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Sustaining Healthy Indoor Air for the Protection of Lab Personnel and Experimental Results

Smart air purification stations are an efficient solution for cleaner air

Sustaining Healthy Indoor Air for the Protection of Lab Personnel and Experimental Results

Erlab’s Halo Smart C removes VOCs, viruses, bacteria, and environmental pollution (PM 2.5).

by Erlab
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Q:How do you counter the dangerous risk of contaminated air affecting lab personnel and experimentation?

Aerosolized particulate matter in the 0.1 to 2. 5 micron size range (called PM2.5) is known to be a human health risk as it is more readily drawn deeper into our lungs where it can easily cause disease and exacerbate medical conditions. PM 2.5 is one of the key risk factors associated with the severity of SARS-CoV-2 cases and mortality rates, and one of the leading causes of death, representing over 7 million premature deaths per year. While we are consumed with finding ways to reduce transmission rates of COVID-19, we must not ignore overall indoor air quality issues (IAQ). This problem is especially predominant in laboratories working with toxic chemi-cals and in fact is linked to laboratory technicians' decreased life expectancy. Mitigation of contaminated air needs a sustainable, effective, long term solution.

A:The Halo Air Purification Station is an efficient solution for sustaining healthy indoor air, independent of building HVAC systems.

These Modular filtration systems are exclusive to Erlab, allowing the choice of 3 laboratory-grade molecular filters, based on handling applications and chemicals to be adsorbed. Each filter also has a corresponding sensor to continuously detect pollution levels in your lab, ensuring the air you breathe is safe at all times. HALO Smart safely captures chemicals contained in the ambi-ent air before recirculating clean air back into the laboratory. Easily and effectively mounted into the ceiling it pulls contaminated air up and away from the breathing zone. HALO Smart is totally independent of the building ventilation system with no impact on the existing HVAC system. HEPA systems are also available to properly mitigate virus, bacteria and mold pollution.

Discover the laboratory grade power of HALO C and the complete ecosystem of chemical filtering ductless fume hood and storage products—delivered to laboratories around the world for safety, ease of use, sustainability, and cost savings.