeno trap
  • Tunable fragmentation of all molecule types utilizing controlled EAD
  • MS/MS scan rates of up to 133Hz giving improved DDA and high-resolution MRM (MRMRHR)

It provides the ability to acquire key MS/MS features needed to:

  • Characterize large molecules including post-translational modifications
  • Elucidate positional isomers on small molecules and lipids
  • Identify and quantify proteins and peptides at unparalleled speed

Driven by the power of the Zeno trap coupled with EAD fragmentation technology

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