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Weighing is a core process step in almost every application in a lab. It plays a vital role in the quality and reproducibility of the results. To maintain consistent results, it's essential to regularly service your equipment. But what are the most important services, and how often do they need to be performed? There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and it might depend on your industry and with which regulations you must comply.

This webinar will guide you, based on the lifecycle of a balance, through the different services that can help you keep your instrument accurate and extend its lifetime. The attendees will learn which service activities can help secure the quality of results while maintaining costs and compliance under control. This online event is for laboratory managers from various industries who want to ensure reliable results and learn more about the services that can help achieve that.  


Walter Krebs

Head of GWP Product Management
Mettler Toledo 

Simona Venzin

Head of Service Product Management
Mettler Toledo 

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