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Technical Note Compendium for Solid-Core HPLC Columns

Thermo Fisher Scientific has released a new 58-page compendium for its solid-core HPLC columns (Thermo ScientificTM AccucoreTM HPLC columns) titled, Solid Core Technical Compendium.

by Thermo Fisher Scientific

These solid-core HPLC columns use our Core Enhanced TechnologyTM to produce a 2.6 μm solid-core material with a very tight particle size distribution. The particles in the columns are not fully porous but instead have a solid silica core surrounded by a porous outer layer. The very tight particle size distribution results in columns with high permeability. Therefore, bar for bar, the columns produce improved separation efficiency when compared to fully porous materials. The columns are suited for biopharma, pharmaceutical, environmental, bioanalysis, and food and beverage applications.

The compendium technical notes cover the following topics: an overview of the core enhanced technology used in the columns that enable fast, high efficiency HPLC analysis plus the theory and benefits of solid core particles; pressure factors in the columns; comparison of reversed-phase selectivity of the columns; comparison of column performance and impact of particle diameter; and, comparison of chromatographic resolution of solid core columns to fully porous columns.