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Sustainable Cold Storage Solutions

Cold storage combined with sustainability

Sustainable Cold Storage Solutions

Refrigerators and freezers for use in research, laboratories and pharmaceutical storage have to meet extremely stringent standards. With precise electronic control systems and degree-accurate temperature settings, Liebherr laboratory appliances offer outstanding temperature consistency. Numerous functions and features ensure that sensitive substances, chemicals and research materials are optimally stored.


Liebherr sees itself as a pioneer. Based on this attitude, the approximately 48,000 employees play a decisive role in shaping technological progress in numerous industries and are already dedicating themselves...

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Q: What are the key features of Liebherr products that make cold storage more sustainable?

Governments and regulatory authorities are implementing new parameters and industry standards for more sustainable cold storage solutions. Manufacturers must implement innovative solutions to reduce the environmental burden of the product, without sacrificing performance and putting valuable assets such as samples, reagents, and pharmaceuticals at risk

A:Liebherr has been a leader in developing environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and energy-efficient products.

•  HFC-free:  Liebherr commercial appliances use the environmentally safe R 290 or R 600a refrigerants. In conjunction with highly efficient refrigeration components, Liebherr cold storage solutions achieve the highest possible degree of environmental friendliness. 

•  Energy Star:  Liebherr refrigerators produce less energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions, with the goal of having the least damaging effect on the environment and helping consumers conserve energy. 

•  LED lighting:  Liebherr professional appliances are equipped with LED lighting, which prolongs lifespan and reduces energy consumption compared to standard fluorescent tubes.

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