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Technology News April 2013

The latest equipment, instrument, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

by Lab Manager
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7890B GC and 5977A Series GC/MSD

  • 7890B GC offers improved performance specifications with advances in numerous detector modules
  • GC also features lower operating costs and eco-friendly operation with power/gas management and sleep/wake modes
  • 5977A Series GC/MSD enjoys all the benefits of the 7890B GC and features a redesigned inert MS ion source that enhances performance with highly efficient ion collection


Product Spotlight

Research-Grade Capabilities for Everyone

Portable Raman spectrometer well suited to field analysis

B&W Tek recently launched an enhanced version of its i-Raman® portable Raman spectrometer, the i-Raman Plus. The new portable instrument is powered by the company's smart spectrometer technology.

"The i-Raman Plus is a great step forward," says Dr. Katherine Bakeev, director of applications service for B&W Tek. "It puts research grade Raman spectroscopy into a platform that is accessible to more users. It's ideal for field analysis such as in vivo studies of ancient art and archaeology, environmental studies, and even identifying low-dose adulterations in counterfeit products."

The new Raman spectrometer uses a high efficiency back-thinned CCD detector with deep TE cooling and high dynamic range to deliver an improved signal to noise ratio for up to 30 minutes of integration time, making it possible to measure weak Raman signals. It also features a combination of wide spectral coverage and high resolution with configurations measuring out to 4000cm-1, enabling the measurement of CH stretching bands around 3100cm-1. The system's small footprint, lightweight design, and low power consumption mean users get research grade Raman capabilities almost anywhere.

As with all of B&W Tek's products that have smart spectrometer technology, the i-Raman Plus includes on-board processing including averaging, smoothing and dark compensation.

The instrument comes standard with a fiber optic probe, probe holder with XYZ positioning stage, cuvette adaptor for measuring liquid samples, and the company's proprietary BWIQâ„¢ multivariate analysis software.

For more information, visit:

Gas Chromatography Device

  • Flexible, versatile architecture, based on high-density silicon columns and sensors, means GCAP can be configured to perform in a number of different modes, including conventional, multi-dimensional or concurrent analysis
  • Features the ability to work with a number of different carrier gases
  • Separates and precisely quantifies individual molecules among hundreds of interfering substances, depending on architectural configurations


aurora Elite

  • Complements the updated workhorse aurora M90 ICP-MS for routine laboratory analysis
  • Sets new standards for sensitivity and matrix robustness
  • Exceeds the performance of expensive magnetic sector field ICP-MS systems in many aspects
  • Features 1.5 gigahertz per parts per million (1.5 GHz / ppm) sensitivity for precise and accurate quantification at single digit ppt levels and below


Microscope Enhancement
FLS980 and FLS920

  • Edinburgh Photonics' FLS980 and FLS920 ranges of photoluminecence spectrometers now include a combined microscope and imaging camera
  • Allows measurement of specific points within a sample and for imaging with monochromatic excitation/illumination
  • Either upright or inverted microscopes from leading microscope manufacturers can be coupled to the spectrometers via optical fibers

Edinburgh Instruments

TOC Analyzer
BioTector B3500c

  • Designed and engineered to meet the requirements of clean water applications
  • Offers process insights, process incident alerts, environmental monitoring, energy optimization, product and water loss prevention, and boiler and plant protection
  • Only requires reagent replacement every 6 months
  • Able to monitor two streams at the same time, eliminating the potential double-cost of needing two separate analyzers


High Throughput Spectrometers

  • Combine an optical bench configuration with very high collection efficiency and a high-efficiency volume phase holographic (VPH) grating
  • Provide high throughput and sensitivity for low light level applications
  • Three preconfigured Ventana spectrometers are available: 532 nm and 785 nm excitation wavelength Raman models, and a visible to near-IR model for general purpose fluorescence applications

Ocean Optics

HPLC Sample Evaporators
MiniVap and UltraVap

  • Use warm air or nitrogen to speed up the evaporation of common HPLC solvents such as dichloromethane, methanol and acetonitrile from sample vials
  • A new 48-well needle head with a dedicated HPLC vial holder that accepts 48 standard 1.5ml vials transforms any MiniVap or UltraVap system into a high throughput HPLC sample evaporator

Porvair Sciences

Gas Chromatograph

  • Provides high-sensitivity analysis of organic compounds, permanent gases and light hydrocarbons with the BID-2010 Plus, a novel universal detector that incorporates plasma technology
  • Enables trace impurity analysis with detection sensitivity more than 100 times higher than thermal conductivity detector (TCD) analysis
  • Permits ppm-level trace-component analysis not possible by TCD


LIBS Desktop Analyzer

  • Uses laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) to provide rapid and reliable identification of materials and chemical composition of solids
  • Features real-time chemical analysis
  • Equally effective for light and heavy elements analysis
  • Provides surface and depth profiling for coatings and is easy to use
  • No or minimal sample preparation required

TSI Incorporated

Charged Surface Hybrid
Particle Columns
ACQUITY and XSelectâ„¢

  • Offer unique selectivities for UPLC and HPLC peptide mapping and proteomics applications
  • Set a new standard in the analysis and purification of peptides for the quality of information generated by UPLC and UPLC/MS assays
  • Available in a variety of particle sizes and column dimensions
  • Can be used with a weaker acid modifier such as formic acid


Basic Lab

Bulk Handling Enclosures

  • The drum can be raised and sealed to the access port, effectively extending the enclosure's containment area into the drum
  • Included access port cover can be used to seal the base, allowing for use as a standard balance enclosure
  • Move air in a horizontal pattern to maximize containment while minimizing sample loss and balance instability

AirClean Systems

Safety Enclosure

  • Can be used to provide many different types of safety or controlled environments simply by using additional components to change the function of the enclosure
  • Environment can be controlled for humidity (20-55% RH) using a Nitrogen glove box and temperature (15-30°C)
  • Air extraction provided via a small box section fan filtration system


Mass Flow Controller
GF 80

  • Now features an increased flow rate up to 50 slpm
  • Also now includes a Teflon valve seat, allowing it to be used on all gases, including corrosive and reactive gases
  • Has expanded RS485 communication protocols
  • Provides excellent long-term zero stability at less than 0.5% per year
  • Available with Brooks' patented MultiFloâ„¢ technology

Brooks Instrument

Switching Mode Power Supply
HVPS Series

  • Provides precise 1 to 100 kV adjustable output at power levels up to 200 kW
  • Featuring < 0.1% ripple and regulation with << 10 joules stored energy, depending upon configuration, this compact unit eliminates the need for connecting multiple smaller units
  • Packaged in a 19" W rack that uses tap water for cooling


Uninterruptible Power Systems
SG® Series

  • Now includes 12-year rated valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries
  • Features a dual-conversion, on-line topology that is designed to provide automated systems, instruments, computers and other sensitive electronics superior power protection during a power outage
  • Wide-temperature batteries are designed to operate at -20°C to 50°C
  • Offers users the latest communications options

Falcon Electric

Acid-Resistant Evaporators
HT-4X, HT-12 and EZ-2

  • For laboratories that wish to use stronger mineral acids and acid chlorides, special models of Genevac systems exist which are specifically designed to be resistant to these highly corrosive acids
  • Acid-Resistant EZ-2 Plus Evaporator uses inert and corrosion proof materials to enable it to withstand up to 6N Hydrochloric acid, 70% Nitric acid and most acid chlorides including thionyl chloride


Overhead Stirrers

  • Feature a detachable impeller, digital display interface and the option of monitoring the flow properties and other parameters using labworldsoft® software
  • Can process quantities ranging from milliliters up to 200 liters
  • Include a removable digital display interface, also called Wireless Controller (Wico), which can operate the unit via Bluetooth wireless technology


Laboratory Freeze Dryers
Revo® and Magnum® Series

  • Feature an all new Clean In Place (CIP) option
  • Gives users the option to perform a basic rinse to remove residue material or a full, multistage cleaning cycle using detergent, rinses and even hot air drying phases
  • CIP systems are capable of 95 to 98% coverage of all internal surfaces


Thermal Imaging Camera Kit

  • Economically priced, compact, rugged and lightweight
  • Features plug-and-play compatibility, fast data transfer, wide temperature range and a high sensitivity of <50mK
  • Includes everything needed for a quick "out of box" deployment and the kit is designed specifically for thermal benchtop testing applications


Filter Dispenser

  • Simplifies membrane handling and maximizes workflow in high throughput microbiology testing laboratories
  • Aseptically dispenses individual membrane filters with a single press on a soft-touch keypad
  • Easy-load design ensures highly reliable dispensing in a compact and portable design
  • Complements the Sentino Pump and features a 200-membrane capacity


HiPace™ 300 Plus

  • Available with pumping speeds up to 260 liters per second (300 Plus) or 685 liters per second (700 Plus) for N2
  • Feature reduced and improved vibration spectrum and reduced magnetic stray field
  • Suited for analytical applications such as electron microscopy and high-end mass spectrometry
  • Improved rotor design gives both high pumping speeds and very good compression for light gases

Pfeiffer Vacuum

Heated Circulating Baths
HiPace 300 Plus

  • Available in 23 different models and can achieve temperatures as high as 200°C with temperature stabilities as exacting as ±0.005°C
  • Come in reservoir sizes ranging from 7 to 28 liters and are available with six different temperature controllers, including two programmable models
  • Incorporate many ergonomic features that make life in the lab more productive and efficient


Laboratory Homogenizing System

  • Homogenizes up to 6 samples at a time quickly and with ease
  • All samples are homogenized simultaneously in seconds, ensuring accurate homogenizing speed and results
  • Precision crafted 316 Stainless Steel Multi-Prep Sample Probes deliver accurate and quick homogenizing results
  • Can result in 300 homogenized samples per hour
  • Stores up to 10 different homogenizing programs in memory

PRO Scientific

Thermal Profiling System

  • An affordable and flexible alternative to a standard thermal cycler for performing everyday temperature profiles
  • Consists of a programmable heating/cooling base and removable block that heat and cool samples from 4 to 99°C
  • Accommodates a variety of quick-change blocks to fit nearly any tube or plate
  • Performs PCR in either standard or large volume tubes


Cell Culture

Cell and Tissue Acquisition System

  • Less expensive and easier for researchers to use in the lab than existing laser-assisted microdissection systems
  • Costs less than $30,000 per device, or about one-fourth the cost of existing systems
  • Collects cells from tissues and cultures without affecting their viability, meaning the collected cells can then be cultured in the lab


Untreated Polystyrene
Culture Microplates

  • Available in 12-, 24-, 48- and 96 well formats
  • For growing embryoid bodies and other cells where cell attachment needs to be reduced or avoided
  • Natural, unmodified polystyrene surfaces are hydrophobic and only bind cells and biomolecules through passive hydrophobic interactions
  • Supplied with lids in individual sterile packs

Porvair Sciences

Pre-coated Cell Culture Products

  • Peptide-coated cell culture products better mimic the in vivo environment for enhanced cell attachment and growth
  • An assortment of vented flasks, well plates, and dishes are available in three pre-coated options: PureCol® type I bovine collagen, gelatin, and poly-D-lysine
  • Packaged and sold in small packs to minimize product waste


Cell Culture Chambers

  • x-well system consists of slide-based vessels in a range of materials and chamber formats with excellent microscopic properties and chemical resistance
  • Slides are available in PCA plastic, glass, and 170μm coverglass fitted with a polystyrene flask or 1-, 2-, 4-, and 8-well chambers
  • All slide surfaces are treated for the cultivation of adherent cells
  • Packaged and sold in small packs to minimize product waste


Plate Heater

  • Designed specifically for cell biologists that require accurate and precise temperature control for plates in laminar flow hoods
  • Has a defined temperature range suitable for cell biology use (ambient + 5ËšC to 50ËšC)
  • Maintains a consistent temperature across its surface ensuring all cells, no matter where their location on the plate, are incubated at the same temperature

TAP Biosystems

24 Well Cell Culture Kit

  • Can produce realistic, reproducible single or multiple 3D cell cultures in physiologically relevant collagen scaffolds
  • Could improve the results of a range of cell based assay models including those suitable for in-vitro toxicology models
  • Packaged individually to give ultimate flexibility
  • Allows for the generation of 3D cell cultures using a simple protocol, in less than an hour


Chemicals, Kits, & Reagents

5-Clone Collagen Antibody-Induced
Arthritis (CAIA) Kit

  • Designed to induce consistent arthritis more effectively in various mouse strains including CAIA low responder C57BL/6 mice, and a variety of unpredictable knockout and transgenic mice with C57BL/6 (H-2b) or 129/Sv (H-2b) backgrounds
  • Produces faster results: Typically severe arthritis is induced within 24-48 hours instead of the four weeks required to induce CIA after immunization with type II collagen


13C-Labeled Internal Standards
Certified Spiking Solutions®

  • For use in preparation of calibrators and controls of T4-13C6 , T3-13C6, and reverse T3-13C6 for monitoring free and total thyroid hormone levels in serum or plasma by LC-MS/MS
  • Offer clinical and endocrinology labs the full range of stable-labeled internal standards necessary for accurate quantitation of T4, T3, and reverse T3 using LC-MS/MS methods


Lab Automation

Automatic Refill Module
Hei-VAP Distimatic

  • Enables the chemist to scale up from small to mediumlarge quantities while using a benchtop evaporator
  • The automatic module Distimatic automatically refills the evaporation flask and discharges condensate
  • Exceptional option if the process volume exceeds the volume of the evaporation flask by three times


Electric Decapper
Univo DC480

  • Enables labs tasked with opening multiple sample storage tubes to achieve significant productivity gains
  • Compatible with all Micronic tubes (up to 1.40ml) and also with tubes and caps of other brands
  • Enables user to select any rack to decap, without using different adapters for different tube sizes / brands


Product Spotlight

Efficient, Cost Effective
Sample Processing
New system eliminates the need for
multiple instruments

Launched at the 12th Annual Protein Science Week (PepTalk) in January, PerkinElmer's JANUS® BioTx Pro™ automated workstation for improved process development of protein therapeutics is the only workstation that accommodates multiple chromatography modes (column, tip and batch).

That accommodation eliminates the need for multiple instruments, resulting in more efficient and cost effective sample processing, the company says.

"Sample preparation for protein characterization can be a time consuming and tedious process," said Kevin Hrusovsky, president of life sciences and technology at PerkinElmer. "Automating this function frees up valuable research time and enables scientists to obtain critical information earlier in the protein development pipeline. This is particularly important to support quality by design experimentation in both upstream and downstream processes to improve product quality and reduce development time."

The JANUS BioTx Pro enables small scale purification of μg to mg proteins on one system instead of three individual dedicated systems, supporting the use of commercially available plate and column based screening tools such as GE PreDictor™ plates, PhyNexus PhyTip® columns and Atoll columns. Applications for the workstation include resin binding studies and conditions screening, PerkinElmer says.

Users can also expand capacity as requirements for sample throughput increase and the workstation can be combined with PerkinElmer's GX II LabChip to accelerate research and eliminate the need to handle time-consuming SDS Page gels.

For more information, visit:

Life Science

Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) Platform
PA 800 plus

  • Provides automated, quantitative analysis of protein purity, charge isoform distribution and glycan structure
  • Designed with biopharmaceutical analysis in mind, the system can also be used in food and beverage quality studies for monosaccharide and protein analysis, and in the quantitative characterization of ions, organic acids and other charged or polar molecules of importance

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

PCR Instrument
Mastercycler nexus X1

  • Provides researchers with increased heating and cooling rates by uniting the software found in the Mastercycler nexus with a fast 96-well block
  • Maintainins low power consumption and low noise emission levels (< 40dB[a])
  • A heating rate of 5°C/s means run times are very short, allowing several users to work on it during the course of a day


PCR Workstations

  • Use a UV lamp, which allows the working environment to be decontaminated in order to prevent contamination of samples between PCR operations
  • Feature a HEPA H14 filter, which is over 99.995% effective at trapping particles over 0.3 microns in size, thereby creating an ultra-clean working atmosphere
  • Air flow meter system allows air face velocity to be constantly monitored


Pre-clinical In Vivo Imaging Systems
IVIS ®Lumina Series III

  • Integrates leading bioluminescence and full spectral fluorescence in vivo imaging technologies
  • Provides an expandable and sensitive benchtop imaging system that is easy to use for both fluorescent and bioluminescent in vivo imaging
  • Can perform multiple modalities
  • Offers a full spectrum of wavelengths to perform most in vivo optical applications supporting the widest range of in vivo experimental models


Take Off Angle Detector

  • Part of the XOne EDX/EDS X-ray Microanalysis System
  • Provides BSE imaging at the same viewing angle as X-ray mapping
  • Images always include both compositional and elemental contrast, adding unique image quality and perspective
  • Allows users to confirm if dark areas in X-ray maps are due to topography-induced shadowing, rather than low element concentrations

Quartz Imaging

Ultrafiltration Devices
Vivaspin Turbo 15

  • Available in a range of volumes from 4 to 15ml
  • Permits easy and complete recovery of the concentrate
  • Concentrate biological samples within 10 to 30 minutes and obtain macromolecular recoveries of more than 95%
  • 100-microliter dead stop pocket is easy to access with standard 200-microliter pipette tips due to the patent pending angular design of the device


Mini Viewing Cabinet

  • Suited to any type of life science application requiring high-contrast fluorescence analysis
  • Weighing only 4 lbs. (1.8 kg), can be conveniently carried from place to place
  • Features compact dimensions of 8.75W x 10L x 4.5"H (22.2W x 25.4L x 11.4 cm H)
  • Made of molded, high-impact plastic for rugged durability


Image Analysis Systems
PXi Touch

  • Provide accurate imaging of chemiluminescent and fluorescent blots, as well as 1-D and 2-D gels stained with any type of visible or fluorescent dye
  • Comes as a compact, ready to use unit with a built in touch screen and processor
  • Features a camera with a large fixed aperture lens for quickly capturing images of even faint bands or spots


LIMS & Software

Flash Purification System Software
Isoleraâ„¢ Spektra

  • Features improvements to the time and solvent saving step gradient optimization feature
  • Uses TLC data from 2 to 10 different TLC runs to estimate where the individual sample components will elute, the percentage of strong solvent required and which cartridge is best capable of purifying the amount of sample to be purified
  • Helps chemists to tailor the purification to separate and purify between one and six compounds in the sample


Microscopy Software

  • Includes new Open Application Development (OAD) programming environment
  • Enables users to create, test and repeatedly run macros
  • Offers a plug-in to the ImageJ and Fiji Open Source programs
  • Carl Zeiss is launching an Internet-based platform in parallel with the ZEN software— the OAD forum facilitates dialog between users on functionalities and applications

Carl Zeiss

Autosampler Control Driver

  • Officially released with Clarity Chromatography Software version 4.0.3
  • Developed in close cooperation with CETAC Technologies, Inc.
  • Clarity provides multiple control options


Image Analysis Software
RNAscope SpotStudioâ„¢

  • Brings objective and accurate quantification to RNA in situ hybridization and enables a new generation of diagnostic applications based on single cell analysis
  • Allows gene expression to be measured quantitatively at single-cell resolution and interpreted by pathologists within histopathological context
  • Designed for pathologists with no prior training in image analysis
  • Generates standardized and objective results in minutes


Advanced Cell Diagnostics

DNA Quantification Service
qPCR CopyCount

  • Cloud-based service that derives absolute DNA quantification from quantitative PCR (qPCR) sample data, without the need for calibration standards
  • Based on proprietary technology in which the shape of a qPCR curve is analyzed to accurately predict the absolute number of DNA copies in the original sample
  • Compatible with most existing qPCR instruments on the market

DNA Software

Supplies & Consumables

Cuvette G1.0

  • Designed for accurate and reliable measurement of small volumes of highly concentrated biomolecules
  • Allows users to work easily with samples as small as 1.5 μL without the need for a time-consuming dilution step
  • Expands the measuring range of the Eppendorf BioPhotometer® and the Eppendorf BioSpectrometer®
  • Features an optical path length of just 1 mm


HPLC Columns

  • Specifically designed for intact proteins analysis
  • Employ core shell technology combined with a specific porosity designed to facilitate proteins separation, including those with high molecular weight
  • Provides scientists with high chromatographic efficiency and facilitates Top Down proteomics approach to study intact proteins with or without mass spectrometry

Protea Biosciences

Reagent Packaging
AcroSeal ®

  • Designed for air- and moisture-sensitive Acros Organics reagents and solvents
  • Better maintains chemical integrity, reducing the cost associated with purchasing replacement products
  • Significantly reduces the rate of moisture uptake and the risk of contamination
  • Extra-dry solvents, including methanol, acetonitrile, dichloromethane and methyl sulfoxide, are available in the new and improved AcroSeal packaging

Thermo Fisher Scientific