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Stop the Clock on Global Warming

With the launch of the Emerald Cities Project May 2009, Nations Technology Trust Ltd. has initiated a green initiative aimed at Global Warming by introducing cool pavement products

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With the launch of the Emerald Cities Project May 2009, Nations Technology Trust Ltd. has initiated a green initiative aimed at Global Warming by introducing cool pavement products to mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect of the cities. In July 2009, Nations Technology Trust Ltd. signed an Agreement to represent and market a Polymer Composite Micro-Overlay (PCMO E-Krete) developed by Polycon for introduction into global markets.

E-Krete polymer pavement coatings were originally developed for resurfacing, restoring, and extending the service life of asphalt pavement and have been used in military applications for over 10 years. It is lighter in color than asphalt, and has been tested and used by the Army Corps of Engineers for roads and airports. It meets with FAA approvals, Mil Specs, has a 10 year guarantee and is as now approved by numerous Departments of Transportation in the USA. Branded as "Emerald Cool Pavement" under the Emerald Cities Initiative, Nations Technology Trust Ltd. intends to offer this product in a palate of pre-mixed designer colors which can be added to the batch mix at the paving job site.

But why add color as a weapon against global warming? It seems so simple and so low-tech. According to Steven Chu, Nobel prize-winning physicist and now President Obama's Energy Secretary, changing the color of roofs, roads and pavements to reflect more sunlight and heat could play a big part in containing global warming. In fact, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California (of which Professor Chu was director) has calculated that changing surface colors in 100 of the world's largest cities could save the equivalent of 44 billion tons of carbon dioxide -- about as much as global carbon emissions are expected to rise over the next decade. "As a people, we are approaching the edge of the earth," remarks Ed Doyle, Director of Nations Technology Trust Ltd. "We are running out of time and really have no choice. But given the crisis, isn't it refreshing to realize we can do something 'simple' for a change that can actually make a difference?"

In marketing the "Emerald Cool Coatings" it is evident that many of the cities who need to take this action have no money for financing green projects at this time. "The mandate to reduce emissions combined with lack of funding for new projects puts most cities in a very difficult position," comments Sheri Roese, Director of the US Project Office in Phoenix, Arizona. "Through what we are now calling "Emerald Green Bonds," Nations Trust Ltd. is committed to assisting municipalities to leverage energy savings and carbon offset credits into private sector revenue bonds in order to get these projects done. Given the economy, this concept represents a creative new way forward."

Based in London, Nations Trust Ltd. has historically specialized in structured project finance risk mitigation solutions utilizing major international bank financing backed by investment grade insurance. Nations Technology Trust Ltd., a division, reviews and selects the best sustainable technologies for Emerald Cities Projects, providing solutions for city planners, community developers and municipalities.

Cool pavement benefits are not limited to heat island reduction. There also are a number of ancillary benefits which have been established by the EPA. Cool pavements can create improvements in water quality through reduced toxicity and heating of runoff into the water table; and polymer permeable pavement coatings have been shown to significantly reduce the noise of city streets and freeways.

Source: Nations Technology Trust Ltd.