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SLAS2017 - Genedata Announces BMG LABTECH, Creoptix and TTP Labtech as New Ready-to-Run Partners

New partners join the turnkey integration program with Genedata Screener enabling researchers to quickly import and analyze raw data from innovative screening instruments

by Genedata
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Washington, DC – February 6, 2017– Genedata, a leading provider of advanced software solutions for drug discovery and life science research, today announced new partners in the Genedata Screener® Ready-to-Run program. BMG LABTECH, Creoptix, and TTP Labtech join other forward-thinking instrumentation vendors that integrate their instruments with the Genedata Screener platform. Earlier adopters of the Ready-to-Run program include Intellicyt, Labcyte, Molecular Devices, Nanion, and ThermoFisher Scientific. Through the Ready-to-Run program partners enable their customers with an out-of-the-box, efficient connection of their respective instruments to the customer’s data analysis on the Genedata Screener platform. Additionally, customers benefit from support for the latest, complex screening technologies such as high content screening (HCS), surface plasmon resonance (SPR), and automated patch clamp (APC). The Ready-to-Run program will be featured at Genedata Screener events at SLAS2017 at Booth #541 (Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Feb. 4-8) 

Ready-to-Run Streamlines Workflows and Extends the Value of Industry Standards

More than half of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies and some of the world’s most innovative research institutions use Genedata Screener to analyze, visualize, and manage screening data from their portfolio of in-vitro assay technologies. The Ready-to-Run program offers a functionally rich integration between a company’s screening instruments and Genedata Screener, which interconnects instruments with general analysis and data flows  across enterprises and furthers industry standards inherent to the Genedata Screener platform. “A perfectly engineered instrument is only one part of the solution,” explains Andrea Krumm, application scientist at BMG LABTECH. “In modern screening laboratories, the instrument must be effectively integrated to visualize, analyse and manage data in the same workflow. Through the Ready-to-Run program we are empowering our customers to achieve a new level of screening data management.” 

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“Integrating our technologies through Ready-to-Run benefits both our large and mid-sized customers,” says Sarah Payne, product manager with TTP Labtech. “It enables easy data sharing and improved visibility into data, which makes it ideal for large organizations where research functions are geographically dispersed. And, mid-sized companies benefit as well with the capability to analyze screening data from many different sources related by compound or biology.” Payne notes that the Ready-to-Run program “streamlines the screening workflow for customers and enables them to analyze and view the results of large screening data sets within one software - all of which drives more rapid and informed decision making.” 

Pharmaceutical companies are also driving instrument companies’ interest in Ready-to-Run. Creoptix joined Ready-to-Run based on a request from one of its large pharma customers. “While customers demand instrument performance, they are also looking for integration with their workflows and data management systems,” says Matyas Vegh, CEO of Creoptix. “Creoptix’ instruments generate complex data from label-free molecular interaction analysis. To complement the existing sophisticated data evaluation and reporting tools in our software, we seek to align ourselves with standard platforms, and Genedata Screener is considered the standard screening platform in many pharmaceutical companies. Genedata Screener can handle analysis and integration of such complex data, making it the data analysis and management system required by many of our customers.”

“Genedata established the Ready-to-Run program to improve operational efficiencies in the early drug discovery process,” notes Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. “Through integrations at the instrument level, we extend Genedata Screener capabilities for data harmonization and making analysis of the most complex screening data transparent and comparable. For partners, the program makes it easy to have their instruments’ data reach a wider audience via the Screener platform, and thus increases its value in the pharma research process. This paradigm continues to be enhanced as we welcome more and more vendors into the program.” 

About New Ready-to-Run Integration Partners

Ready-to-Run integrations are instrument-specific, versioned, tested, maintained by Genedata, and supported by the respective instrument vendors. 

BMG LABTECH is a leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, and reliable microplate reader instrumentation. The BMG LABTECH Ready-to-Run integrations allow researchers to analyze data prepared from BMG LABTECH’s multi-mode microplate readers PHERAstar® FSX, CLARIOstar®, Omega Series, and SPECTROstar® Nano in Genedata Screener.

Creoptix brings all the benefits of label-free kinetics analysis to applications and workflows previously limited by sensitivity or sample compatibility. The Creoptix Ready-to-Run integration allows researchers to analyze and integrate data prepared with the Creoptix WAVE systems in Genedata Screener.

TTP Labtech designs and manufactures robust, reliable and easy-to-use solutions for sample management, liquid handling and multiplexed detection in drug discovery. This includes essential tools such as state-of-the-art solutions developed for high throughput compound and biologics screening (acumen® Cellista, mirrorball® and fully-validated consumables such as sol-R™ beads and plates). They enable life scientists through collaboration, deep application knowledge and leading engineering to accelerate research.

About Genedata

Genedata transforms life science data into intelligence with a portfolio of advanced software solutions and scientific consulting. With award-winning platforms, combined with deep domain expertise, Genedata enables dramatic increases in productivity and quality of research, development, and production. Founded in 1997, Genedata is headquartered in Switzerland and has offices in Germany, Japan, and the US.

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