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SYGNIS Introduces 2view Unique Western Blot Detection Technology

2view is an innovative double labeled secondary antibody that enables extended detection within the widely used Western blot application

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2viewSYGNIS AG announced the introduction of 2view™, a unique detection method optimized for Western blotting, under its Expedeon brand name. 

2view is an innovative double labeled secondary antibody that enables extended detection within the widely used Western blot application. The product consists of a ternary complex developed using the company’s InnovaCoat and Lightning-Link technology. 2view secondary antibodies are labeled simultaneously with a visible (InnovaCoat GOLD nanoparticles) and proprietary chemi-luminescent enzymatic detection system. The gold nanoparticles enable fast visible detection at nanogram level whereas the enzymatic detection mechanism enhances sensitivity down to picogram levels of protein.

Expedeon currently offers a wide range of products within the Western blot market, expected to reach $730.7 million by 2021, including its InstantBlue staining and Lightning-Link primary antibody labeling technologies. The launch of 2view further opens up the Western blot market for the company, as well as providing access to the secondary antibody market which was estimated at $400 million in 2017, as well as complementing the company’s range of secondary reagents. Expedeon will market this product through its direct sales and distribution channels and will also be looking to exploit the technology through OEM and licensing opportunities with antibody manufacturers.

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“We are highly committed to expanding our range of cutting-edge tools and services to simplify processes and increase efficiency in the lab. The introduction of the 2view Western blot detection technology will make a significant difference to many researchers,” said Dr Nick Gee, chief technology officer, SYGNIS.

SYGNIS subsidiaries Innova Biosciences, Expedeon Holdings, and C.B.S. Scientific united as Expedeon on 1 March 2018. The corporate rebranding followed the acquisition of Innova Biosciences by SYGNIS AG in June 2017. SYGNIS AG continues to serve as the parent company and legal entity. The combined Expedeon product portfolio now comprises a wide range of complementary products and services to support the genomic, proteomic and immunology markets. The combined product offering is accessible via the newly launched website

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