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December 2010 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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Water Purification System
Crysta Series

  • Features a timed dispense mode for walk-away unattended operation
  • Yields low levels of organic carbon concentrations for maximum lab water purity
  • Pure lab water delivered at a desalination and virus elimination rate of ≥99%
  • Activated Carbon Filters add an extra layer of filtration to remove turbidity and chlorine that may damage filter membranes

Aurora Biomed

Fiber-Optic Coupled Cuvette Sampling System

  • Optical transmission sampler is compatible with FTIR and dispersive spectrometers operating in near-infrared (NIR) and UV-Visible spectral regions
  • Includes a sampling region accommodating cuvettes with path lengths from 1 to 50 mm and a preheating zone, providing rapid interchange of up to 15 samples

Axiom Analytical


Hybrid Quadrupole TOF Technology
High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

The new TripleTOF™ 5600 System from AB SCIEX is an accurate-mass, high-resolution LC/MS/MS system that combines the quantitative capabilities typically associated with triple quadrupoles with the qualitative capabilities of a highresolution, accurate-mass system, all on a single platform.

The instrument’s Magnetic Levitation (MagLev) turbo pumps provide virtually silent running and superior robustness, while the LINAC® collision cell increases analysis speed and eliminates crosstalk for information-rich, library searchable spectra.

“For the first time, qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution quantitation workflows can be performed on a single platform,” said Lydia Nuwaysir, Sr. Product Manager, AB SCIEX. “[This provides] faster and more accurate answers to ‘what is in the sample, how much is there, and does it change?’”

With SmartSpeed™ 100Hz Acquisition, users can expect more high-quality information from their samples even when using fast chromatography—up to 100 spectra in one second, or 50 spectra in one second while maintaining intelligent real-time data filtering. In addition, Easy- Mass™ Accuracy provides more than 50 hours of nonstop LC/MS operation for

The system features a linear dynamic range of 4 orders of magnitude or greater and gives users added flexibility with a software-selectable dual ionization system. Suitable for various applications in areas such as clinical research, forensics testing, biomarker studies, and food and water contaminant screening, the TripleTO F 5600 explores complex samples in great depth.

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308 FPD™

  • Designed to analyze the color and relative intensity of individual pixels of even microdisplays
  • Attaches to a probe station or microscope to obtain color date and relative intensity
  • Also able to measure thin film thickness and cell gap thickness
  • Performs pixel-to-pixel comparisons and maps spectral variations within a single pixel

CRAIC Technologies

GPC Triple Detector System

  • For high performance characterization of polymers and proteins using Gel Permeation Chromatography/Size Exclusion Chromatography (GPC/SEC)
  • Permits simultaneous determination of refractive index and intrinsic viscosity of a polymer solution
  • Features Multi-Angle Light-Scattering Detector for comprehensive characterization of macromolecular compounds

Dorton Analytical

Trace Gas Analyzer
VeraSpec™ Trace

  • Includes a 19 mm quadrupole mass filter
  • Available with various mass ranges from 1 to 4,000 amu
  • Also offered in a MS/MS configuration
  • Utilizes a closed-source EI ionizer or DC Corona Discharge API source


Amino and Diol Flash Cartridges

  • Allow fast, easy purification of challenging polar compounds such as carbohydrates and improve selectivity for non-polar compounds such as lipids
  • Designed for up to 200 psi (14 bar) of pressure
  • Compatible with most flash instruments

Grace Davison Discovery Sciences

HPLC Columns
Kinetex® XB-C18 and C8

  • Offers advantages of UHPLC within standard HPLC operating pressures
  • XB-C18 incorporates two iso-butyl side chains at the base of the C18 ligand for reduced secondary interactions with residual silanols
  • C8 meets United States Pharmacopeia (USP) specifications for Classification Code L7


Solid Phase Extraction System
SPE-DEX 4790®

  • Performs all solid phase extraction steps for aqueous samples directly from their original containers
  • Handles 40 mL up to 20 L samples, accommodating SPE disks or cartridges
  • Modularity allows for one to as many as eight extractors to be linked and controlled simultaneously
  • Compatible with sediment-laden water samples and prevents the formation of emulsions

Horizon Technology

Permeation Tubes
Trace Source™

  • Dynamically blend trace concentrations of formaldehyde in air (mixtures can range from low ppb to over 500 ppm)
  • Alpha-polyoxymethylene decomposes to maintain a stable emission rate of formaldehyde
  • Emission flow measurements are traceable to NIST through fundamental measurements
  • Mixing emission flow with traceable flow dilution gas creates a traceable mixture


Video Tube Deposit Rater (VTDR)

  • Designed to take the human element of subjectivity out of heater tube deposit rating
  • Creates a permanent electronic record that enables the operator to send results anywhere via e-mail within moments of completing a test
  • Features a camera with uniform sensitivity across a wide range of the visual wavelength spectrum


GPC Columns
TSK-GEL® SuperMultiPorePW

  • Incorporates multi-pore particle synthesis technology, in which monodisperse particles exhibit a broad range of pore sizes
  • Each particle has an extended linear calibration curve, diminishing the appearance of chromatograms with inflection points
  • Available in 4-, 5- and 8-μm particle sizes

Tosoh Bioscience


Automatic Ring and Ball Tester

  • Includes Pmove™ interface, consisting of a large color screen, rotary selection knob and a few soft keys
  • Available with a full-sized keyboard and barcode scanner for simple sample identification logging
  • Test results can be ported directly to a printer or computer via a standard USB port

AMETEK Petrolab Company

Stabinger Viscometer
SVM 3000

  • Measures dynamic viscosity and density of oils and fuels according to ASTM D7042
  • Automatically calculates the kinematic viscosity and delivers measurement results which are equivalent to ISO 3104 or ASTM D445
  • Processes up to 30 samples in an hour

Anton Paar

Atlas Hotter

  • Achieves temperatures of up to 350°C
  • When used with Atlas Lithium system, the hotplate enables automated reactions in a wide range of roundbottom flasks and vials, using dry baths
  • The addition of overhead stirring modules forms the Atlas Sodium conformation, which is ideal for more viscous reactions


Data Collector

  • Automatically downloads recorded data from remote units via a 900 MHz wireless link and transmits the data via e-mail or to an FTP server without a PC
  • Sends warning reports via e-mail or issues warnings via contact output when a remote unit has entered or recovered from a warning condition

T&D Corporation

Sign and Label Printer

  • Prints signs and labels up to 4” wide
  • Able to print on hundreds of different labels, tapes, tags and materials
  • Features a large touchscreen display with drag and drop label design
  • Can operate as a stand-alone printer or connected to a PC


aboratory Vacuum System

  • Includes a liquid waste level sensor to prevent overfilling of the bottle
  • Also includes two hydrophobic filters to block potentially dangerous aerosols from entering the lab
  • Features self-sealing quick connectors to prevent spills after disconnecting the tubing
  • Combines a low-noise pump, shatterproof collection bottle and a versatile hand operator

INTEGRA Biosciences


Ductles Demonstration Fume Hood
Safe for Classrooms and Industrial Training

The EDU™ Series of demonstration fume hoods from Air Science is ideal for education, vocational training and industrial workforce development. Meeting OSHA, ANSI and other international standards, the hoods are designed to offer 360° visibility for full participation, while protecting the class from any toxic fumes.

The units are mounted on heavy-duty transfer carts, and are designed with a low center of gravity and height so they can be easily wheeled from one lab or classroom to another, fitting through standard doorways. Contaminated air is pulled through the Multiplex™ filtration system, which returns clean air to the room. The filtration system consists of an electrostatic pre-filter, a main filter and optional safety filter. The pre-filter may be changed while the unit is running.

Additional features are available for added flexibility. “[An EDU hood] can be equipped with quick disconnect fittings for water and gas that enable it to be used with various gases and/or water,” said Andy Chambre, President, Air Science. “[They can] then be disconnected and put out of the way in a storage area.”The EDU™ Series of fume hoods includes four models: EDU-Mobile, EDU-Classic, EDU-Ada and EDU-Junior.

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Evaporation System

  • An inert purge option allows high safety evaporation of flammable solvents
  • An optional facility is available for fast sample lyophilisation
  • Chamber cooling between runs protects thermally sensitive samples when run immediately after higher boiling point solvents


Rotational Viscometers
SMART Series

  • Features AUTO-TEST with sound and visual malfunction alarm
  • Viscosity readings: dynamic viscosity (cP or mPa•s) or cSt
  • Includes datalogger software, which allows data transfer to PC Excel format
  • Supplied at 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

  • Features six built-in calculation modes to accommodate solid, liquid and gas samples
  • Includes a statistics package with one-touch calculations
  • Allows instant recall of data for up to 20 samples
  • Choice of ion exchange or fritless cell system and thermal printer or impact printer

JM Science

Transfer System
Model 021 LN2

  • Includes a large storage Dewar with a 47-liter capacity that can hold liquid nitrogen or argon for up to 30 days
  • Operates at ambient pressure and replaces typical cryogen storage vessels
  • Discharge rate is continuously adjustable to a maximum flow of 3 L/min
  • Discharge line is insulated to prevent frosting and icing during use


Microwave Digestion System

  • Offers higher sample throughput and reduced overall costs with the use of disposable glass vials instead of traditional digestion vessels
  • Digests up to 15 samples, of any matrix, simultaneously
  • Features Single Reaction Chamber (SRC) technology, removing common limitations of sample prep

Milestone Scientific

Trigas Generator

  • Designed to deliver pure nitrogen for curtain gas, pure zero grade air as gas-1/gas-2 source gases and dry -40°F dew point air as source exhaust
  • Provides enough gas for a single LC/MS instrument on a continual basis
  • Eliminates the need for expensive, high-pressure nitrogen and zero air cylinders

Parker Balston

Digital Manometer
Petrotest PA5

  • Able to simultaneously record temperatures along with pressure and time data
  • Offers pre-defined routines and settings to ensure tests are conducted according to international standards
  • PetroNet® software handles online configuration, data transfer and storage on a computer or network

AMETEK Petrolab Company


  • Includes three rotors: a 6 x 1.5mL rotor, a PCR Strip rotor and a 1” x 3” slide rotor
  • Also includes two adapters for 0.5 to 0.65mL and 0.4mL
  • Features a safety interlock which automatically shuts off unit when lid is opened
  • Cold room compatible


Flow Controller
Smart-Trak® 50 Series

  • Delivers accuracy of ±1.5% FS, repeatability of ±0.25% FS, 300 millisecond response time and 0 – 50 slpm (nmlpm) range
  • Includes 316L SS wetted materials, field zero & span adjust and two DB9 connectors located on either side of the enclosure for convenient wiring
  • Can be calibrated onsite, avoiding expensive and timeconsuming returns to the factory

Sierra Instruments


Cell Migration Assay
Oris™ Pro 384

  • Uses a non-toxic biocompatible gel (BCG) to form a centrally located and temporary cell-free zone on cell culture surfaces in a 384-well format
  • After cell seeding, the BCG dissolves to reveal a detection zone into which the migration of cells can be observed either in real time or after further experimental processing



EMCCD Camera for the Life Sciences
Broadband Sensitivity for In Vivo Imaging

The Evolve 128 EMCCD camera from Photometrics provides extreme sensitivity for demanding low-light applications. Quant-View, one of its advanced camera features, eliminates arbitrary gray levels in favour of photoelectron counts, establishing a basic unit of measurement and making it easier for researchers to compare experimental results.

“There are situations when you’re dealing with samples with extremely low expression levels and the time frame of reactions is very small,” said Rachit Mohindra, Associate Product Manager at Photometrics. “The sensitivity and high frame rate of the Evolve 128 permit the detection of these signals with sufficient temporal resolution.”

The camera’s onboard intelligence features maintain precise, accurate and quantitative measurements, as well as improved image quality. Quant-View technology provides a repeatable approach to collecting and interpreting live imaging data by reading out pixel values in photoelectrons—a standardized unit of measurement.

eXcelon™ sensor technology images blue and near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths with higher quantum efficiency. “It takes fringe patterns, or etaloning, and reduces it tenfold,” added Mohindra. “This allows researchers to extend their imaging into the longer wavelengths as well as facilitating the development of new fluorescent dyes.” Sensitivity across the NIR is vital for imaging studies because of low tissue auto-fluorescence. eXcelon’s reduced etaloning facilitates the expansion of NIR fluorescent probes.

Ideal for various applications including calcium and in vivo imaging, the Evolve 128 EMCCD camera performs well in low-light applications such as spinning disk confocal microscopy and single molecule fluorescence (SMF).

For more information, visit


Certified Spiking Solutions

  • Includes 14 solutions of hormones monitored by LC-MS/MS for pregnancy or newborn screenings
  • Suitable for critical quantitative applications in clinical and endocrinology settings
  • Lets the user spike a certified concentration of analyte into their matrix of choice at the concentration desired just before use


Octet Platform

  • Provides an unprecedented dynamic range from ng/mL to mg/mL for quantitation of biomolecules— 25 ng/mL to 2000 μg/mL of human IgG using Protein A biosensors, in 2 minutes
  • Includes biosensor re-racking


NIR BioProcess Probe
12 mm

  • Optimized for real-time in-situ monitoring of mammalian cell culture growth media in bioreactors
  • Autoclavable or sterilizable-in-place (SIP)
  • Small diameter probe is designed for use in standard instrument ports in benchtop bioreactors and can be adapted for scale up to pilot plant and manufacturing reactors

FOSS NIRsystems

Kit for Bisulfite Conversion
CpGenome™ Turbo Kit

  • Converts unmethylated cytosines to uracil in 90 minutes
  • Features a proprietary conversion reagent that reduces incubation times while retaining high efficiency, converting more than 99.9% of unmethylated cytosines to uracil. The kit is also highly sensitive, requiring as little as 1 ng of DNA

EMD Millipore

AF-rProtein A-650F Resin

  • For the capture and large-scale purification of monoclonal antibodies
  • Synthesized using a novel recombinant Protein A ligand bound to the 45 micron, 1,000Å pore size base bead, using multipoint attachment
  • Can tolerate CIP in both 0.1 mol/L and 0.5 mol/L NaOH

Tosoh Bioscience

Multiplex Assay Kits

  • Validated, multiplexed immunoassays for measuring 21 biomarkers, including amyloid beta 1-40 and 1-42, serum amyloid P (SAP), total and phospho-Tau (Thr231), PARK 7, and alpha synuclein
  • Levels of these biomarkers may be predictive of the formation of aggregates that interfere with nervous system functions, resulting in cognitive decline, motor dysfunction, and other symptoms

EMD Millipore

Low-profile 96-well

  • Achieves a storage volume of 1.1 mL/well in a height of 27 mm
  • Made from extractable-free polypropylene; certified free from DNase, RNase and endotoxin contamination
  • A matching anti-evaporation cap mat, made of thermoplastic elastomer, is also available

Porvair Sciences


Flow Cytometry Analysis Software
Kaluza 1.1

  • Processes multicolor files of up to 10 million events in real time
  • The NVIDIA Tesla Supercomputer option allows for even faster data processing
  • Analyzes data from various platforms, such as MoFlo Series sortersm CyAn ADP and Gallios flow cytometry analyzers, and systems such as iCys and iCyte automated imaging cytometers

Beckman Coulter

Advanced Remote Monitoring System
ARMS™ Version 2.0

  • Portal/Homepage gives the user an expanded overview of the customer enterprise on a single screen, allowing users to easily view alarms, recent events, checkpoints and out-ofrange sensors in a consolidated view
  • Expanded reporting capabilities offer sorting by column and new filter options provide custom and automatic reports


Software Developer Kit

  • Enables integration of CyMek automation platforms with labs’ existing LIMS systems
  • Protocols can be issued to the automation without the need for script editing and programming
  • Based on standard open interfaces, including XML


Reformulyzer Software
Version 1.08.3a

  • For AC Analytical Controls Reformulyzer Mark 3 (M3)
  • Includes support for Chemstation 4.02 SR1 and added reference sample lots
  • Integrated diagnostic tool enables automated validation through quality control samples


Small Molecule Structural Elucidation Software
Mass Frontier 7.0

  • Simplifies the management, evaluation and interpretation of mass spectral data and can be used for metabolism, metabolomics, forensics, natural products, impurities and degradants research
  • Features a Fragment Ion Search (FISh) screening tool, including automatic localization of the site of biotransformation through color coding applied to fragments common to the parent compound and its related component

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Light-shielding Volumetric Flasks

  • Made of specifically pigmented polymethyl pentene (PMP) plastic providing excellent absorption of light in the UV range, below 280nm and upper visible range above 580nm
  • Provides a sunlight protection factor of nearly 20
  • Available in sizes from 10 mL to 1,000 mL


Permeation Tubes

  • Contain a pure chemical compound in a two-phase equilibrium between gas phase and liquid or solid phase
  • At a constant temperature, device emits the compound through its permeable portion at a constant rate
  • Accurate, stable concentrations range from PPB to high PPM

VICI Metronics

Centrifugal Devices
Microsep™ Advance and Macrosep® Advance

  • Constructed of low-binding polypropylene to maximize sample recovery (typically greater than 90%)
  • Omega™ polyethersulfone ultrafiltration membrane provides high flow rates and is low protein binding
  • Available with ultrafiltration membrane, from 3 kD to 100 kD, for rapid concentrating and/or desalting of proteins
  • Color-coded for easy visual identification


Vials for Cryopreservation
Nunc™ Cryobank Vials

  • Incorporate 2D barcode tracking for effective sample storage, tracking and retrieval
  • Cryobank cap is fully compatible with automated de-cappers
  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic tubes are CE-marked and IATA-certified
  • Can be used with standard freezer racks and cryoboxes

Thermo Fisher Scientific


  • Available in powers from 3X to 14X
  • LED technology eliminates the need to change bulbs
  • Batteries last up to 50% longer than conventional lighted magnifiers
  • Bright light enhances aspheric, anti-reflective coated lenses for crystal clear images

Vision USA

Business Card Magnifiers
Custom Designed

  • Thin, flexible, non-breakable plastic with 3X magnification lens
  • Makes small print easy to read
  • Custom information can be added (up to 4 lines) in choice of colors
  • Comes with clear protective pouch

Vision USA