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July/August 2009 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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On-line TOC Analyzer

  • Ensures processed and purified water is safe for human consumption
  • Maintains excellent long-term calibration stability, providing accurate and dependable data with minimal maintenance
  • Created using reagentless electrochemical oxidation technology developed for use on the International Space Station
  • Efficiently oxidizes organic compounds using hydroxyl radicals, peroxides and ozone

OI Analytical

FTIR Spectrometer
M4000 Series

  • Durable, reliable instruments for general purpose spectroscopy, QA/QC measurements, service lab and academic applications
  • Upgrades include dual 16 bit ADC and redesigned mirror drive board for improved precision and sensitivity
  • Features 0.5cm – 1 resolution
  • Offers a choice of DTGS, MCT or dual detectors, industry-standard GRAMS/32-AI software, and an optional beam output port


Automated Mercury Analyzer
SMS 100

  • Improves the detection and measurement of mercury in solids and liquids
  • Minimizes the need for complex sample preparation
  • Helps accurately measure mercury at low levels in a variety of sample types
  • Enables laboratories to comply with regulations


HILIC Columns

  • Well suited for the analysis of all types of hydrophilic compounds
  • Offers a high ligand density and large surface area, which results in a high retention for very polar compounds
  • Columns are packed with 3 micron silica particles with 100 angstrom pores, and endcapped with trimethyl silane groups
  • Expands the selectivity range of HILIC solutions while offering high chemical stability
  • Now available for sale in the Americas

Tosoh Bioscience LLC

High-End Mass Spectrometer
Waters® SYNAPT™ G2 System

  • Features a data acquisition rate of 20 spectra/second with exact mass measurements for qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Offers performance in excess of 40,000 FWHM resolution with class-leading sensitivity
  • Improved ion mobility resolving power up to four times higher than the original SYNAPT system, with reduced ion turnaround times
  • Detects components, reveals new or subtle features in the data, and provides more efficient data processing workflows
  • Interchangeable design allows scientists to perform GC/MS and LC/MS experiments on the same instrument



Multi-Gas Glass Tube Flow Meters
Model xV

  • Feature unique rotatable scale drums for displaying flow rates of five routine gases
  • Eliminate the need for individual flow meters and calibrations
  • Easy to read direct reading gradations show dual SCFM and L/min markings
  • 3/8” NPT female in-line or rear connections as well as 316 stainless steel floats are offered
  • Available in vertical in-line or panel mount models

Aalborg Instruments

Miniature PCR Plate Spinner Centrifuge

  • Designed specifically for quick spins of PCR plates
  • Replaces larger centrifuge models with a compact, 6-inch-wide, benchtop instrument
  • Accepts 96-well, 384-well, skirted and non-skirted PCR plates
  • Fast, easy-to-use process ensures proper mixture and a focused location of all reagents

Labnet International

Multi-Parameter Portable Meters

  • Designed to withstand dusty, dirty or wet environments, and watertight according to IP67
  • SG68 and SG78 include a user-friendly menu in 10 different languages
  • SG23 provides a dual-channel pH/conductivity meter for routine work as a ‘plug-and-measure’ instrument
  • SG68 encompasses all pH, ion and dissolved oxygen parameters and includes a wireless infared communication port
  • SG78 combines all functions of pH and conductivity measurement with a full-fledged ion mode and includes easy guidance text menus

Mettler Toledo

3-D Sieve Shaker
AS 450

  • Holds up to 450 mm Ø test sieves
  • Allows user to digitally set amplitude, interval and time of sieving process
  • Operates efficiently at an amplitude of up to 2.2 mm
  • Mesh sizes are available as large as 125 mm down to 25 μm and can hold up to 20 kg in weight


Tissue Homogenizer and Cell Lyser
2010 Geno/Grinder®

  • Capable of processing up to four deep-well titer plates and sample vials from 0.6 to 50 mL using one easy to use assembly
  • Completely remodeled, robust design is smaller and lighter
  • Can be used to prepare tissues for extractions of DNA/RNA, proteins and volatile organics
  • Utilizes a variety of grinding media and is able to grind temperature sensitive samples at cryogenic temperatures

SPEX SamplePrep LLC

Ductless Fume Hood

  • Onboard filtration removes organic fumes and submicron particles to allow safe indoor exhaust release
  • Features removable rear baffle system for easy cleaning
  • Optimizes non-turbulent airflow into bonded activated charcoal filters for chemical vapor removal and/or HEPA particle filters
  • Smart Controller monitors operating conditions and issues alarms
  • Options include GFI outlets and probes to monitor RH, pH or temperature

Terra Universal

Electric Crimper/Decapper

  • Ergonomic design helps to reduce hand fatigue
  • Available in four different size crimper or decapper jaws (8, 11, 13 and 20 mm)
  • Features adjustable jaw intensity
  • Able to quickly change between different sizes or between crimping and decapping

Wheaton Science Products


Ultracentrifuge Centerpiece

  • Provides precise, repeatable measurement of pharmaceutical sample aggregation
  • Operating system does not require calibration or the use of standards
  • Provides quick, top-level answers to questions of: aggregation, interacting/self/associating systems, stoichiometry and molecular conformation
  • Allows a more thorough understanding of a drug or vaccine candidate before trials begin

Beckman Coulter

Cuvette Chamber

  • Easily transitions between electroporation plates and familiar cuvettes
  • Provides fast, reliable data and highly reproducible results using either electroporation plate or cuvette format
  • Allows the MXcell system to electroporate as few as 100,000 cells in a 96-well plate or as many as 10 million cells in a 12-well plate or cuvette
  • Electroporation conditions can be easily and rapidly optimized


Magnetic Bead Washer

  • High-strength biomagnetic separation in both 384-well and 96-well microplates
  • Rapid and uniform separation of micrometer- and nanometer–scale magnetic beads
  • Provides independent control of aspiration and dispense tubes
  • Reduces or eliminates clogged manifold tubes for improved consistency
  • Optional automatic buffer switching of up to four wash buffers

BioTek Instruments

Thermal Cyclers
Mastercycler® Pro

  • Minimal evaporation for stable and reproducible specificity
  • Extremely high heating and cooling rates to increase speed
  • Available in three block formats
  • Operates in three different configurations
  • Compatible with all types of plates, tubes and strips


Workstation Automates Promega Luminescent Cell Viability Assay
MICROLAB® STAR and CellTiter-Glo®

  • Automates accurate dispensing of the Promega reagent in microplate format
  • Enables processing of multiple plates per day for high-throughput labs
  • Integrated shaker effectively disrupts cells at 400 rpm in 96-well plate format
  • Ideal for customers running multiple plates per day

Hamilton Robotics

High-Throughput Multiplexing System

  • Simultaneously runs up to 500 tests on a single sample
  • Designed for medium and high-volume labs
  • Fast throughput instrument with higher multiplexing capability
  • Ideal for applications such as SNP genotyping and gene expression analysis
  • Allows faster screening of novel targets and improvement in laboratory management


96-Well PCR Plates
11-Plate Range

  • Manufactured from medical grade polymer under Class 10,000 clean room conditions
  • Certified free of pyrogens as well as DNAse and RNAse enzyme activity
  • Designed to fit most thermocyclers and sequencers on the market
  • High sample integrity is ensured through the use of solvent resistant polymers
  • Well design eliminates sample carryover problems

Porvair Sciences


LC/MS and GC/MS Deconvolution Software

  • Quickly confirms the presence or absence of known compounds
  • Effective at low concentrations and when samples are obscured by the presence of other substances
  • Able to specify one compound or a list of hundreds, either by formula or by monoisotopic mass
  • Intended for screening, monitoring, and focusing analytical efforts in many fields of study

Advanced Chemistry Development

Chromatography Software
ChromaTOF® 4.20

  • Integrates acquisition, processing, and reporting tools into one total data solution
  • Enhanced graphics for GCxGC users, with the option of displaying peak labels and markers
  • Statistical compare results and Fisher Ratios can be easily exported to peripheral software
  • Importable, ready-to-use workspace templates for access to preferred user interfaces


Standardless Analysis Package

  • Latest module in SuperQ software suite
  • Designed for use with the Axios sequential X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
  • Provides characterization and analysis of unknown samples
  • Adjusts automatically to sample and matrix effects and sample thickness, volume and ‘Dark Matrix’ composition/li>


MS Software Enhancements

  • Offer automated data interrogation capabilities and simplified workflow solutions
  • Designed to enhance laboratory productivity and expand MS applications
  • Features include accelerated metabolite identification, profiling, and management of large proteomic data sets
  • Available for a broader range of spectrometers



Tube Pumps

  • Ideally suited for liquids of low to medium viscosity
  • Provide reliable, long-term pump operation with chemically resistant tubing materials and peristaltic pump head technology
  • Minimize pulsation and promote longer tube life with four stainless steel rollers (eight roller option available)
  • Inside diameters of 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, or 5/16”, each with a 1/16” wall thickness

Aalborg Instruments

Dual Rate Syringe Pump
Gemini 88

  • Has two independent pumping channels linked through hardware and software
  • Can infuse simultaneously at different rates, or infuse with one syringe and withdraw with another
  • Designed for continuous operation with syringes ranging from 0.5µl up to 140ml
  • Offers high pressure capabilities and TTL and RS- 232 interfaces for data acquisition and control

KD Scientific

Turbopumps for Vibration-Sensitive Applications
HiPace™ 300 Plus

  • Designed specifically for extreme low vibration applications
  • Ideal for use in analytical applications such as electron microscopy and high-end mass spectrometry
  • Inexpensive to operate due to extended service intervals
  • High reliability in both light and harsh duty applications

Pfeiffer Vacuum


Pipette Tip Columns

  • Designed to work with leading oligonucleotide synthesizer instruments
  • Available for three different synthesis scales: 50 nanomoles, 200 nanomoles, and 1 micromole
  • Feature minimal lot-to-lot variance
  • Offer consistent performance in terms of high synthesis yield and high purity oligonucleotide products


Polyclonal Antibodies
Custom Phospho-Specific

  • Designed for optimal recognition of specific phosphorylation sites
  • Ensure that the peptide mimics the natural conformation and activity found in the protein
  • Produce a reliable and high quality product
  • Purified using a double column immune-affinity method


Capture EPA Method 8270 Compounds
8270 Carbon Cartridge

  • Enhance the use of the Oasis® HLB Disk
  • Designed for use with the SPE-DEX® Automated Extractor
  • N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) / Pyridine / 2-Picoline / N-Nitrosomethyl ethylamine / MethylMethane Sulfonate / NNitroso- diethylamine / Ethylmethane Sulfonate

Horizon Technology

GC Injection Port Seals
Gold Inlet Base

  • Precision machined for excellent sealing properties on split and splitless injection ports
  • Eliminate the production of grooves that may cause minute leaks
  • Ideal for the analysis of highly active compounds
  • Reduce breakdown and adsorption of active compounds and provide extreme reproducibility

Thermo Fisher

Microcentrifuge Tubes
Impact Resistant 2.0 mL Screw Cap

  • Specifically designed for bead beating extractions or homogenization
  • Made from a specially formulated blend of durable polypropylene
  • Certified RNase, DNase, and DNA free
  • Suitable for storage at -80°C

USA Scientific

OEM Tubing

  • Available in natural PEEK®, solid color coded, dual layer color coded, striped and dash-striped coded
  • Comes in 360 micron, 1/32”, 1/16”, and 1/8” with IDs as small as .002”
  • All colorants used are RoHS-compliant
  • Tolerance is ±.0005” for IDs up to .010”, and ±.001” for larger IDs

VICI Valco