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Scrap the Paper Records and Preserve Data Integrity with Automatic Data Collection

Fully automatic, electronic technology tracks, records, stores, and transfers data for greater accuracy

Scrap the Paper Records and Preserve Data Integrity with Automatic Data Collection

VIDA is a revolutionary data collection technology for tracking, recording, and storing lab instrument measurement results and metadata.

by Martel Instruments
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Data is a laboratory’s most valuable possession, and it must be compiled, transferred, and stored with exceptional care. Many labs still rely on manual transcription and paper records, which necessitate repetitive, time-consuming operations, and are prone to errors. Such inaccuracies have significant implications for overall data quality, and make it difficult to meet regulatory and compliance standards. Further, accurate data transcription is essential to support laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs). VIDA is a data collection technology configurable to your laboratory and processes, that automatically tracks, records, and stores lab instrument measurement results and metadata to support better data management and compliance.

Secure, Comprehensive, and Fully Automatic Data Capture

Manual data capture is inefficient. Highly trained personnel can spend hours completing paper records and spreadsheets, taking up valuable time that could be spent designing and executing experiments and analyzing data. Attempting to manually capture user and equipment metadata adds another layer of complexity and additional time costs. A fully automatic data collection solution allows laboratory personnel to focus on more complex tasks, and ensures complete accuracy in recording results and metadata.

When selecting an automatic data capture technology, security is an important consideration. Unlike USBs, which may be damaged or misplaced, or potentially insecure cloud storage solutions, VIDA is designed to deliver completely secure data transfer between systems via embedded sensors or wireless interface connection with a built-in WiFi hotspot. Users can access and work on data instantly and securely, onsite or remotely.

Most labs operate a wide range of instruments and devices, and the benefits of data capture technologies are only fully realized if the system is configurable, and compatible with a wide range of equipment. VIDA is designed to be configured to your laboratory’s specific processes and workflows, and is compatible with all major equipment manufacturers to serve as a comprehensive data capture solution.

Get the Most Out of Your LIMS or ELN

LIMS and ELNs are valuable tools for the modern laboratory. From automating workflows, to managing samples and instruments, and documenting experiments and protocols, these technologies are designed to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Generating and capturing high-quality, error-free data is paramount for the success of every laboratory, and while LIMS and ELNs offer numerous benefits, accurate data entry is critical to ensure their effectiveness. Often, the process by which data is introduced into these systems is overlooked, and inaccuracies, fragmented data, and incompatible instruments and devices can introduce errors, translating to poor quality data and inefficient operations.

Advanced data capture technology overcomes these challenges and can maximize the benefits of LIMS and ELNs. Using user programmed software, VIDA electronically reads and captures data and securely transfers it directly to LIMS and ELNs. With the combination of automatic data capture and transfer capabilities and compatibility with a wide range of lab instruments and devices, VIDA supports labs in making the most of their investment in LIMS or ELNs.

Reliable, Error-Free Measurements to Meet Regulatory and Compliance Standards

Increasingly strict regulatory requirements for compliance pose numerous challenges for labs. Manual data capture is inefficient, error-prone, and simply insufficient to meet data compliance standards. Automatic, paperless data collection is an efficient, accurate solution to support compliance efforts.

VIDA is a robust technology capable of accurately capturing both measurement data and metadata. It can be leveraged to track processes, samples, equipment, and even technicians throughout the entire lab. With increasing lab digitization comes greater focus on 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines on using electronic records and electronic signatures. VIDA is designed to simplify compliance by providing audit logs and session records for quality control, and is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.

Further, regular equipment maintenance and calibration is important to support compliance efforts. Manual scheduling and documentation are time-consuming, and unexpected instrument downtime creates delays and hinders productivity. VIDA makes it easy to maintain and schedule calibrations to better meet metadata standards, and avoid unanticipated downtime.

Generating high-quality data requires significant resources, including instruments and equipment, time, skill, and expertise. As such, it is important to protect this investment. Relying on manual data collection techniques is inefficient, and increases the risk of costly errors that threaten data quality. VIDA is a revolutionary data collection technology for tracking, recording, and storing lab instrument measurement results and metadata. It eliminates the risks associated with other data collection methods to improve accuracy, support LIMS and ELNs, and help labs meet compliance standards. VIDA can be configured for various processes and labs of all sizes, to protect and maximize data assets.

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