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Suffering From 'Separation Anxiety'?

Learn all there is to know about how to select the best centrifuge rotor for your separation needs and how to take care of it

Centrifuges are often utilized to separate a mixture into its constituent components, and play an important role in laboratories across various disciplines and industries. Crucial to the functionality of centrifuges are its rotors. The rotors hold the sample tubes and are built to withstand high speeds and temperatures. Much like centrifuges, rotors themselves appear in various forms with each having its specific strengths, weaknesses, and application. Knowing what rotor is best for your separation needs can make all the difference. Regular care and maintenance of your centrifuge rotors can also ensure optimal operation and longevity.  

Download this free to infographic to learn more about: 

  • Different types of centrifuge rotors and their corresponding pros and cons 
  • What separations are best suited for your particular rotor 
  • Essential tips toward rotor care and maintenance 

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