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Syngene’s Next Generation GeneSys Image Capture Software Saves Time and Improves Appearance of Chemi Blot Images

New features are designed to improve chemiluminescence imaging workflow and quality

by Syngene
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CAMBRIDGE, UK — Syngene, a world-leading manufacturer of image analysis solutions, is delighted to announce its GeneSys software is now available with the addition of new ChemiRapid, Signal Accumulation Calculator (SAC) and Enhanced Image features designed to improve chemiluminescence imaging workflow and quality. The software, available for free download to users of specific Syngene imaging systems, offers picture perfect chemi blot images.

Syngene G:BOX systemSyngene’s G:BOX system.Credit: SyngeneUsing GeneSys software’s new ChemiRapid feature, scientists working with chemi blots can in one-click take a quick, single image of their blot to check for the absence or presence of specific proteins. For researchers who want to take a series of cumulative chemi images to generate highly accurate blot information, GeneSys also includes the new Signal Accumulation Calculator (SAC) feature.

With SAC, users set the shortest and longest exposure times that they think will achieve their optimal image. They then choose the number of images they would like to capture and SAC calculates exposure times for each image at even intervals between the shortest and longest exposure times. Each successive image includes all the accumulated signal from the previous images, plus the additional exposure time, making it easy for scientists to select the image which has the optimal balance of signal to background from this set of images.

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For use in Syngene’s G:BOX Chemi, mini, and GeneGnome systems, the new SAC feature allows scientists to image their blots while they walk away, saving them the time and effort of trying to find the perfect exposure time. This provides higher quality and more cost-effective blot imaging than would be produced using X-rays films which can only capture one chemi image at a single time point. The new SAC feature is ideal for scientists who want to automate their workflow to obtain high quality, accurate images of ECL and other chemiluminescence Western blots.

The third new feature in GeneSys is Enhanced Image and this uses proprietary algorithms to smooth out blot backgrounds, making it easier to visualise low signal bands. Enhanced Image can remove spots and imperfections in blot backgrounds caused by buffer crystals or stubborn blocking proteins that are hard to wash off to produce a consistent quality background. It also ensures scientists can easily generate perfect publication-ready blot images for their reports or papers.

“Scientists don’t want to stand at their imagers trying to generate an image of their chemi blot with the right exposure,” comments Dr. Martin Biggs, divisional manager at Syngene, “We understand this at Syngene and have made intelligent additions to our new GeneSys software so that researchers can effortlessly produce high quality blot images, which shows off the very best results from their work.”

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