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Solutions for Cannabis Sample Preparation and Analysis

This month, Lab Manager features instruments and services that support cannabis sample preparation and analysis

by Lab Manager
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To ensure consumer safety, there is an increasing need for cannabis potency and contaminant testing. Gas and liquid chromatography may be applied to identify and quantify various cannabinoids, terpenes, and potential contaminants in a sample. This month, Lab Manager features instruments and services that support cannabis sample preparation and analysis.

Polyscience ChillersPolyscience Chillers: Experience and Precision You Can Count On

For more than 50 years, PolyScience has been providing precise liquid temperature control solutions to a variety of markets, including the cannabis industry. Our experience gives customers the confidence of knowing PolyScience chillers achieve stability of 0.1° or better, meaning you can focus on your production output.

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 EPPENDORF epMotionEppendorf Epmotion®—Automation Made Easy

From basic pipetting tasks, to normalization and q/PCR setup, to magnetic bead cleanup, all the way to ELISA and NGS library preparation, the intuitive epMotion software makes programming methods super easy. epMotion is a flexible system that covers your application needs, and is available in four sizes with multiple upgrade and accessory options. Providing outstanding pipetting accuracy (±0.31 % at 1 µL), epMotion will drastically improve the reproducibility of your experiments and free up hours in your day. 

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A2LA WorkPlace Traing A2LA Workplace Training

A2LA WorkPlace Traing (A2LA WPT) is a non-profit organization providing world-class training programs that inspire confidence in the quality of service and acceptance of our customers’ results. We are a leading management system, conformity assessment, and measurement training company. Our services include instructor led training, e-learning, and consulting.

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Cannabis Homogenizing PackagesCannabis Homogenizing Packages

PRO Scientific is the ideal source for high-quality homogenizing products for the cannabis industry. PRO homogenizers and generator probes are precision-designed to provide reliable, reproducible results that are required for both cannabis testing and quality control as well as the creation of shelf-stable cannabis infused emulsions and products.

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Proton OnSite nitrogen lab serversEliminate Delivered Gas

Proton OnSite’s nitrogen lab servers produce up to 400 SLPM of high purity nitrogen from external compressed air sources. They are space-saving solutions that maintain quiet, steady operation.

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Adam Equipment Highland balances Adam Equipment’s Highland Approved Precision Balances

With features that dramatically simplify lab work, bioscience research, pharmaceutical testing, jewelry measurement, or any legal-for-trade weighing application, NTEP-approved Highland balances are ideal for use in labs or commercial operations. Adam Equipment offers six different Highland models (each with a removable draft shield to help reduce errors caused by air currents) with capacities ranging from 100g to 5000g and approved readabilities from 0.01g to 0.5g.

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