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April 2012 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.


Flexibly Coupled Diamond ATR Probe

  • Employs hollow flexible lightguides
  • Provides coupling to a Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer
  • Gives users full fingerprint region spectral coverage
  • Features high stability and durability

Axiom Analytical

Micro Lensed Fiber-Optic Raman Probe

  • Capable of delivering the performance of a larger raman probe
  • Features an extremely small diameter of less than 4mm
  • Enables both immersion and direct contact measurements
  • Optical elements are permanently fixed in alignment

B&W Tek

UV-Visible-NIR Microspectrophotometer
20/20 Perfect Vision™

  • Now with kinetic spectroscopy capabilities
  • Able to monitor the full range spectra of a microscopic sample area over time and plot the results
  • Includes powerful, easy-to-use software

CRAIC Technologies

AC Analytical Controls for Crude Oil Analyzer

  • Simultaneously determines the boiling range distribution of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur in crudes and final products
  • Able to analyze a wide variety of crude products
  • Incorporates additional chemiluminescence detectors


LC Column Protection Selection Tool
Guard Finder

  • Helps users quickly select column protection products
  • Includes library of over 41,000 HPLC, UHPLC and preparative HPLC columns
  • Features easy and flexible interface
  • Matches input with the recommended Phenomenex column protection


ICP-OES Spectrometers

  • Eliminates the need for expensive external cooling
  • Achieves detection limits at ppb levels
  • Able to handle extreme sample loading
  • Provides strong uptime, stability, and reliability
  • Features unique UV-PLUS sealed optical system

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments

Column Selection Tool
GC Column Configurator

  • iPhone and iPad optimized
  • Enables users to choose the appropriate column for their chromatographic specifications
  • Easy to use; just enter the current part number or column dimensions

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Basic Lab

Ductless Fume Hoods
Purair Advanced

  • Provide sophisticated airflow and filter alarms
  • Also include advanced safety features
  • Are available from 2 to 8 feet
  • Gives users a face velocity at 100 fpm
  • Design prevents contamination of switches, etc.

Air Science USA

Inverted Microscope
Axio Vert.A1

  • Combines all standard contrasting techniques in a single stand
  • Offers brightfield, phase contrast, polarization contrast, PlasDIC, VAREL and improved Hoffmann modulation contrast (iHMC)
  • Also provides differential interference contrast (DIC)

Carl Zeiss Microscopy

Switching Mode Power Supply
HVPS Series

  • Provides 10 to 100 kV adjustable output at power levels up to 200 kW
  • Packaged in a 24”W x 36”D x 74”H cabinet and uses tap water for cooling
  • Offers full over-voltage and over-current protection up to +30%

Diversified Technologies

Product Spotlight

A New Way to Concentrate
Pipette promises to simplify lab processes and increase detection

Microbiologists and other lab professionals have a new tool at their disposal with the release of InnovaPrep’s Concentrating Pipette — an automated microparticle concentrator developed to replace older, time-consuming, and labor intensive sample prep methods such as culture enrichment, filtration, and centrifugation.

InnovaPrep marketing manager Ann Packingham said the new pipette, officially launched at the American Society for Microbiology’s Biodefense and Emerging Diseases conference in February, has gotten good feedback so far.

“Users have commented on the amazing ease of use, fast processing speed, and the ability to select the final sample volume to match the input size (as low as 100 microliters) of their rapid detection method (such as PCR),” she said, adding the company recently learned they were granted a full patent on the underlying technology.

A key part of that technology is the pipette’s unique single-use tips that contain a filter membrane with uniformly-sized pores.

“As the sample is drawn up into the pipette tip, particles larger than the pore size are trapped on the surface,” Ms. Packingham explained. “When all the liquid has passed to waste, our patented ‘wet foam elution’ process sweeps the particles off the membrane into a user-selected volume with over 90 percent recovery efficiency.”

She added the foam collapses back into a liquid in seconds and is ready for rapid or classical analysis methods. Currently, InnovaPrep offers pore sizes for bacteria, parasites, molds, spores and whole cells but the company plans on adding ultrafiltration tips capable of concentrating viruses and free DNA later this year.

For more information, visit

Corrosion-Resistant Vacuum Pumps

  • Provide longer service life
  • Include tough, condensate-resistant multi-port FFPM valves
  • Use no oil
  • Operate without maintenance or water requirements

KNF Neuberger

Water Purification Systems
Elix® Essential

  • Complement company’s existing Elix® range
  • Electrodeionization technology ensures consistently pure water quality
  • Easy to use and economical
  • Provide flow rates of 3, 5, 10 or 15 liters of water per hour

EMD Millipore

Viscosity Baths

  • Designed to accommodate specific testing and quality control needs
  • Configured for use with most popular capillary viscometers
  • Feature working temperatures up to 135°C
  • Provide temperature stabilities to ±0.01°C


Pipette Controller

  • Quick and simple to operate
  • Can be used for extended periods of time without discomfort
  • LCD display shows selected aspiration speed
  • Neoprene nozzle grips most standard laboratory pipettes

Porvair Sciences

Permeation Tubes

  • Provide accurate, stable concentrations from ppb to high ppm
  • At a constant temperature, the device emits the compound through its permeable portion at a constant rate
  • Rates can be certified using standards traceable to NIST

VICI Metronics

Chemicals, Kits & Reagents

Screening Kits
Tankyrase 1 Activity Assay

  • Identify Tankyrase 1 inhibitors in an in vitro system
  • Offer sensitivity down to 0.1 mUnits of Tankyrase 1
  • Available in a choice of two easy-to-use, non-radioactive formats
  • Operate in a 96-well microplate format


Rapid Formaldehyde-Free RNA Gel Kit

  • Works with standard electrophoresis equipment
  • May be safely used on an open benchtop
  • Does not require extended sample incubation steps or recirculation of running buffer
  • Delivers fast, high quality results


High-Throughput System for Fragment Library Preparation
SPRIworks HT

  • Allows researchers to process libraries with greater speed and sample reproducibility
  • Utilizes built-in SPRI (Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization)-based per-well size selection
  • Offers a reagent kit for library preparation that includes sizing solution and PCR reagents

Beckman Coulter

Lipoprotein (a) Assay

  • Suitable for use on most chemistry analyzers
  • Not affected by Apo(a) size related bias
  • Ensure more Lp(a) bound antibodies are recognized and detected in the sample
  • No sample preparation required; all reagents are liquid ready-to-use


Lab Automation

Liquid Handling Workstation
Biomek 4000

  • Offers both single-channel and eight-channel options
  • Includes a modular and expandable deck layout
  • An optional enclosure is also available
  • Features pre-loaded liquid transfer methods and Biomek software

Beckman Coulter

Automated System for Biobanking and Forensics

  • Ensures the integrity of 250,000 to more than 10 million sample tubes at temperatures down to -85°C
  • System parts are easily accessible for service and maintenance
  • Includes one- and two-dimension barcode reading and sample tracking

Hamilton Storage Technologies

Microplate Dispenser
Multi Stacker 400 (MS400)

  • Contains four hotel stacks (25 or 50 plates each)
  • Stacks are easily accessible
  • Enables extended walk away time to liquid handlers, readers, washers, etc.
  • Able to tend to two instruments with bidirectional gripper arm

PlateCentric Solutions

SPE Extraction System

  • Designed specifically for cartridge based sample prep
  • Combines intelligent graphical software, versatile hardware and ease of use
  • Features single or multiple module scalability
  • Processes up to (96) samples
  • Compatible with standard 1, 3 and 6mL cartridges

Horizon Technology

Automated Petri Dish Filling System

  • Features new Turbo mode option which:
  • Results in time-savings of more than 40%
  • Enables labs to fill up to 1100 Petri dishes / hour
  • Existing MEDAJET users can add the feature by updating to firmware version (V02.10) and purchasing the Turbo mode kit

INTEGRA Biosciences

Multipurpose Liquid-Handling Instrument

  • Provides a choice of different tubing sets
  • Includes a color touch screen user interface
  • Allows accurate and rapid reagent addition in volumes ranging from 0.5μl to 10ml into 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates
  • Can be used as an automated multichannel pipettor or a plate washer/aspirator

INTEGRA Biosciences

Syringe Pump
Atlas XL

  • Allows automated volumetric dosing from 100 μl/min to 200 ml/min
  • Extremely chemically resistant
  • Enables continuous flow at pressures up to 6 bar
  • Features embedded computer and range of accessories

Syrris Limited

Product Spotlight

Locked and Loaded
Enclosed workstation aims to increase sample integrity

Hamilton Robotics recently introduced the MICROLAB NIMBUS enclosed workstation at SLAS 2012 — a protected, multifunctional benchtop workstation that enables gripper movements and a range of pipetting capabilities for tubes and plates within a secure environment.

This second-generation workstation incorporates feedback the first version of the instrument received last year at LabAutomation.

“Customers were concerned with the integrity of their samples and preferred an enclosed system to avoid any safety or human intervention issues,” a Hamilton representative said. “To meet the needs of our customers, we developed a lockable environmental enclosure that protects samples from the human element.”

That enclosure accommodates either the Hamilton CO-RE (compressed O-ring expansion) 96-probe multichannel head or four independent 1 mL channels.

The rep added that the new workstation further addresses sample integrity needs through its two lockable extension bays and small footprint requirements are met through the accommodation of pull-out storage for the PC and tip waste — all done without opening the NIMBUS enclosure door.

More wizard-based software was another thing customers asked for which Hamilton has provided in the workstation’s INSTINCT software.

“The software was designed to create methods such as liquid transfers, reagent additions and serial dilutions with a few clicks, but flexible enough to still create complicated complex methods,” the Hamilton rep said.

The response to the newest NIMBUS workstation at SLAS 2012 in February was very positive.

“Customers were excited with the prospect of integrating many of their plate readers and washers with the NIMBUS,” the Hamilton representative said.

For more information, visit

Life Science

Conjugated Anti DDK Antibodies

  • Detects the DDK epitope which is widely used as tag in recombinant proteins and is included in the pCMV6-Entry vector
  • Have been developed using the highest standards of production procedure and validation


PCR Instrument
Mastercycler® nexus series

  • Excellent reproducibility, low noise emission and the versatility to use all types of consumables
  • Up to three units may be combined for higher throughput
  • Feature low energy consumption and a small footprint
  • Designed to be affordable, flexible and reliable

Eppendorf North America

Barcode Library
Access Array™

  • Prepares amplicons for resequencing without the need for any additional library preparation
  • Allows multiplexing of up to 96 different samples in a single sequencing run
  • Can operate with any next-generation sequencer (NGS) on the market


Single-Use Bioreactor
UniVessel® SU

  • Provides a 2 L working volume
  • Irradiated prior to delivery and ready-to-use out of the box
  • Complete culture vessel is disposed after use, reducing cleaning time
  • Can be connected to all Sartorius BIOSTAT® benchtop bioreactor controllers

Sartorius Stedim

Automated Gel Imaging System

  • Features a high-resolution 3.8 million pixel CCD camera
  • GeneSys imaging software automatically sets up the optimum lighting and filters
  • Also includes unlimited copies of GeneTools image analysis software
  • Contains overhead Epi white light


3D Cell Culture Plate

  • System comprises a new, custom RAFT microwell plate, reagents, plate heater and protocol for production of 3D cell cultures
  • Allows production in a standard 96-well plate format
  • Gives scientists complete control over their experimental parameters

TAP Biosystems

LIMS & Software

Veterinary LIMS

  • Includes species and breed dependent reference ranges
  • Offers full integration of Microchip, Vet XML and VeNOM codes
  • Provides flexible billing options and test pricing
  • Able to be configured to customer’s specific requirements


Spectral Data Acquisition Software
BWSpec™ 4.00

  • Features a new spectral management system
  • Provides a convenient menu, allowing the user to manage multiple spectra
  • Displays all relevant collection parameters for whichever spectrum is selected

B&W Tek

Spectrophotometer PC Software

  • Available in four different suites
  • Allows simple sample measurement, data analysis, printing, reporting or exporting in multiple formats
  • Users can design and schedule validation tests, among other tasks
  • Each suite includes application-specific options in addition to basic functions


Software Algorithm
Linear Regression Plus

  • Developed for use with the Model 440 Elemental Analyzer
  • Provides excellent accuracy in determining nitrogen content of combustible samples
  • Improves data quality and reduces the time taken to determine nitrogen content

Exeter Analytical

Near-Infrared (NIR) Analyzer Software
Vision 3.50 Service Pack 7 (SP 7)

  • Version 2.0 of Digital Protocols for Vision have also been released, replacing all previous versions
  • SP 7 is a cumulative service pack offering support for the latest NIR laboratory and process hardware.
  • Includes an extensive security system and electronic manual


LIMS Software

  • Includes enhancements to batch management and new event-driven flexibility
  • Now features advanced instrument integration
  • Contains support for both desktop and mobile devices
  • Provides dynamic field creation, which simplifies data storage


Proteomics Software

  • New version includes more than 223 million protein-protein interactions in its database
  • Now provides direct support for Cytoscape open source platform
  • Includes plug-ins for bioinformatics, social network analysis and the semantic web

Thermo Fisher Scientific

LIMS Software
Qualoupe 1.1

  • Now includes a consumable stock control software module
  • Ensures easy control of users’ constantly changing stocks of consumables
  • All consumables used in the lab can be defined and a record created for each associated consumable

Two Fold Software

Supplies & Consumables

300SB-C3 and 300-Diphenyl 1.8 μm Columns

  • Extend the benefits of reversed-phase biomolecule separations to ultra-highperformance liquid chromatography
  • C3 phase broadens the selectivity and improves peak shape and recovery options for larger proteins
  • Diphenyl phase offers additional selectivity


Flash Chromatography Cartridges
SNAP Ultra

  • Feature universal plug and play compatibility
  • Deliver high sample loading to reduce purification costs
  • Fast flow rates in all types of viscous solvents with spherical media
  • Individually lot numbered for traceability
  • Universal fit onto all flash systems with Luer inlet and outlet connections


Repeating Pipette Tips

  • Now includes 1mL and 10mL sizes
  • Encoded for automatic recognition by the HandyStep® electronic, Rainin® AutoRep™ E and Gilson® Repetman® pipettes
  • Available either non-sterile, or individually-wrapped BIO-CERT® sterile

BrandTech Scientific

Computer Printable Labels for Liquid Nitrogen Storage

  • Provide immediate permanent adhesion to all cyrovials, tubes and liquid straws stored down to -196ºC
  • Available in any format including ‘cap & tube’ label sets
  • Variable data can be added ‘in minutes’ straight from a standard laser, inkjet or thermal transfer printer

CILS International

Product Spotlight

One-Piece Design Saves Money and Time
Unique vials ARE a good fit for labs handling many samples

J.G. Finneran Associates has come out with a new set of vials designed for researchers tasked with managing a lot of chromatography sample vials in their laboratories: the new 300μL Interlocked R.A.M. (Robotic Arm Machine) vials with 9mm thread finish.

“Working with lab equipment manufacturers, the Finneran Interlocked R.A.M. vial has been designed, using proprietary manufacturing techniques, to work precisely with each and every instrument so that the lab technician can most efficiently perform their required tests,” said Janet Cohen, Finneran’s international sales and marketing manager.

Composed of a clear or amber Type I borosilicate glass, the vial and insert are fused together, keeping the insert permanently in place. This design enables accurate automated injection and eliminates contamination risk around the seam or space between the neck of the vial and the insert. The vials also arrive ready to use in the lab.

“With … the Interlocked R.A.M. vial, the lab can expect to double their productivity,” Cohen said, explaining that is done through preventing cross-contamination from unnecessary component handling. That means fewer products are needed to perform similar tests and lab technicians can thus work more efficiently. “There is no more need to assemble vials and limited volume inserts as the interlocked vial provides a complete package.”

Cohen added the vials’ economic price can also save labs in research, testing, and facility costs.

“As a result of the automated manufacturing techniques always being developed at Finneran Associates, we have been able to reduce our manufacturing costs for not only this vial but for much of our product line,” she said.

For more information, visit

Configurable Diffusion Tubes
Trace Source™

  • Extend the range of compounds that can be used to include subliming solids and viscous liquids
  • Include a removable reservoir that allows filling with the capillary removed
  • A variety of pre-configured and tested capillaries can be interchangeably fitted to the reservoir

KIN-TEK Laboratories

96-Well Microplates

  • Available with a choice of surface binding coatings
  • Manufactured from virgin USP Class VI crystal polystyrene
  • Have a flat base with good clarity across the well bottom
  • Ensure high accuracy and precision when making well-to-well measurements

Porvair Sciences

Cell Culture Dishes

  • Include ultra-thin, 25μm thick, gas-permeable film bases
  • Provides superior optical quality, very low autofluorescence, and high UV transparency
  • Film has excellent chemical resistance
  • Available in 35mm and 50mm diameters


Tube Storage Rack
Universal Latch Rack

  • For use with 2 mL and 5 mL Thermo Scientific Nunc Cryobank tubes and most standard Thermo Scientific Nunc and Nalgene cryogenic tubes
  • Incorporates a flexible lid, which can pivot or be lifted off
  • Gives users the ability to switch between manual and automated formats

Thermo Fisher Scientific