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Technology News | April 2017

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

by Lab Manager
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Gas Analyzer


  • Based on the proven technology of the GASERA ONE platform
  • Can achieve below 1 ppb detection limit, which is well below the 16 ppb recommendation for occupational exposure limit by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the US
  • Provides a high level of stability with a re-calibration period ranging from several months up to several years


Dual-Comb Mid-IR Spectrometer


  • The first commercial table-top frequency comb spectrometer offering microsecond time resolution combined with a large spectral bandwidth and high spectral resolution
  • Suited to applications where fast time resolution or high throughput and superior brightness are required
  • Provides the advantages of dual-comb spectroscopy in a complete turn-key solution
  • Offers fast time resolution as low as 1 μs for a full spectrum


Ion Chromatograph

Eco IC

  • Delivers performance and productivity for price-sensitive markets such as environmental testing and higher education
  • Suitable for the routine analysis of anions, cations, and polar substances
  • Uses Metrohm’s unique approach to ion chromatography to deliver faster separations, higher sensitivity, and better method robustness, all while maintaining affordability
  • A new line of columns ideal for common anion analysis by various EPA methods complements the launch of the Eco IC


1mm ID Columns for Micro LC

Kinetex & Luna Omega

  • Kinetex core-shell and Luna Omega fully porous media offerings now include a new 1mm ID microbore format
  • These new stainless steel columns are compatible with micro LC systems, which operate at very low flow rates and effectively separate small-volume samples
  • Include Kinetex 2.6 μm XB-C18, Kinetex 1.7 μm EVO C18, Luna Omega 1.6 μm Polar C18, and Luna Omega 1.6 μm C18


NIR Spectrometer Accessories

MicroNIR Pro

  • Includes the MicroNIR transmission fixture, vial holder, sample spinner, windowed collar, and tablet probe
  • Allow scientists and engineers to take process monitoring and material analysis out of the post-production laboratory for more efficient in-field analysis
  • The latest addition to the MicroNIR product family that includes the MicroNIR OnSite and MicroNIR PAT, which offer real-time results for analysis of manufacturing processes

Viavi Solutions 

Basic Lab

Optical Sensor Switches for Rotameters

  • Provide a non-invasive way to detect high or low flow rates that can damage users’ equipment and processes
  • Easy to operate, simply power up, slide, and set the carrier with the set of self-contained miniature photoelectric sensors to monitor the desired level of flow
  • Well suited for OEM applications

Aalborg Instruments 

Exhaust Trap for Lab Vacuum Pumps

  • New post-pump adapter kit enables Asynt’s CondenSyn air condenser to be used as an effective exhaust trap for laboratory vacuum pumps
  • Proven through independent testing to trap additional vapors escaping from rotary evaporators, ensuring a greener and more 'worker safe' environment without using any additional cooling water or dry ice
  • Easy to clean and maintain


High Pressure Parallel Reactor


  • Designed for undertaking experiments including carbonylation, hydrogenation, catalysis, and supercritical fluid reactions as well as air sensitive material studies
  • Used in conjunction with a hotplate stirrer, the standard 316 stainless steel MultiCell reactor offers users the ability to undertake 10 x 30 ml reactions in parallel at pressures of up to 50 bar and temperatures up to 200°C


High-Purity Point-of-Use Panel

55S Series

  • Designed to provide reliable pressure control and isolation in carbon dioxide and nitrogen incubator applications
  • Provides final line pressure control and individual isolation for up to four streams of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, making it ideally suited to supply four individual incubators or two dual-stack incubators from a single panel
  • Can handle inlet pressures up to 2400 PSIG from the gas source


Automated Dissolution Sampler

Eclipse 5300

  • Offers rapid and accurate sampling using precision syringes
  • The elimination of valves and rotary pumps along with the short sample pathway and minimal dead volume increases reliability while eliminating and reducing common sources of sample carryover
  • The sampler’s cost effective dual sampler configuration allows two different and independent dissolution methods to be run at any time


High-Speed Infrared Camera


  • This longwave infrared high performance camera offers the accuracy and microsecond-precision of FLIR's mercury cadmium telluride detector paired with an intuitive user experience
  • Records 640 x 512 full frame video at 234 Hz (up to 14,550 Hz with windowing) with the rapid integration times needed to analyze high-speed processes or monitor fast temperature spikes

FLIR Systems 

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator


  • Able to titrate for a variety of applications including acids, bases, redox, and selective ions
  • In addition to titration mode, the autotitrator also operates as a fully functional pH, redox, and ion selective electrode (ISE) meter
  • A dynamic dosing algorithm keeps titrations timely and accurate, making analysis more efficient
  • Also features a precision dosing pump and equivalence endpoint detection

Hanna Instruments 

Trace Metal Fume Hoods

UniFlow Polypro

  • Especially suited for water treatment, marine and soil sciences, environmental toxic analysis, and toxicology
  • Featuring a welded one piece seamless polypropylene interior fume chamber and baffle, the exterior is constructed of composite polyresin and sashes are horizontal sliding in PVC track of either tempered glass or polycarbonate
  • Offered in 48”, 60”, 72”, and 96” wide models in either 30” or 36” depths


Portable Analyzers

BX-1, RA-130, and DA-130N

  • The portable Brix meter BX-1 comes equipped with a wide measuring range that makes it possible to measure all kinds of foods
  • The portable refractometer RA-130 features a compact size, light weight, and high precision measurement
  • The DA-130N is a portable density/specific gravity meter that is lightweight and easy to operate

JM Science 

Storage Cabinet for Corrosives

24080 Poly Countertop Cabinet

  • Safely stores up to two 4-liter bottles of acids or bases near the user’s work space
  • Users never need to worry about corrosion while storing acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, or nitric acids; or bases such as sodium, potassium, or calcium hydroxide
  • Polyethylene construction offers excellent chemical resistance to protect against spills or damaging vapors


Cryo-Correlative Microscopy Stage


  • Features self-contained cryo sample observation system with automatic top-up of the sample chamber with liquid nitrogen, keeping the sample vitrified at constant -196°C and avoiding contamination
  • LINK software for the CMS196 provides complete control and monitoring of the system as well as fully-automated tiled image capture
  • Gives the ability to capture an image of the entire EM grid at full resolution


Ultra-Microcomparator Balance


  • Offers a readability of 0.1 μg coupled with fast stabilization time and improved repeatability
  • Features increased stability provided by Active Temperature Control technology, which draws heat away from the weighing cell
  • MC Link software guides users through the calibration process all the way to the printed certificate in just a few clicks


Fluorescence Illumination System

Lumen 200

  • Offers a powerful, cost effective alternative to traditional short arc mercury vapor lamps and bulbs used in fluorescence microscopy
  • Uses a metal halide lamp rather than the more traditional high pressure mercury or xenon burners
  • Delivers 2,000 hours of stable output compared to a maximum of 200 hours for a mercury vapor lamp or bulb

Prior Scientific 

Ashing Furnace


  • Features an 1100°C maximum operating temperature and a heated chamber volume of up to 40L
  • Provides ideal conditions for ashing petrochemicals, coal, food, plastics, and other hydrocarbons
  • Boasts a uniquely low external temperature due to an air gap between the chamber exterior and actual furnace exterior
  • Includes easily replaceable wound wire heating elements on the inside


Programmable Stirring Hot Plates

EchoTherm™ Model HS70

  • For use with aggressive chemicals in environments where other stirring hot plates would be quickly destroyed by vapors or spills
  • Designed to be purged using an inert gas through a fitting on the rear of the chassis
  • Feature 10-program memory with 10 steps per program, temperature ramping, RS232 I/O port, membrane keyboard, and full function liquid crystal display

Torrey Pines Scientific 

Protective Lab and Cleanroom Apparel


  • Features custom-developed, proprietary materials and breathable nonwovens in novel configurations to provide maximum personal protection and contamination control without compromising comfort or range of movement
  • Includes coveralls, lab coats and jackets, scrubs and gowns, shoe and boot covers, gloves, masks, wipes, and other products
  • Offers a more extensive variety of color choices than ever available for limited-use apparel

Valumax International 

Chemicals, Kits, and Reagents

DNA Purification Kit


  • Using proprietary filtration media that offer much higher loadings of active material, assay times of less than 5 minutes are routinely achievable
  • Users report that, using the Chromatrap® DNA purification kit, DNA samples ranging from 50 bp up to 23 kb can be purified with up to 98% recovery
  • Has been proven to purify and concentrate samples from PCR mixtures, ChIP, and restriction enzyme digestions


DNA Prep Kit

Arcis Biotechnology

  • Allows rapid extraction of either DNA or RNA in three minutes with high yields, and is ideal for use with Cole-Parmer’s Delta Seek reagents and Techne or PCRmax PCR and qPCR hardware systems
  • Requires two simple steps that are completed in just three minutes, to provide high quality, PCR-ready templates with no need for additional laboratory equipment such as centrifuges or hot blocks


Assay to Measure Cardiac Risk


  • Measures the activity of Lp-PLA2 in vitro • Is a colorimetric readout assay that measures the activity of Lp-PLA2 in serum samples
  • Designed to run on automated chemistry analyzers
  • Kit includes ready-to-use calibration standards and QC controls in order to measure a wide analytical range of 0.0 – 400.0 nmol/min/mL of Lp-PLA2 activity

Enzo Life Sciences 

Magnetic Conjugation Kit

  • Allows researchers to covalently conjugate antibodies and proteins to 0.5μm magnetic particles without the need for extensive optimization of the conjugation reaction, thereby saving precious antibody or protein
  • Ideal for use in immunoprecipitation experiments
  • Covalent attachment provides a more stable alternative to non-covalent antibody attachments using traditional Protein A or protein G resin

Innova Biosciences 

Genome Sequencing Library Prep Kit

Accel-NGS® XL

  • The fastest sequencing solution for whole genome sequencing on Pacific Biosciences® (PacBio®) platforms
  • Specially optimized for PacBio’s Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT®) sequencing technology
  • Provides significantly longer sequencing reads with a simple, single-tube workflow utilizing lower sample inputs
  • Offers an easy four-hour workflow and longer read lengths, improving whole genome sequencing applications

Swift Biosciences 


Informatics Platform for Pharma Discovery

D360™ version 9.0 & D360 Express

  • D360 is a self-service data access, integration, and visualization solution used to query multiple cheminformatics and bioinformatics data sources and make informed go/ no-go and next step research decisions
  • Now provides full support for virtual compounds
  • Supports complex assay data handling
  • The latest version offers enhanced performance, including faster data retrieval


Optimal Raman Imaging Software Package


  • Features three software modules NavMap, NavSharp, and ViewSharp
  • Enables Raman users to navigate images while remaining in-focus, to easily identify the region of interest, and obtain sharp, rapid Raman chemical images for a large variety of samples
  • Compatible with HORIBA’s LabRAM HR Evolution and XploRA Series Raman microscopes
  • User-friendly

HORIBA Scientific 

Lab Automation

Automated Workstations

Biomek i-Series

  • Includes two models, i7 and i5
  • An exterior status light bar simplifies the user’s ability to monitor progress and system status during operation
  • Biomek light curtain provides a key safety feature during operation and method development
  • An internal LED light improves visibility during manual intervention and method start-up, reducing user error

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences 

Automated Sample Management System


  • A low-capacity solution for labs seeking to transition from manual to automated sample storage
  • Can process samples through the day or outside of typical work hours to maximize productivity throughout the lab
  • Models are available for storing samples at +4°C, −20°C, −40°C and −80°C, with capacity up to 60,000 tubes in standard racks, or 86,250 tubes using RackWare® racks from Hamilton Storage

Hamilton Storage 

Microplate Handler

Orbitor RS2 Microplate Mover

  • Designed to improve laboratory throughput and operational flexibility
  • Now has a built-in barcode reader for rapid sample identification and tracking
  • Additional barcode reader functionality is designed to allow the Orbitor RS2 Microplate Mover to easily integrate into automated processes, combining rapid plate delivery with a more intuitive workflow and a reduced footprint

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Life Science

Single-Cell Analysis Platform

BD Resolve™

  • Has the flexibility to capture and analyze hundreds to tens of thousands of individual cells in a broad range of sizes and types
  • Includes reagents that can analyze both the whole transcriptome and targeted or custom-designed gene-specific panels
  • Now available through an early access program, but a full commercial launch is planned for Fall 2017


Mouse Chemokine Panel

Bio-Plex Pro™

  • The newest member of Bio-Rad’s line of magnetic bead–based multiplex immunoassays
  • Enables detection of more samples than any other available assay, allowing researchers to get more data out of each run
  • Offers researchers the ability to map out entire networks of protein biomarkers—up to 33 biologically relevant mouse chemokines and cytokines—in a single run from small amounts of sample


Digital Imaging System

ChemiDoc™ MP

  • Ideal for researchers who need reliable, reproducible fluorescent Western blotting data
  • Offers high-resolution DNA and protein gel documentation features and its chemiluminescence detection sensitivity matches that of traditional X-ray film
  • Featuring five fluorescent channels, the system can detect both visible light (RGB) and near infrared (NIR) fluorescence, allowing simultaneous detection of up to three proteins on a single blot


Microtissue Platform

GravityTRAP™ 384

  • Engineered specifically for 3D microtissue culture
  • Features distinct microtissue culture and media chambers separated by a tapered SureXchange™ pipetting ledge, providing safe medium aspiration and exchange without accidental loss of microtissues
  • Includes a continuous flat-bottomed glass base plate combined with a black-walled body, ensuring superior confocal and high content imaging optics while reducing fluorescent cross-talk between wells


IPF Airway Cells

  • Lonza now offers cryopreserved lung fibroblasts isolated from donors diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) for use in research into this potentially fatal condition
  • Normal lung fibroblasts and small airway epithelial cells—from both smokers and non-smokers—are also available, offering a complete solution to facilitate IPF and other airway research
  • Detailed donor information is also provided


Benchtop Capillary Electrophoresis Instrument


  • Meets small batch and single sample needs in DNA analysis and performs both sequencing and fragment analysis at a moment’s notice
  • Allows laboratories of all sizes the freedom to carry out single nucleotide polymorphism, PCR sizing and microsatellite analysis, de novo sequencing, NGS validation, and mutation detection
  • Runs up to 32 samples at once and features 4-capillary, 6-dye detection


High Molecular Weight Library System

SageHLS platform

  • Platform can extract and purify extremely large DNA fragments directly from bacterial and tissue cultures, blood samples, or other cell sources
  • Purifies DNA into fragments ranging from 50 kilobases to 2 megabases, providing the high-quality, long fragments needed for resolving haplotypes, structural variants, and other large or linked genomic elements
  • For most samples, can recover at least a microgram of DNA

Sage Science 

Multimode Reader


  • Updated version combines the benefits of a multimode microplate reader and a bright field imaging system in a compact package
  • Offers automated cell imaging, confluence measurements, cell counting, and viability assessments to simplify cell biology protocols and enable long-term, walkaway experiments
  • Provides an incubator-like environment and maintains optimal assay conditions



Scale Calibration Service

  • A scale inspection and calibration service that can be performed annually or at some other interval to assure accuracy and conformance to quality requirements
  • Can be performed at whatever time interval is appropriate for a customer’s usage and demand for accuracy
  • Priced according to the scale capacity, number of scales required, and frequency of inspections

Alliance Scale 

Maintenance Plan

  • Allows customers to fix gas generator maintenance costs for a set number of years
  • Cost-effective solution negates the need for lab managers to factor the variable costs of annual maintenance into increasingly pressurized budgets, by introducing a measure of stability and predictability at an affordable fixed cost
  • All servicing is carried out by certified Peak service engineers

Peak Scientific 

Supplies and Consumables

Microwave Vial Inserts

  • Designed for Asynt’s DrySyn heating blocks
  • Enable scientists to now conduct precise temperature controlled, stirred experiments in 0.5-2ml tapered, 2-5ml, and 10-20ml microwave vials • Available as an option for the DrySyn Parallel Synthesis Kit
  • Allow users to heat and stir up to 27 small scale reactions in parallel using any standard hotplate


Tubes and Vials

  • Evergreen products are now backed by the engineering and manufacturing expertise of Caplugs
  • Evergreen product line offers more than 1,000 catalog products in-stock and ready to ship today
  • Most tubes and vials are available with sterile options, as well as color coded caps and a wide selection of material options


GC Inlet Liners


  • Feature new deactivation technology that delivers low breakdown for accurate and precise low-level GC analyses
  • Shipped in packaging developed for unparalleled cleanliness to maximize GC uptime and lab throughput for the ultimate in productivity
  • Available in a full range of geometries and configurations for every instrument in the user’s lab, regardless of the brand or manufacturer


PCR Rack


  • Ensures consistently cooled PCR samples • Once pre-chilled, the IsoFreeze® PCR rack— in 96-format for 0.2ml and 0.3ml PCR tubes, strips, and plates—can maintain the PCR sample temperature at approximately 4°C for up to three hours in ambient conditions
  • If sample temperature exceeds 7°C, the rack visibly changes color from purple to pink to alert users


White PCR Tubes


  • Line of tubes now includes a white option for qPCR
  • Reflective white wells maximize fluorescent signal intensity, minimize cross-talk, and enable volume reduction of expensive reagents without compromising sensitivity or stability
  • The thin-walled strips of eight 0.2 ml white PCR tubes are compatible with most popular thermocycler heating blocks and 8-channel pipettes