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Syngene Introduces Next Generation Gel Imaging System, NuGenius+

New instrument guarantees fast, accurate imaging of stain-free protein gels 

by Syngene
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NuGenius+ gel imaging systemFrederick, MD: Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions, is delighted to introduce its NuGenius+ gel imaging system. This cost-effective system is configured with powerful new software for generating accurate, high quality images of stain-free protein gels, in addition to DNA agarose and SDS-PAGE gels, saving scientists valuable time with their research.

Featuring a compact darkroom, large UV transilluminator and UV filter, the NuGenius+ is touch screen controlled by image capture software. NuGenius+ can be automatically set up in seconds to capture great images of TGX Stain-Free™ FastCast™ acrylamide gels, Mini-PROTEAN,® and Criterion™ TGX Stain-Free™ precast gels. Utilizing this cost-effective system for imaging stain-free gels will save researchers hours of staining preparation time.

Complete with a high-resolution 5-million-pixel camera and integrated Raspberry Pi processor, the NuGenius+ can be fitted with Syngene’s White Light Converter Screen or the new UV-Blue Light Converter Screen. These allow the NuGenius+ to inexpensively become a versatile imaging powerhouse capable of detecting a range of visual and fluorescent dyes such as Coomassie Blue, GelGreen™ SYBR® Safe, SYBR® Gold, and SYPRO® Ruby for precisely visualizing protein and DNA on gels.

Researchers wanting to find out about the NuGenius+ system’s imaging capabilities should click this link for more details: 

“Using stain-free gels is more efficient than conventional staining but many scientists cannot find an affordable method of imaging them” explains Dr. Martin Biggs, senior divisional manager at Syngene, “We’re excited to have developed NuGenius+ because this technology is the perfect solution for any laboratory demanding fast, accurate, yet cost-effective stain-free protein gel imaging, for use alongside their routinely stained protein and DNA detection.”