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SPE-Express 2.0, from Environmental Express Makes Oil and Grease Analysis Easier and Quicker

This is the only unit on the market today to both extract the sample and evaporate the n-Hexane

by Environmental Express
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Environmental Express continues to develop innovative products to improve efficiency in the lab with its SPE-Express 2.0 system. This new system is an enhanced version of the previous model, making EPA method 1664B oil and grease analysis even faster and more efficient than before. This is the only SPE system on the market today that both extracts the sample and evaporates the n-Hexane, eliminating the transfer step and saving scientists hours of time in the lab.

The new SPE-Express 2.0 system has many useful features. It is more compact with single-place modular units that can be linked together to meet sample throughput demands. The single-place units are a more affordable option for the lab and save valuable benchtop space. No fume hood is needed as the system is fully enclosed. The software, included in the unit, has been enhanced to allow for better handling of difficult samples, specifically samples with high particulates that may clog the disc. The SPE-Express 2.0 system uses a fluid sensor to verify the sample vessel is empty, improving accuracy and runs multiple samples simultaneously on up to 3 stations, improving analyst efficiency.

For more information on the SPE-Express 2.0 system, go to or call 1-800-343-5319.