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Separation & Analysis of Nano-Geochemical Systems

Separation & Analysis of Nano-Geochemical Systems

Postnova Analytics has a new on-demand webinar sharing how advanced analytical techniques are impacting the field of nanogeochemistry

by Postnova Analytics

The webinar discusses the advanced analytical approaches that are used to apply asymmetric flow field-flow fractionation with online UV-visible and ICP-MS detectors to nano-geochemical systems in the SWAMP (Soils, Water, Air, Manures, and Plants) laboratory at the University of Alberta, Canada.

The application of AF4-UV-ICPMS to nano-geochemical systems in water, soils, and aquatic ecotoxicology is discussed. Nano-geochemical systems are composed of the interacting nanoscale particles (ca. 1–100 nm), which form the basis of geochemical systems. These particles and particle systems govern the transport and distribution of natural and anthropogenic metals, pollutants, and nutrients in aquatic environments, and play important roles controlling mineral formation, transformations/ stability, and geochemical reactions. Yet, our understanding of relationships between the properties and functioning of the nano-geochemical environment is limited by the lack of appropriate analytical techniques for its non-destructive separation and analysis.

Watch the webinar, compliments of Postnova Analytics.