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Solutions for Laboratory Automation

Laboratory automation technologies offer the ability to extend a lab’s capacity while at the same time elevating experimental data quality and reproducibility.

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Laboratory automation technologies offer the ability to extend a lab’s capacity while at the same time elevating experimental data quality and reproducibility. Laboratories focused on activities such as high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, automated diagnostics, or large-scale sample storage could simply not function without the benefit of advanced automated instruments and technologies.

BRAND LHS Liquid Handling Station

The BRAND LHS Liquid Handling Station pipetting robot handles routine tasks at high speed and with the highest precision. The LHS closes the gap between electronic pipettes and highly complex, expensive pipetting robots. It is a quiet and compact instrument with a unique front door allowing it be set up in tight quarters. The instrument has 7 working positions and 5 available liquid ends with single channel volumes up to 1000uL and multichannel volumes up to 300uL.

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INTEGRA’s ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot is designed to offer exceptional flexibility, without the need for dedicated personnel or complex programming. Using any VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipette or VIAFLO electronic multichannel pipette, this compact system offers laboratory automation at an affordable price, providing reproducible and error-free processing while eliminating repetitive manual pipetting tasks.

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TECAN: FLUENT® GX Laboratory Automation Workstation

FLUENT® GX was designed to meet the needs of various life science workflows, such as high throughput genomics, by combining high precision liquid handling – down to 200 nl – with straightforward set-up of normalization, sample transfer, and reagent distribution using Smart Commands. Its freely configurable architecture allows rapid integration of devices for DNA quantification and processing and offers exceptional storage capacity for plates and tips.

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Elemental Machines: Elements

Your Connected Platform for Accelerating Science 

Aggregate data from your enterprise assets through our IoT platform. Get real-time metrics for instrument performance, utilization, and out-of spec conditions. Integrate data with ELNs, LIMS, and ERP systems.

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Labcyte: Echo® 650 Series Liquid Handlers

 Another Step Forward for Acoustic Liquid Handling 

Echo® 650 Series Liquid Handlers represent the most versatile instruments for acoustic liquid handling. Transfer from acoustic sample tubes with high- and medium-throughput processing speeds with the Echo 655T and 650T, respectively, or from Echo® Qualified Microplates and upgrade to transfer from acoustic sample tubes with Echo 655 and 650.

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Automated Mortar Grinder, Pulverisette 2, by Fristch

Universal laboratory grinder for analysis, materials testing, mixing, and homogenisation of pastes/creams. Gentle action, almost no thermal load benefits preparation of even temperature sensitive materials. LN2 allows difficult-to-mill samples to be reduced to powder. Brief, reproducible grinding/mixing times improve user safety, methods, and SOPs for accuracy & efficiency. Fineness of 10-20μm, feed size of 6-8 mm, max sample quantity up to 190ml.

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BioTek™: BioSpa 8 Automated Incubator

BioSpa™ 8 Automated Incubator links BioTek readers and imagers together with washers and dispensers for full workflow automation of up to 8 microplates or other labware. BioSpa 8 can automate your workflows, from ELISA to long term live cell assays. Temperature and CO2/O2 control, plus humidity monitoring and lid handling ensure an ideal environment for cell cultures during all experiment stages, with minimal manual intervention. BioSpa's software records and reports session timelines and environmental conditions, while customizable text and email alerts assure confidence during long- and short-term runs. Link a washer or dispenser and a plate reader or imager for start-to-finish workflow automation.

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