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Sentry Air Systems Introduces New Ductless Fume Hood: Sentry AirHawk

AirHawk features a centralized control panel with adjustable light and fan controls with digital run-time and air pressure displays

by Sentry Air Systems
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basic-sentry-airhawkSentry Air Systems, Inc. released a new attractive and customizable addition to their fume hood line called the Sentry AirHawk. With the Sentry AirHawk, the operator has more options for adjustments with the centralized control panel. The control panel features an adjustable light and fan controls, runtime and air pressure digital displays, and an attractive blue decal. The Sentry AirHawk system utilizes powerful airflow to pull harmful particulates and fumes away from the user to provide respiratory and environmental protection. The system brings the particulates and fumes produced from various applications into a filter chamber containing a carbon pre-filter and choice of main filter best suited for the application. No makeup air or external ducting is required because the system releases the filtered air back into the room. Combined with other benefits like portability and dependability, the Sentry AirHawk gives great value and is amazing choice for your laboratory.

Key Features

Bright Adjustable Light

A key aspect to the Sentry AirHawk ductless fume hood is the 1400 Lux LED light. Currently this light is the brightest in a fume hood in the market. Shed more light on your biological specimens for studying. The adjustable knob allows the operator the ability to adjust the lighting allowing versatility for multiple applications.

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This benefit would prove invaluable when observing numerous biological samples.

Adjustable Fan Controls

Another main component of the Sentry AirHawk is the adjustable fan control located on the centralized control panel. Allowing the operator to change the fan speed accommodates for different situations and would be vital for differing experiments.

Air Pressure and Runtime Digital Displays

In addition, the control panel has digital displays for the air pressure and runtime. The air pressure display would be helpful in laboratory situations to document key factors during a study or experiment. It would be useful in other applications to test to see which speed works best for fume control without wasting electricity or interfering with the application. The digital runtime display shows the time the fume hood has been in operation in hours. The runtime display would be a critical element to ensure accurate time keeping for experiment notes and when billing hours to a client.

Custom Sizes & Construction

Similar to other fume hoods in their line, the Sentry AirHawk is available with custom options such as size and construction. Standard sizes of the Sentry AirHawk include 30”, 40”, and 50”. Custom sizes can be accommodated between 30” to 50” for specialized applications. The Sentry AirHawk is constructed with white PVC on the sides and bottom, clear PVC on the top and clear polycarbonate for the front window with clear anti-static vinyl curtains over the access area. Sentry AirHawk hood construction can be customized with all clear material to improve visibility or with stainless steel.

Filter Choices

Depending on the application, the Sentry AirHawk offers distinct filter solutions to provide optimized particulate or fume control. For most particulate and fume control situations, HEPA filters are a great choice and provide up to 99.97% efficiency on particles as small as 0.3 microns. The ASHRAE filters are also a good option for particulate control with efficiency up to 95% on particles as small as 0.5 microns. For specialized chemical fume applications, the activated carbon filters or specialty-blended filter media (acid gas, mercury, aldehyde or ammonia) deliver high quality filtration to remove chemical fumes.

Other Benefits

The Sentry AirHawk grants high quality filtration in a portable package. The easy installation and small footprint allows the system to be easily moved and utilized in a variety of settings. Users may take it on the go with them and power through a generator in remote locations such as a forest or wildlife setting. The filter chamber allows for a simple “no tools” required filter change with low maintenance for the whole system. The Sentry AirHawk has quite operation and provides an economical solution for particulate and fume control.

The Sentry AirHawk ductless fume hood offers a centralized control panel with adjustable controls for light and fan speed and displays the air pressure and runtime information. Have more light with the 1400 Lux LED light with easy operator light and fan adjustments with the Sentry AirHawk. This attractive, portable and easy to maintain system is now available. 


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