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January/February 2012 Tech News

The latest equipment, instrument, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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FTIR Spectrometer
Cary 630

  • Dimensions of 16 x 22 x 13 cm
  • Sampling accessories slide in and out in seconds, with no alignment required
  • Software allows users to accurately analyze samples in seconds
  • Removes the need to use a liquid transmission cell


Vitrinite Reflectance Measurement System
308 Coal™

  • Designed to determine the grade of coal and coke by vitrinite reflectance
  • Can also be used to acquire fluorescence and reflectance spectra of geological samples
  • Automates the hundreds of sample measurements needed


Elemental Analyzer
Model 440

  • Capable of precisely analyzing the widest range of environmental sample types
  • Enables in excess of 1000 samples to be run between combustion tube changes
  • Features unique horizontal furnace design
  • Eliminates troublesome residue build-up

Exeter Analytical

Maya2000 Pro

  • Includes new triggering and interface options
  • Provides accurate timing and synchronization between the spectrometer and other devices
  • Now offers three low-jitter trigger and normal operating modes
  • Also features support for RS-232 communications and improved optoelectronics

Ocean Optics

Core-Shell HPLC/UHPLC columns

  • Specially designed for the analysis of proteins and peptides
  • Deliver very high resolution and peak capacities
  • Produce sub-2 micron results on any LC instrument
  • Have virtually no bleed so are compatible with MS
  • Offered in wide- and small-pore configurations


Chemistry Analyzer
RX suzuka

  • Fully automated, straightforward and easy to use
  • Provides 10 STAT positions for urgent samples
  • Allows up to 44 tests and 3 ISEs to be performed at once
  • Boasts a comprehensive and flexible test menu
  • Currently offers 130 different assays and methods


Online HPLC Tools
HPLC Method Development Calculator

  • Helps calculate initial conditions for gradient and isocratic methods
  • Provides an LC column selection tool
  • Reduces the time spent in experimentally defining optimal analysis condition
  • Hosted on the Thermo Scientific Chromatography Resource Center

Thermo Fisher Scientific

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

  • Designed to meet or exceed the requirements of RoHS compliance testing needs
  • Provides full qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements from Aluminum (Al) through Uranium (U)
  • More powerful and affects a wider range of industries than previous instruments
  • Is a revision of the X-Caliber series

Eastern Applied Science

HPLC Liquid Flow Meter
FlowCal 5000

  • Features a single chip microcontroller
  • Accurate to ± 1% of calibrated flow rates
  • Supports FDA compliance for IQ, OQ and PQ validations on any HPLC pump
  • Includes mounting and cleaning kits and carrying case


Basic Lab

Optima X Series

  • Large touchscreen display offers a selection of nine languages
  • Feature clean, intuitive design and on-screen help
  • Remote control capabilities allow monitoring from a personal computer or a smart phone
  • Reach a maximum speed of 100,000 rpm and generate forces up to 802,000 x g

Beckman Coulter

Slide Scanners
SCN400 and SCN400F

  • Enables users to scan a wide range of samples on a single system
  • Allows the digitization of very large specimens
  • Traditional (26 x 76 mm), double (52 x 76 mm) and now extra-large Jumbo (113 x 76 mm) slides can all be captured in either brightfield or fluorescence


Cleaning Agents

  • Detergents now available in 200L carboys
  • Formulated from the purest raw ingredients meeting stringent German quality standards
  • Provide excellent cleaning results in your labwasher

Miele USA

Basic Chemistry Workstation

  • Adjustable airflow control up to 120fpm
  • Light weight and compact
  • Optional spill tray and fluorescent light
  • Provides excellent durability in typical laboratory environments
  • A good fit for low volume applications

Mystaire Misonix

Temperature Monitoring Device
iSD-TC series

  • Provides web-based temperature monitoring in critical equipment and locations
  • Accepts two thermocouple inputs (types J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C, N, L)
  • Triggers an alarm if temperature goes below or above the set point which can be sent by e-mail


New System Automates Oil and Grease Analysis

Easy-to-use SPE-Xpress improves speed, accuracy

There’s a new solid phase extraction (SPE) system on the market that aims to make life much easier for those in the environmental/oil and grease analysis industries.

The SPE-XPress system from Environmental Express is specifically designed for the extraction and evaporation required by EPA Method 1664 for Oil and Grease Analysis.

The company says the Xpress is also the only SPE system that: extracts the sample and evaporates the n-Hexane, eliminating the transfer step; verifies that the sample vessel is empty utilizing a fluid sensor rather than a timeframe, improving accuracy; and runs multiple samples simultaneously on up to six stations, improving analyst efficiency.

“We interviewed our customers and asked them where the bottlenecks in the extraction process occurred and how we could improve on existing systems,” said Debbie O’Hara, marketing director at Environmental Express, of why they included these unique features.

The company adds that the system is easy to operate, with users loading the Xpress with standard one-liter sampling jars and walking away, leaving the system to flush itself clean and perform the SPE process.

“With the automated system, the test is less dependent on analyst technique,” O’Hara said. “It also requires less intervention, so it frees the analyst’s time to do other projects.”

PC software also makes the system simple to control and records data for downloading to a LIMS and the system itself is self-contained so it doesn’t need to be placed under a fume hood.

O’Hara added the system’s unique abilities will help standardize analyst technique, improving reproducibility.

For more information, visit:

Thermal Mass Flow Meter
Chlorine-Trak™ 760S

  • Features a flow body manufactured from Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride resin (PVDF)
  • Offers corrosion and chemical resistance at both ambient and elevated temperatures
  • Also includes a digital display with instantaneous and totalized flow


Wireless Voltage Logger

  • Measures DC voltages from 0 to 22VDC with accuracy of ±0.5mv
  • Features a large LCD display and capacity for 16,000 readings
  • Also boasts IP64 water resistance and up to 4 years battery life with the “L” version
  • Compatible with all TandD RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Collectors


ULT Freezer
Revco UxF Series

  • Available in five sizes, with capacities from 421 to 949 liters (14.9 – 33.5 cubic feet)
  • Allow up to 70,000 2 mL tubes or 118,300 1 mL Thermo Scientific Cryobank tubes to be stored at once
  • Provide advanced temperature uniformity throughout the internal chamber

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Chemicals, Kits & Reagents

rRNA Removal and Gold Kits
Epicentre Ribo-Zero

  • Remove cytoplasmic and mitochondrial RNA
  • Deliver enhanced profiles of RNA-seq libraries
  • Achieve results in a time-saving single-pass process
  • Available exclusively in the UK from Cambio
  • Compatible with ScriptSeq preparation kits


Histidine Capture Kit
His Capture Kit and NTA Reagent Kit

  • Provide time-saving and convenient capture of histidine-tagged ligands using Biacore systems
  • His Capture kit requires minimum assay development
  • NTA kit provides ready-to-use nickel ion and regeneration solutions for approximately 1200 injections

GE Healthcare

Immunoassay Solution

  • Offers a highly sensitive screen
  • Targets JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-398, JWH-200 and a large number of additional metabolites, quickly and effectively
  • Eliminates negative samples

Randox Toxicology

Nucleic Acid Purification Kits

  • Maximize the speed and efficiency of user workflow
  • Educational video about the kits and instruments now available on Thermo Fisher Scientific website
  • Combine seamlessly with the Thermo Scientific KingFisher magnetic particle processors

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Lab Automation

Imager System
ChemiDoc™ MP

  • Performs chemiluminescence, multiplex fluorescence, routine gel imaging, and more
  • Features excellent sensitivity
  • Produces publication-ready images in seconds
  • Provides hands-free operation


Automated Protein Synthesis/Purification System

  • Allows for rapid, small-scale in vitro synthesis and purification of 1 to 16 different proteins per run
  • Performs simple template-DNA-input, purified-proteinoutput workflow in approximately 6 hours
  • Can also perform RNA and DNA extractions from a variety of samples


Smaller, Faster, Stronger

10 mm valve provides same punch as 16 mm unit

Burkert’s Type 6624 twin power solenoid valve combines the consistent reliability and industry-proven rocker principle with an innovative new actuator.

That new actuator means improved performance but with a smaller profile, as the 10 mm valve with a 1.6 mm orifice provides a pressure resistance of 2 bar (30 psi) – the same as a 16 mm valve. There are several other benefits to users as well.

“The 6624 rocker valve, with our new Twin Power coil design, allows users to replace a traditional 16 mm valve with a 10 mm valve, saving up to 50 percent of the space that a 16 mm valve would require, and reducing power consumption by 75 percent,” said Craig Occhiato, Microfluidics Field Segment Manager at Burkert.

He added the 6624’s performance-to-size ratio is one of the major features customers are demanding now, along with reduced energy consumption.

“For next-generation instruments, manufacturers are focusing on smaller footprints and lower power consumption while increasing throughput,” Mr. Occhiato said. “As more companies adopt green designs and methods in their equipment and labs, these features will become even more demanded.” Because of its rocker design style, the 6624 is a great fit for applications that require low dead volume / low carry-over, no pumping, and no back pressure effects, Mr. Occhiato said.

Such applications include clinical chemistry, hematology, flow cytometry, cell analysis, immunoassay, genomics, bio-defense, drug discovery, chromatography, and environmental analyzers.

The system can also reduce heat transfer into the fluid and is available in a 2-way and 3-way version.

For more information, visit

Life Science

Real-Time PCR Detection System
CFX Connect™

  • Provides reliable, high performance real-time PCR on a limited budget
  • Saves time and money by optimizing assays in a single run using the thermal gradient
  • Enables accelerated publication submission
  • Easy-to-use software allows accurate data analysis



  • Users can now order RxnReady oligonucleotides online from IDT
  • Customers can specify the premixing of 2 – 6 standard desalted DNA oligos, in a single tube, according to the individual specifications provided
  • A range of further modifications is available
  • Final yields range from 5 to 50 nm and can be shipped lyophilized or hydrated

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

Dual Chromogen IHC Detection System

  • Fully automated one-step detection system allows the co-visualization of mouse and rabbit antibodies on a single slide
  • Developed for use with commercial and selfvalidated cocktails
  • Delivers intense staining and clear background


MS Syringe Filter

  • Certified for low extractables in high performance LCMS applications
  • Improves the accuracy of testing, enhances LCMS performance, and extends the longevity of testing instrumentation
  • Can be used with both organic and aqueous solvents

Pall Life Sciences

Colony Count/Zone Measurement System
ProtoCOL 3

  • Automatically generates antibiotic and vaccine potency analysis from count and zone data
  • Can read plates of 30 - 150mm, detecting colonies as small as 43 microns and measuring zones to 0.1mm
  • Tri-color imaging method makes performing tough applications easy


Safe Gel Transilluminator

  • Allows scientists safe, sensitive viewing of a wide range of fluorescently stained DNA/RNA gels
  • Uses LEDs to produce an Epi-blue light with a narrow emission peak centered at 470 nm
  • Takes up very little bench space
  • Provides great viewing conditions for band cutting


Live Cell Observation and Analysis System

  • Enables walk-away monitoring, recording and quantification of changes in cell morphology and cell distribution
  • Comes with two plate positions that have independent gas supplies
  • Software allows users to train the system to recognize experimental characteristics

TAP Biosystems

Real-Time PCR Instruments

  • Available in 24- and 96-well formats
  • Offer strong performance in a small bench-top footprint
  • Maintain great temperature uniformity and fast heating and cooling for optimal amplification
  • Piko PCR plates minimize running costs, plastics waste and energy consumption

Thermo Fisher Scientific

LIMS & Software

Multi-Technique Data Processor
ACD/Spectrus Processor

  • Process and interpret all analytical data from major instrument vendors in one interface
  • Confirm ‘did I make what I think I made?’ quickly with automatic spectral assignments and structure verification
  • Review all the data around samples to reveal inconsistencies between data and expected chemical structures

Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs)

Compound Based Scanning Software

  • Makes method setup, data analysis and comparisons of similar spectra easier
  • Includes a CBS Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) compound library for easy setup of methods and additional spectral libraries
  • Also comes with plug-in to multiple user-customizable spectral libraries with automatic search functions and Bruker’s mass spectrometry (MS) workstation software


Pump Control Software

  • Allows users to easily create simple or more advanced multi-step methods
  • Displays all of the pump operating parameters
  • Enables users to graphically track pump progress
  • Start, stop and reset methods on single or multiple pumps

Harvard Apparatus

Enhanced Security Software

  • Developed for users of PerkinElmer’s NexION 300 ICP-MS system
  • Ensures the integrity of electronic data records that are generated under industry-standard protocols within pharma research and QA/QC organizations
  • Provides user level management, file protection, and audit trails


Pipette Management Tool

  • Allows users to maintain a service history and transfer firmware upgrade details between VIAFLO electronic pipettes and their PC
  • Enables the creation of up to 20 custom pipetting programs
  • Lets users store important service information on their pipettes


Analytical Instrument Control and Connectivity Software
DX, RX, and LX

  • Now fully compatible with all versions of the Windows 7™ operating system
  • Can now be operated on any of the current generation of personal computers
  • Provide standardized platforms for controlling a wide range of spectrometers and other analytical instruments

Symbion Systems

Driver for Kaiser RamanRxn Analyzers

  • Designed to function in concert with Version 5.0 of Kaiser instrument control software
  • Integrates all functions of the Kaiser analyzers into Symbion-DX and RX analytical instrument software suites
  • Provides a comprehensive capability for both laboratory development and on-line chemical process analysis


Sample Management Software

  • Can now integrate with Matrical Biosciences automated stores
  • Delivers fast, efficient and fully traceable workflows for storing and preparing samples ready for use
  • Comprised of five flexible modules
  • Store interface allows sample order details to be acted upon automatically

Titian Software

Supplies & Consumables

Proteomics Beads

  • Surface of the beads has been modified with C4, C8 and C18-alkyl groups that are optimized for reversed phase applications
  • Have been demonstrated as a powerful tool in desalting of proteomics samples after protein digestion and prior to mass spectrometry
  • Peptide amounts as low as 20 - 50 ng can be desalted by MagSi proteomics


Span-8 Pipette Tips
Biomek P1000

  • The clear, non-conductive Span-8 tip will allow users to visually inspect aspirated volumes and instill confidence during method development
  • Reduces sample prep times
  • Wide bore tip offers a larger orifice, which facilitates pipetting of viscous liquids

Beckman Coulter

Ultra-Low Temperature Resistant Labels
CILS-81000 Series

  • Provide immediate permanent adhesion to all labware stored down to -196ºC
  • Now available in any format including cap and tube label sets
  • Can be printed ‘in minutes’ straight from a standard laser or thermal transfer printer

CILS International

Borosilicate Glass Centrifuge Tubes

  • Available in many of the sizes, configurations and application-specific designs used today, along with custom designs
  • Made in compliance with ASTM Specification E438, Type I, Class A or B
  • Capable of withstanding a relative centrifugal force (RCF) of 2,980
  • Have capacities ranging from 5 mL to 50 mL

Kimble Chase

Capping System

  • Caps are now available in 13 different colors, including the new orange Capcluster, providing a simple, yet effective means of visually differentiating stored samples
  • Available for use with a wide range of tube volumes (0.50ml, 0.75ml, 1.10ml, 1.40ml, and 2.50ml)
  • Maintain a strong and secure seal at temperatures down to -80°C


Cell Culture Dishes
TC Plastics

  • Available in a range of sizes and styles
  • Dishes include lids designed for optimal gas exchange and stacking rings that facilitate easy stacking and handling
  • Enable cells to adhere more efficiently to the surface by reducing its hydrophobicity


Cell Culture Flasks

  • Consistent, flat surfaces allow optimum cell attachment and growth
  • Optical clarity provides distortion-free microscopy
  • Tamper-evident, resealable bags protect unused flasks
  • 100% pressure-tested for leak-free assurance
  • Available with filter caps or two-position plug seal caps

USA Scientific

Cell Culture Plates

  • Optical clarity provides distortion-free microscopy
  • Consistent, flat surfaces allow optimum cell attachment and growth
  • Grip ridges promote secure handling
  • 360° Protection Perimeter™ chimney wells prevent cross contamination
  • Made from premium grade, virgin polystyrene
  • Available in 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, and 384-well formats

USA Scientific