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September 2016 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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Triple Quadruple ICP-MS System


  • The controlled-reaction chemistry of this inductively coupled plasma/mass spectrometry system delivers the lowest detection limits for previously difficult elements, such as sulfur, silicon, and phosphorus
  • Includes a fast detector that sets a new benchmark for single nanoparticle applications
  • Features ICP-MS MassHunter software


Self-Cleaning Ion Source


  • The first commercially available ion source that cleans itself
  • Designed to keep Agilent quadrupole gas chromatography/mass spectrometry systems free of matrix deposits that would otherwise build up over time and degrade instrument performance
  • Using a carefully controlled hydrogen flow, JetClean technology greatly reduces—or even eliminates—the need for source cleaning on Agilent single and triple quadrupole GC-MS systems



Novaspec III+ and Novaspec Pro

  • Compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed • Include a large display that is easy to read and a simple user interface for rapid set up and analysis
  • Novaspec III+ is an entry level visible spectrophotometer for labs performing basic spectroscopy measurements
  • Novaspec Pro includes the same abilities as the III+, but adds multi-wavelength measurements and life science methods


Ultra-High Throughput Mass Spectrometer

rapifleX™ MALDI PharmaPulse™

  • Can dramatically lower the cost of ultra-high throughput screening (uHTS) with further improved results
  • Offers the speed, specificity, and robustness of mass spectrometry for large primary screens
  • Compared to existing LC/SPE-MS HTS solutions, the system is 100-1000x faster and uses about 100x less solvent, without the need for LC columns and other LC consumables


Mass Spectrometer


  • Combines very high ion mobility resolution greater than 200, using Bruker’s proprietary Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry (TIMS), with Bruker’s ultra-high performance ESI-QTOF mass spectrometry
  • A flexible, research-grade instrument for optimal separation and analysis of unresolved compounds and conformations
  • Allows separation of isomeric compounds, accurate determination of collisional cross sections and gas-phase protein structure and aggregation studies


Sample Pretreatment Module for LC-MS


  • Automatically performs all of the processes necessary for analyzing blood and other biological samples, from scanning in information from the blood collection tubes to sample pretreatment and LC-MS analysis
  • First truly integrated sample preparation system for LC-MS that allows users to process samples in an instrument that is directly attached to the LC-MS system
  • Helps to facilitate a safe working environment


MS-MS Hybrid Quadropole- Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

Q Exactive BioPharma

  • Enables three powerful workflows (denatured and native MS intact analysis, subunit and top/ middle-down analysis, and peptide mapping) for the complete characterization of biotherapeutics
  • Encompasses all of Thermo Scientific’s leading technologies into one system
  • Features a new High Mass Range (HMR) mode

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Basic Lab

Discrete Analyzer

Smartchem 600

  • Can perform up to 600 tests/hour
  • Utilizes washable cuvettes with an integrated wash and control station, which guarantee a lower running cost and reduced risk of contamination
  • Offers automated system quality control in addition to automated analysis
  • Provides reduced hazardous waste management cost, reduced volume of waste, and low energy and water consumption

AMS Alliance 

Vortex Mixer

Stuart SA6

  • Robust, with die cast construction
  • Features a sophisticated inbuilt counterbalance system as well as suction cup feet to prevent any walking issues, which are often associated with budget vortex mixers
  • Mixing speed ranges from 2500 to 4500 rpm, making the mixer suitable for a range of applications

Bibby Scientific 

Canopy Hoods

  • Designed to collect and exhaust corrosive vapors, heat, steam, and odors
  • Available in 36”, 48”, 72,” and 96” widths, in wall or island models
  • Also available in either molded, chemical-resistant, flame retardant, one-piece composite resin, or fabricated of welded type 304 stainless steel
  • Wall canopy hoods include a wall mounting kit


8- and 12-Channel Manual Pipettes


  • Pipette range now includes 8- and 12-channel versions
  • Unlike traditional pipettes which utilize a single rotating plunger to set volumes, the EVOLVE features three adjustable dials for setting each individual volume digit
  • Cover a volume range of 1 – 200 μl
  • Able to enhance productivity and comfort even during prolonged pipetting sessions


Heating Stage


  • Can control sample temperatures up to 1500°C whilst maintaining a clear optical path for observing any changes in its characteristics
  • Incorporates a large window that can be rotated to move a clear area into the optical path
  • Features a ceramic heating cup which when used in conjunction with the ceramic cover creates a micro oven around the sample and heats at a rate of up to 200°C/min


Tube Selector

  • Offers the convenience of single-handed operation and the possibility to manually pick individual tubes from any tube storage rack without the necessity of lifting them
  • Enables 'hands-free' manual picking and placing for labs looking to reduce contamination
  • Easy-wipe-clean surface further reduces the chances of sample contamination
  • Available as a low cost stand-alone product or as part of a starter pack


Peristaltic Pumps

Perimax 12 and Perimax 16

  • Differ only in the number of rollers (12/16) in the pump head and the continuously adjustable flow rates they can achieve (0.0017 mL/min to 20 mL/min against 0.0034 mL/min to 40 mL/min)
  • 16-roller pump produces no measurable pulsation
  • Easy to use—the tube is guided around the pump head and its two ends are fixed to a special mechanism


Tempered Glass Modular Cleanroom


  • This free-standing, hardwall room is made of transparent glass panels attached to a stainless steel frame • Meets cleanliness ratings down to ISO 5
  • Is non-sloughing, non-outgassing, and chemical-resistant, making it ideal for aseptic processes and frequent decontamination
  • Ceiling grid supports electrical modules including LED or fluorescent lights, and HEPA or ULPA fan/filter units

Terra Universal 

Cell Culture

Research Tools for PD-1 Checkpoint Inhibitors

  • New cell lines and controls for programmed cell death protein 1 (PD-1) research, and to test inhibitors of the PD-1 / PD-L1 pathway, are now available
  • A PD-1 / NFAT Reporter - Jurkat cell line is for applications including screening for activators or inhibitors of PD-1 signaling in a cellular context
  • The TCR activator / PD-L1 - CHO recombinant cell line is purpose-designed for screening for activators or inhibitors of PD-1 signaling, and more


Benchtop Scale Fermentation Systems


  • Designed to provide an optimized cell cultivation solution for applications including growth of sensitive and fragile mammalian and insect cells
  • Incorporate a large, color touchscreen panel with an intuitive software interface for ease of use
  • Heating system allows operators to use any fermentation vessel type up to 20 liters, enabling a wide range of applications to be undertaken

Cleaver Scientific 

Cell Culture Vessel


  • Offers large growth surfaces on a small footprint and facilitates the scale-up of mass cell cultures
  • Compact, robust, and cylindrical design means CELLdisc is just as suited to smaller test series as it is for automation and the quantifiable scale-up of mass cell cultures in sizes of between 1,000 and 10,000 square centimetres
  • Ergonomic design simplifies the cultivation of mammalian cells

Greiner Bio-One 

Cell Culture Media Filter

Virosart® Media

  • Offers a fast and cost-effective solution for manufacturers to reduce the risk of virus contamination resulting from raw materials, such as chemically defined media, during fermentation
  • This single-use filter provides a high level of safety for customers’ upstream processes as it is qualified for > 4 log10 reduction of small, non-enveloped viruses (e.g., MVM) and as a mycoplasma and leptospira retentive filter

Sartorius Stedim Biotech 

96-Well Cell Culture Plate

Nunc Edge

  • Designed to virtually eliminate the edge effect during lengthy incubation
  • Even after long incubation periods of up to four days, the overall plate evaporation rate is reduced to less than 2 percent
  • Allows all samples per plate to be analyzed, increasing assay performance with potentially less cost and related product waste
  • Eliminates well-to-well variability

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Chemicals, Kits, and Reagents

CRISPR gRNA Lentivector Cloning Kits

  • Provide scientists with a targeted and precise genomic gene editing methodology
  • Include the standalone premade Cas9 expression lentivirus, and the gRNA lentivector cloning kits from which users can construct their desired target gRNA lentivectors
  • Enable rapid, precisely directional cloning of user’s DNA duplex encoded gRNA structure at efficiencies of greater than 95%


Residual DNA Quantification Kits

ddPCR™ CHO & ddPCR™ E. coli

  • Simplify the quantification of host-cell DNA (HCD) in process development, quality control, and biomanufacturing processes
  • Allow for direct quantification of host-cell DNA impurities in biopharmaceuticals purified from bacteria (E. coli) or mammalian cells (Chinese hamster ovary) without the need for upfront nucleic acid purification steps
  • Designed for use with Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR systems


cDNA Synthesis Kit


  • Allows users to produce robust cDNA yields in as little as 30 minutes
  • Is a modified version of M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase with RNase H activity deactivated and increased thermal stability
  • Sensitive, specific, and capable of synthesizing highly structured and long cDNA fragments
  • Optimized to offer high reproducibility and efficiency for a broad range of primers and templates

Empirical Bioscience 

Tris SDS PAGE Running Buffer

Fisher BioReagents FastRun

  • Designed for use at higher voltages than traditional buffers, providing gradient-like electrophoretic separations of protein samples in nearly one-third less time
  • Provides comparable or better resolution and an increased molecular weight separation range of proteins when compared to traditional Tris-Glycine-SDS buffer
  • Reduces the number of Tris-Glycine polyacrylamide gel compositions required to resolve a protein, saving researchers time and money

Thermo Fisher Scientific 


Automated Metabolite Identification Platform


  • Combines comprehensive metabolic transformation prediction with efficient analysis of LC-MS analytical measurements to identify, visualize, and report chemical biotransformations
  • Will yield faster, easier, and more accurate detection and identification of predicted and unexpected metabolites
  • Built on the ACD/Spectrus platform and offers knowledge management capabilities that allow the information gained in metabolite studies to be applied in other areas of R&D


Chromatography System Software

ChromLab™ Software Version 4.0

  • When used with Bio-Rad’s NGC chromatography system, the software version enables researchers to purify their proteins with ease
  • Scouting wizard allows researchers to easily automate method optimization
  • Enables control of multiple NGC systems from a single computer, further reducing the system’s footprint
  • Allows simpler purification, quick onboarding of new users, and easier data analysis


Web-Based Chemistry ELN

E-WorkBook for Chemistry Module

  • Designed to support synthetic organic workflows in discovery chemistry
  • Strengthens IDBS’ existing web capabilities, and follows on from a strategic technology partnership with ChemAxon announced in 2015
  • Intuitive working environment covers all aspects of chemists’ workflow, including support for reaction planning, stoichiometry, molecule naming, semi-automated procedure write-ups, inventory lookup, and compound registration


LIS Solution


  • Includes secure, sharp, and easily understood client/patient portals to modernize the laboratory’s web presence
  • Features paperless e-requisitions, allowing clients to submit test orders online directly to the user’s lab, complete with patient information, billing details, and point of care tests
  • Offers bidirectional and unidirectional integration with analyzers and seamless integration with EHR and billing providers


Dynamic Fielding Feature for Image Capture Software

  • Now included in GeneSys image capture software
  • Autocorrects for edge effects caused by all lens and lighting in image analyzers, providing a consistent image for scientists to accurately quantify DNA and proteins on their gels
  • Saves scientists the time and effort of re-running gels to check their protein and DNA quantification results


PCR Set-Up Software

  • Designed for Tecan’s D300e digital dispenser
  • Offers new functionality and extends the D300e’s flexibility for genomics workflows
  • Features a PCR Wizard that guides the user through qPCR set-up
  • The D300e provides picoliter to microliter non-contact dispensing of liquids directly into assay plates and offers accurate and reproducible plate generation


LC-MS Data Analysis Software

Symphony Software

  • Allows users to easily link tasks into a sequence to build the data processing pipelines that they need for their laboratories
  • Provides time savings in data processing and automated analysis for out-of-hours working
  • Minimizes user errors in repetitive tasks and is future proof, allowing use of the latest algorithms
  • Helps maximize the return from LC-MS instrumentation


Lab Automation

Cartridge Extractor

SmartPrep Cartridge Extractor II

  • Designed for method development and automation of previously developed manual methods
  • Positive pressure consistently delivers the sample and solvents, yielding reproducible unattended results
  • Cartridges of 1, 3, and 6-mL size from most manufacturers can be used in the system, easing the transition to automation
  • Designed for special environmental applications

Horizon Technology 

Robotic Gripper

The Gripster

  • This patented electro servo gripper is used in a wide range of robotic systems
  • Handles microwell plates without dropping, crushing, or otherwise mishandling them
  • Detects the presence of an object, such as a microwell, based on force rather than a sensor; once force is detected, power is held constant, eliminating the risk of crushing
  • Only a small amount of current is required

Let’s Go Robotics 

Nitrogen Blowdown Evaporator

Ultravap Levante

  • Comes with an RS232 connection and a remote command set enabling it to connect to and be operated from most commercially available robotic liquid handling systems
  • Features full-color touchscreen graphic displays, an integrated auto-ranging power supply, and built-in solvent fume venting
  • Also offers multi-step ramped programming with full alphanumeric program naming

Porvair Sciences 

Automatic, High Throughput Viscometer

VROC® initium

  • Equipped with automatic sample loading and sample cleaning
  • Measures absolute viscosity as a function of shear rate across a wide temperature range, allowing unique viscosity fingerprinting of the samples
  • Enables samples in 96-well plates as well as 40-vial racks to be tested automatically with intuitive software
  • Also measures viscosity for sample volumes as little as 10 microliters


Life Science

Slide Hybridizer


  • Designed to simplify fluorescent in-situ hybridization (FISH) procedures for FFPE (formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue) samples, cell suspensions, and other tissue preparation procedures
  • Features a self-clamping slide tray design that maintains the required humidity
  • Microscope slides in the RapidFISH do not require coverslips to be glued because the removable tray of the slide incubator traps moisture in the system

Boekel Scientific 

Single-Use Vessels


  • Developed specifically for microbial bioprocessing in working volumes of 1.25 to 3.75 L, extending the full range of operation for single-use fermentation from 60 mL to 3.75 L
  • Address the demands of high cell density fermentation of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
  • Robust magnetic overhead drives featuring Rushton-type impellers support agitation rates up to 1200 rpm and provide high-performance mass transfer


Transfection Unit

4D-Nucleofector™ LV

  • Expands the proven 4D-Nucleofector™ system to closed, larger-scale transfection of up to 1x109 cells
  • Transfection protocols can be established in smaller scale using the 4D-Nucleofector™ X unit and smoothly transferred to larger scale without the need for re-optimization
  • With this new addition, small- and large-scale transfection applications are now united in one system based on the Nucleofector™ technology


FISH Probes

Cytocell Aquarius®

  • Nine new probes now available: ETV6 Proximal Probe Green, ETV6 Distal Probe Red, MPO Probe Red, TP53 Probe Green, NUP214 Probe Red, DEK Probe Green, TAS2R1 (5p15.31) Probe Green, Chromosome 9 Satellite III Probe Aqua, and Chromosome 15 Alpha Satellite Probe Red
  • Produce specific, high-intensity signals with excellent contrast and minimal background
  • Optimized for use on common sample types

Oxford Gene Technology 

Bioreactor System

ambr® 250 modular

  • This benchtop mini bioreactor system is designed for parallel fermentation or cell culture
  • Combines a unique single-use bioreactor vessel and expandable system design to offer bioprocess scientists access to advanced benchtop bioreactor technology for process development
  • Consists of a workstation with 2, 4, 6, or 8 single-use bioreactors, with a working volume range of 100 to 250 mL


Supplies and Consumables

On-Line SPE Cartridges


  • Designed for use primarily in integrated SPE-HPLC-(MS-MS) systems
  • Contain either EVOLUTE® EXPRESS ABN or ISOLUTE® ENV+ sorbents and consist of a stainless steel cartridge with standard HPLC compatible end fittings
  • Allow sample preparation to be fully integrated into an automated analytical workflow
  • Aimed primarily at the environmental market for extraction of trace organic analytes from water samples


Bottletop Dispensers

BRAND Dispensette® S

  • Feature improved safety valves, faster priming, easier volume selection, and even lower operation forces
  • All seals have been eliminated to have even less wearing parts to replace over time
  • A large variety of bottle adapters and accessories adapt the Dispensette® S to virtually any unpressurized application
  • Models are available for general purpose dispensing, organics and concentrated acids, and trace analysis

BrandTech Scientific 

Super Precision Vessels for Dissolution Testers


  • Designed for Hanson’s Vision G2™ series of dissolution testers
  • With its closer conformance to an ideal vessel shape, these vessels provide more consistent vessel-to-vessel dissolution test results in USP Apparatus 2
  • Resolves issues relating to routine calibration of dissolution testing equipment
  • Available in 1-liter vessel capacities, clear or amber, for the SR8-Plus, Vision G2 Classic 6, and Vision G2 Elite 8 dissolution testers

Hanson Research 

Amber-Tinted Polypropylene Storage Tubes

  • Now available in 0.75ml and 1.40ml volumes
  • When used in conjunction with a secure screw cap or push cap, these tubes ensure the integrity of light sensitive biological samples even over long-term storage periods
  • Available in non-coded and laser encrypted 2D coded formats
  • Supplied in a 96-position sample tube storage rack that meets the ANSI / SLAS standard footprint


β-Glucuronidase Removal Tubes & 96-Well Plates


  • Designed for the cleanup of hydrolyzed urine samples in less than one minute
  • Offers a simple, rapid solution for β-glucuronidase removal that improves assay performance and column lifetime, and reduces mass spec maintenance
  • Also offers a better alternative to the “dilute-and-shoot” method in which sensitivity and accuracy are compromised when the sample is diluted



Thermolite Plus

  • Ultra-low bleed characteristic of these new septa minimizes the background signal, and the plasma coating prevents the septa from sticking in the injection port
  • Precision molding ensures a consistent, accurate fit
  • Select septa feature a CenterGuide design to minimize coring
  • Usable up to 350°C and come preconditioned and ready to use


Black and White ELISA Plates

  • Provide medium binding surfaces for hydrophobic interactions and high binding surfaces for more hydrophilic interactions
  • Inclusion of white and black ELISA plates in the Sarstedt product line provides greater flexibility for use with a variety of ELISA detection methods
  • New white plates are especially recommended for performing luminescence measurements, and the black ELISA plates are recommended for performing fluorescence measurements