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January 2011 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market.


Optical Diffuse Reflectance Probes

FDR-755 Extruder Access

  • Can be mounted in any of the -20 UNF pressure transducer fittings available on most polymer extruders
  • Compatible with any size extruder and can be quickly attached without requiring modification to existing equipment, making it practical to use near-infrared spectroscopy for short-term analysis and troubleshooting and long-term polymer process monitoring

Axiom Analytical

Syringe Test Fixture


  • Many injectable products are now distributed in pre-filled syringes, which must allow for good flow control during discharge
  • Allows manufacturers to precisely measure the force required to push or pull the syringe plunger
  • Designed for proprietary CT3 Texture Analyzer

Brookfield Engineering

Product Spotlight

Powerful Through-pore Size Analyzers

High-resolution Mass Flow Sensors Ensure Accurate Pore Analyses

The 3G Series of through-pore size analyzers (porometers) from Quantachrome Instruments includes four models which accommodate different pressures/pore sizes and flow rate ranges for a wide range of applications. Each unit consists of pressure control, pressure and flow sensing, sample holder, control and data acquisition software and a built-in coalescing particle filter.

The 3G micro, which accommodates small to medium pore sizes, is suitable for a variety of woven and non-woven materials. The 3G macro model features low pressure and high flow rate capabilities. Suitable for materials like diapers, wipes and air filters, it allows for high resolution pore size measurements up to 500 μm.

The 3G z model is ideal for samples of controlled geometric size and through-porosity and the 3G zh, the flagship porometer, features the widest pore size measurement range in the series, making it appropriate for research applications.

Dr. Martin Thomas, Director of Business Development, Quantachrome Instruments, says intelligent algorithms make the 3G series of porometers stand out. In dynamic gas flow systems it isnt easy to get good readings close to the sample, he said. The 3G has overcome that limitation, without changing the overall form factor.

The 3G series of benchtop porometers require very little operator intervention. Operating under 3GWin software, users can obtain high-resolution, real-time data and statistical calculations.

For more information, visit

Microscope Spectrophotometer

308 PV

  • Attaches to an open photoport, enabling a user to collect transmission, reflectance, polarization, fluorescence and luminescence spectra of microscopic samples
  • Features proprietary LightBlades spectrophotometer technology, which measures the color of microscopic sample areas by transmission and incident illumination

CRAIC Technologies

Handheld Analytical Meter


  • GPS function allows streamlined reporting and records time/ date stamps with location for each data point collected
  • Collection points may be shown on Google Maps using NavPilot™ software
  • Collects data from a wide range of sensor types such as pH, ORP, ISE, colorimeter, turbidity, spectrophotometer, conductivity, TDS, salinity, gas detection and more

Forston Labs

Mercury Analyzer


  • Features a large 7.5-inch color touch screen and a built-in printer
  • Four different sizes of sample solutions (5, 20, 100 and 250 mL) can be accommodated by adding a few optional components
  • Features lower detection limits: 0.5 ppt (sample vol 5 mL), 5 ppt (sample vols 20, 100, 250 mL)

JM Science

Gas Chromatography Columns

Velocity Fused Silica

  • Highly versatile and rugged phase exhibits long column lifetime and high operating temperatures
  • Ideal for analysis of non-polar petrochemical samples
  • Features thermal stability to 350°C
  • Available in a variety of dimensions



m-VROC 2.5

  • Features automatic chip recognition and closed-loop temperature control
  • Features a wide measurement range of 0.1 to 100k cP viscosity
  • Capable of analyzing virtually any liquid viscosity value, Newtonian and non-Newtonian
  • An optional circulating water bath, a Peltier chiller, can be added for greater temperature control


X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS)


  • Features a new glove box option for handling air-sensitive samples
  • Ion gun features an energy range of 100 to 4,000 eV
  • Includes Al Ka micro-focused monochromator
  • Features two 220 l/s turbo molecular pumps

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Metal Detection System

APEX™ 500 Rx

  • Multicoil design delivers stability and sensitivity with no impact from product effects or environmental changes
  • When installed on the output of a tablet press, deduster or capsule filler, the system detects even the smallest slivers of metal
  • Features fast and easy disassembly for cleaning

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Online Dissolved Oxygen Probe


  • Faster response (T90
  • Ideal for use in determining oxygen or residual oxygen in water and wastewater
  • Interchangeable membrane head contains a chip with factory recalibration data
  • When connected to IQ Sensor Net, calibration data is stored in memory

WTW, part of ITT Analytics


Downflow Workstation

DWS Range

  • Operates at low noise levels; does not exhaust expensive conditioned/heated air into the atmosphere
  • Takes contaminated air away from operator; alarm will sound when airflow reaches unacceptable level
  • Main filter can be chosen from 14 different types of carbon

Air Science USA

Automatic Ring and Ball Tester


  • Includes Pmove™ interface, consisting of a large color screen, rotary selection knob and a few soft keys
  • Available with a full-sized keyboard and barcode scanner for simple sample identification logging
  • Test results can be ported directly to a printer or computer via a standard USB port

AMETEK Petrolab Company

Type K Thermometer

Traceable® Big-Digit

  • Reads from -58°F to 2000°F (-50°C to 1300°C) with a resolution of 0.1° and 1°
  • Features a HOLD button that freezes the display to capture the current reading
  • Easy-to-read large digits are readable from 15 feet away
  • Microprocessor updates the display 2.5 times per second

Control Company

Variable Speed Controller


  • Features manual speed adjustment using a front panel mounted rotary dial, and electronic speed control via a 4-20mA signal from an external source
  • Features IR compensation, current limiting circuit and minimum/maximum speed adjustment
  • Retains settings and resumes operation following a power interruption/failure

Fluid Metering

Syringe Pump


  • Offers flexibility for more routines and smaller sample volumes
  • Features an Internet-enabled controller with an icon-based graphical touch screen
  • A new universal valve enables users to quickly switch from one task to another with minimal downtime
  • Positive displacement technology delivers better than 99 percent accuracy, regardless of viscosity, vapor pressure or temperature

Hamilton Company

Universal Hardness Tester

NEMESIS 9000™ Series

  • Features high-definition INNOVAZOOM™ optical system for images of 0.7x to 1000x magnification
  • Features a fixed workpiece position (no spindle)
  • Includes a six-position turret
  • Comes with IMPRESSIONS 9000™ firmware, which converts to 3 different hardness scales simultaneously


Cryo-Compact Circulators

CF Series

  • All models offer a heating capacity of 2 kW and safety class 3 according to DIN12876-1
  • Features a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C
  • Feature pump connections for external temperature applications and a bath opening for temperature control of small objects directly in the circulator bath.
  • Wetted parts are made of high quality stainless steel or plastic

Julabo USA

Syringe Pump

Legato 100

  • Features a wide flow rate range from 1.28 pl/min to 88.28 ml/min
  • Compatible with any type of syringe, including stainless steel, plastic or glass, with sizes from 0.5 μl to 60 ml
  • Features a large color touch screen
  • Accuracy is ±0.5% and reproducibility is ±0.05%

KD Scientific

Automated Permeation System


  • Dynamically blends parts-per-trillion (ppt) gas standards directly from pure analytes
  • Compatible with proprietary Trace Source™ permeation tubes
  • Permeation tube parameters and concentration requirements are entered into the system through a front panel touch screen

KIN-TEK Laboratories

Downdraft Powder Station


  • Contains powders during fingerprint processing
  • Provides unrestricted operator movement and accommodates oversized evidence
  • Available in 2’ and 3’ widths; two or more may be placed side-by-side to achieve an unlimited number of width combinations
  • Features Type 304 stainless-steel work surfaces with Flow-Zone perforations


Pipetting Bags


  • Irradiated sterile and available in 80 and 400 mL sizes
  • Fully compatible with all laboratory blenders
  • Minimize the risk of pore blockage that can result in non-homogenous prepared sample
  • Deliver fully homogenous, virtually debris-free sample every time, for trouble-free pipetting

Seward Limited

Environmental Humidity Chamber


  • Incorporates an air-jacket design that evenly disperses air within the walls to maintain uniformity and ensure proper insulation
  • Features a wide temperature and humidity range, allowing users to process samples in minutes
  • Ideal for running the common 80°C and 80% humidity test
  • Includes microprocessor-based PID controllers, a stainless steel chamber and digital countdown timer

Sheldon Manufacturing

Supercritical Fluid Extractor


  • Extraction vessels are forged from durable stainless steel and can range in size from 100 mL to 5 liters
  • Features a wide range of operations pressures (up to 10,000 psi) and temperatures (ambient to 200°C) for flexibility
  • Controlled by PID controllers, which manage pumping rates, pressures, temperature zones, mixing and safety interlocks

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Floor-standing Centrifuge

Sorvall® RC 12BP Plus

  • For blood banking and bioprocessing applications
  • Features a maximum capacity of 12 L
  • Accumulated Centrifugal Effect™ (ACE) function automatically compensates for any variations in acceleration due to full or partial rotor loading

Thermo Scientific

Product Spotlight

Thermostatic Laboratory Chillers

Fast Temperature Ramp-Up and Cool-Down

The new Polar series of thermostatic plug-and-play laboratory chillers from Thermo Fisher Scientific offer full-range cooling for quick ramp-up and cool-down. Available in two models—the Accel 250, with 250 watts of cooling, and the Accel 500, with 500 watts—they are suitable for various applications.

Featuring a temperature range from -10°C to 80°C, the Polar series lets users select the optimal set point for each application. There are five set points available.

The Polar series offers full range cooling. With this convenient feature, customers can rapidly cool their application down from 80°C utilizing the refrigeration system while many other chillers require they be cooled down to 40°C before the refrigeration compressor can be turned on.

For greater ease of use, all operational and preventative maintenance takes place via the front panel interface. The included air-cooled refrigeration system eliminates the need for an external water source. Also integrated into the system is a fill port, drain and site tube design for quick and easy operation.

The Polar series chillers are programmable, allowing users to simply set required temperature parameters. With a compact footprint and low noise level—less than 58dBA—the chillers can be placed directly in the lab for added convenience. An energy-saving mode is also available.

The Polar series is ideal for a wide variety of applications, including chemical reaction control, separations, spectroscopy and surface science.

For more information, visit

CO2 Incubator


  • In-chamber HEPA air filtration system filters the chamber volume every 60 seconds and reaches Class 100 air conditions within 5 minutes following a routine door opening
  • On-demand 140°C high-temperature sterilization cycle eliminates contamination from all internal surfaces
  • Features microprocessor control of temperature and CO2 concentration

Thermo Scientific

Floor-standing Re-circulating Chillers

ThermoChill I and ThermoChill II

  • Provide a temperature range of 5 to 30 °C and a cooling capacity from 700 to 2,000 W
  • Feature 24 different configurations, so users can tailor a system to their specific needs
  • Include high- and low-temperature alarms to alert users to a temperature deviation
  • Fill port is located at the top of the unit for easy access and filling

Thermo Scientific

Chilling/Heating Incubators

Model IN35 and IN45

  • Peltier-based with no compressors or CFCs
  • IN35 has a capacity of 27.5 L and IN45 has a capacity of 55 L
  • Features a temperature range from 0.4°C to 70°C with control to 0.1°C
  • Includes an RS232 interface for data collection and 99 day timer readable to 1 second

Torrey Pines Scientific

Electric Crimper/Decapper


  • Crimping jaws can accommodate 13mm and 20mm flip cap aluminum seals
  • Allows user to change to different sizes between crimping
  • Features an adjustable jaw intensity to allow users to regulate jaw action as required to achieve the perfect crimp

Wheaton Science Products


Sample Handling System

Adapter for Multisizer 4

  • Reduces minimum volume requirements on Multisizer 4 COULTER COUNTER from 10 mL to 4 mL
  • Accommodates Nalgene 5 mL polyethylene vials
  • Allows researchers using the Multisizer 4 for counting particles to work with smaller sample volumes

Beckman Coulter



  • Developed for large-scale, high-yield growth of yeast
  • Produced under Class 10,000 clean room conditions from virgin polypropylene
  • Fully compatible with automated liquid handling systems and other robotic sample processing equipment

Porvair Sciences

Cell Sorter

MoFlo Astrios

  • Complex, multi-color sorting is enabled by 7 pinholes, spatially separating each of the seven lasers
  • Multi-fiber Beam Shaping Optic creates flat-top beam profiles for short alignment times
  • Auto-quality control allows system performance to be tracked and trended across 32 available parameters
  • Summit Software permits six-way sorting into tubes and sorting into plates having as many as 1,536 wells

Beckman Coulter

Stain-Free Precast Gels

Criterion™ TGX

  • When combined with proprietary Gel Doc™ EZ Imager, protein separation, gel imaging and data analysis can be achieved in 25 minutes, without the need for staining
  • Proteins can be transferred onto a PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane in 20 minutes
  • The same gel can be used for western blotting, standard staining methods and mass spectrometry analysis


Whole Organ Bioreactor


  • Designed for cell seeding and culturing on both surfaces of a tubular matrix
  • Ideal for esophagus, trachea, intestines, blood vessels and virtually any hollow organ
  • Cell/scaffold construct is rotated on the holder by a brushless DC motor (0 – 5 rpm adjustable) which is completely separated from the culture compartment

Harvard Apparatus

Manual Microplate Heat Sealer


  • Features an ergonomic pull-down mechanism for single-action heat sealing of a variety of plates
  • Includes a built-in thermostat to prevent overheating of plates
  • Creates an air-tight and chemically resistant seal without the complication of adhesives
  • Uses a pre-set temperature of 170°C, ideal for most common sealing applications

Porvair Sciences

Product Spotlight

System for Live Cell Imaging

High-performance Imaging in Brightfield, Phase, DIC and Fluorescence

The new BioFlux 1000Z from Fluxion Biosciences is a fully integrated high-content screening platform for cellular analysis under shear flow, featuring an imaging workstation based on the AxioObserver microscope from Carl Zeiss.

Featuring proprietary Well Plate Microfluidic™ technology, the BioFlux 1000Z’s automated microscopy system enables high-throughput shear flow assays. The automated microscopy station provides high-performance imaging in brightfield, phase, DIC and fluorescence. An integrated CCD camera permits high-resolution, low-noise data acquisition.

“Typical flow cell systems require cumbersome protocols for setup, experimental runs, and cleaning/sterilization,” said Michael Schwartz, Program Director, Fluxion Biosciences. “BioFlux 1000Z saves time and effort since the system is already pre-configured and ready to go to work for a variety of validated cellular assays.”

The integrated experiment scheduler allows for unattended imaging and overnight assays for kinetic and time-lapse high-content screens. BioFlux Montage software offers control for all components in a single package. All screening experiments and analysis is controlled from a single user interface.

Able to run up to 96 shear flow assays in parallel, the BioFlux 1000Z is ideal for life science research and drug discovery applications, including cell and platelet adhesion, biofilms, stem cell research and cell migration and invasion.

For more information, visit


PCR Master Mix

Ready PCR Mix, 2X

  • Includes both a fast migrating tracking dye and a fluorescent DNA dye
  • Allows researchers to quickly assemble, perform and analyze multiple reactions
  • Formula is non-toxic and non-mutagenic and eliminates the need for Ethidium Bromide
  • Produces high yields from even long and difficult templates


mRNA Amplification Kits


  • Based on a unique non-Eberwine method using TRinucleotide primers and reagents
  • Able to amplify severely degraded RNA sequences enabling accurate analysis of RNA with poor RIN values
  • Minimizes loss of sequence associated with two round amplification procedures and eliminates 3’ bias in amplified products


Normal Human Primary Dermal Microvascular Encothelial Cells

From Neonatal Foreskin (HDMVECn)

  • Tested to be free of bacteria, yeast, fungi and Mycoplasma
  • Cells are cryopreserved in the third passage for high purity, viability and plating efficiency
  • Suitable for research related to drug screening/uptake, angiogenesis, oncology, inflammation, and intercellular communication


PEG Resins


  • Made from primary ether bonds; resins supplied as classical spherical beads
  • Enables synthesis of complex molecules from biological origin, peptides, oligionucleotides and small proteins typically used for therapeutic purposes
  • Feature a loading of 0.4 – 0.6 mmol/g


Protein Solubility Screening Kit


  • Combines an array of 96 test solutions having different pH, salt and additives with arraybased filtration technology
  • Protein Dashboard™ allows for the quick identification of optimal solution conditions
  • Available for proteins smaller than 30 kDa and smaller than 200 kD

Dilyx Biotechnologies

Purification Kit

Membrane Protein Purification Kit

  • Designed for rapid and easy detergent screening of histidine-tagged membrane proteins
  • Contains 7 detergents in ready-to-use solution (purity ≥ 99% by HPLC analysis), His Mag Sepharose™ Ni, and buffer stock solutions
  • Kit is sufficient for two complete screening experiments

GE Healthcare

Kit for Generating Human Oligodendrocytes from Neural Progenitors

Human Oligodendrocyte Differentiation Kit

  • Contains 500,000 characterized human oligodendrocyte progenitor cells and complete expansion and differentiation media
  • Allows researchers to generate terminally differentiated oligodendrocytes in 2 to 3 weeks
  • Each lot is guaranteed to be greater than 70% positive for the relevant stem cell markers Gal C and Sox10

EMD Millipore


Ecarin Chromogenic Assay (ECA)

  • Determines the exact direct thrombin inhibitor (DTI) concentration in plasma without interference from abnormal prothrombin or fibrinogen levels
  • Results are independent of coagulation factors and plasmatic inhibitors within the sample
  • For research use only in the United States and Canada; not for use in diagnostic procedures
  • Dose response results are linear and do not plateau at elevated concentrations

Diagnostica Stago


Automated Labware Storage Device

Labware MiniHub

  • Features user/configurable shelf spacing to accommodate microplates, tube racks, deep-well microplates and pipette tip boxes
  • Unique shelf design permits both portrait and landscape access for most robots
  • Cutout size in shelves fits popular filter plates, preventing contamination issues

Agilent Automation Solutions

Automated Sample Prep Instrument

7696 Sample Prep Workbench

  • Supports sample preparation for liquid chromatography and gas chromatography
  • Reduces lab workers’ exposure to chemicals
  • Reduces cost per sample: uses small amounts of chemicals and solvents
  • Does not require glassware other than sample vials

Agilent Technologies

2D Barcode Reader


  • Designed for use with proprietary MICROLAB STAR automated liquid handling workstation
  • Integrated CCD camera records barcodes in less than 0.5 seconds from a variety of sample formats including boxes of SBS tubes and biovials in 96-well format
  • Supports a wide range of tubes from various manufacturers in 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well configurations

Hamilton Robotics

ARC Sensor System


For pH, Dissolved O2 and Conductivity


  • Features a built-in microprocessor that can communicate with both analog (4 to 20 mA) and digital modbus interfaces
  • Can be precalibrated and configured right in the lab, reducing downtime
  • On- and offline sensor management delivers extended sensor life and increases process accuracy in challenging production environments


Hamilton Company



Automated Storage and Retrieval System


A3 SmaRTStore™


  • Features multi-format storage capability for tubes, plates or vials
  • Temperature-controlled and conditioned environment, with inert nitrogen option available
  • Includes RTS d-Sprint™ sample tracking and inventory software
  • Includes an optional “Walkaway” unit for extended unattended operation


RTS Life Science



Automated Sample Management System




  • Provides on-demand, reliable, secure and rapid microtube transfer
  • Low-pressure compressed air transports samples between remote laboratories and a wide range of analytical instrumentation regardless of location within research facility
  • Typically used to submit samples for analysis on NMR, HPLC or LC/MS systems


TTP LabTech






Spectral Interpretation Software


KnowItAll® Version 8.3


  • Users can improve spectral interpretations by building knowledgebase of functional groups and corresponding bands from their own data to use in conjunction with KnowItAll’s built-in knowledgebase
  • Lets users obtain the best spectral interpretation possible for unknown samples using IR or Raman spectroscopy





Active Sample Management Software


asm Manager 3.1.0


  • Features a range of visual displays and system alarms that give the user more feedback, along with alerts when conditions might compromise stored sample
  • Issues multiple alerts when power fails or pressure falls outside established limits
  • Progress bar reports job status and completion rates in real time


Hamilton Storage Technologies



Secondary Structure Prediction Software




  • Comprehensive software package for nucleic acid folding and hybridization prediction
  • Partition functions can be computed to derive base pair probabilities and stochastic samples of foldings or hybridizations
  • May be downloaded freely for academic and other non-commercial use


IDT Technologies



Bioinformatics Analysis Software




  • Designed for Next Generation Sequencing
  • Performs tertiary level analyses for biologically relevant results
  • Features a broad RNA-seq analysis portfolio, including differential gene expression measurement and best-in-class, dynamic and interactive scientific visualizations




Ion Chromatography Software


MagIC Net™ 2.2


  • Previous version was released in English and German
  • Eleven more languages have been added: Bulgarian, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish
  • New language updates are available free of charge from (installation of MagIC Net is required first)





Driver for Fiber-optic Multiplexers


Axiom Analytical SDI-FMX


  • Provides computerized control of multiplexer, allowing operation to be synchronized with spectrometer and ancillary I/O devices
  • Features extensive data manipulation and application development capabilities, and ability to communicate with third-party programs and enterprise-wide data systems


Symbion Systems





Tubing for HPLC/UHPLC Applications


  • Available with fused silica (FS) tubing, PEEK® tubing, and polyimide-coated fused silica tubing
  • Nickel-clad FS allows the use of metal ferrules for improved leak-tight connections
  • Fused-silica tubing has a thick nickel coating applied to achieve a higher pressure rating; A thin nickel coating may also be used for resistive heating for PEEK tubing

Valco Instruments

Anti-Static Brush


  • Eliminates the possibility that static will damage sensitive lab work, affect balance results, or harm microchip-driven instruments
  • Won’t scratch critical surfaces; features a conductive composite handle
  • Ideal for cleaning film, slides, optics, cuvettes, balance pans, microscopes and electronics

Control Company

Glass Tubes


  • Round, capillary, multihole, profiled, square and rectangular tubes are available in precision bore diameters ranging from 0.05 mm ID to 300 mm ID
  • Materials include soda lime glass, borosilicate glass, quartz, sapphire, aluminosilicate glass, lead-free glass and sealing glass (e.g. Kovar® Sealing Glass)


Sintered Porous Plastic Materials


  • Offers optimum conditions for encouraging in-vitro cell culture
  • Uniform porosity and pore size produce consistent and uniform bubble sizes and patterns required to achieve superb oxygen transfer
  • Manufactured under cGMP conditions and have USP Class 6 regulatory approval

Porvair Sciences

Examination Gloves

pH Natural® 5.5 Powder-free

  • Proven to decrease the occurrence of skin irritation and dryness in long-term wearers
  • Aid in restoring the natural pH of the skin, while moisturizing dry, chapped hands
  • Available in latex and soft nitrile


Cell Culture Tubes

Nunc 14 mL Round Bottom

  • Made of optically clear polystyrene with molded graduations in 0.5 mL increments
  • Features vent/close dual position low-density caps allowing the user to switch between secure manual venting or an airtight seal
  • Each lot is mouse embryo assay (MEA) tested and certified non-pyrogenic at less than 20 endotoxin units per device (0.5 endotoxin units per mL)

Thermo Fisher Scientific