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Solid Phase Extraction

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is usually performed with disks or cartridges.  Horizon Technology provides two types of extractors to help in automating the process for better precision.  This allows each laboratory to choose the system that is most appropriate for their samples and workload. 

by Horizon Technology

The following table gives general guidance on the types of applications that would a choose disk or cartridge approach for SPE.

Market Segment Example Application Cartridge or Disk?
Environmental Drinking water Disk/cartridge
Environmental Wastewater Disk
Environmental Seawater Disk
Food Antibiotics Cartridge
Food Mycotoxins Cartridge
Clinical Drugs of abuse Cartridge

The SmartPrep® Cartridge Extraction System is an excellent first system for laboratories moving from a manifold to simple automation. The SmartPrep Extractor allows the cartridge used in the manual method to be used in the automated method, so the chemistry does not have to be modified. Virtually any tabbed or tab-less 1, 3 or 6-mL cartridge can be accommodated. The software uses simple language to enter the condition, load, wash and elute steps of the manual method. Precision is improved and the operator can leave the system unattended to run a batch of samples.

The SPE-DEX® 4790 Disk Extraction System can handle a variety of complex samples containing particulate matter, making it especially useful for environmental samples. Several features help to comply with method requirements such as processing the sample from the original collection bottle and then automatically rinsing the bottle. Up to eight modules can be controlled from one system controller and can independently run different sample types and methods, making the coordination of samples simple.

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