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Technology News June 2013

The latest equipment, instrument, and system introductions to the laboratory market

by Lab Manager
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Particle Analyzers

  • DelsaMax PRO provides precise measurement of the size,
    structure and charge of particles 0.4 to 10,000 nm in diameter
    in as little as one second
  • Instruments in the family utilize two independent detection
    systems that operate in parallel—a configuration that significantly
    streamlines workflows in biological, chemical, material and polymer science applications

Beckman Coulter

Moisture & Fat Analyzer

  • Combines microwave moisture analysis with a second generation, patent-pending NMR system
  • Provides fast, accurate results in a diverse range of products
  • Can be used in the QA/QC laboratory or at-line to help companies make ingredient adjustments, optimize their process, and maximize least cost formulation
  • Able to complete a test in only 2 minutes for dry samples


20/30 PV™

  • Designed to non-destructively analyze many types of microscopic samples from the deep ultraviolet to the near infrared by several different techniques
  • Analysis of samples can be done by absorbance, reflectance, Raman, luminescence and fluorescence with speed and accuracy and all with the same instrument
  • Can be used for numerous applications


Tandem Micro-Reactor System

  • Designed for the rapid evaluation, characterization and performance of catalysts
  • Interfaced to the inlet of a GC/MS System with PC-based control software to set up each mode of operation
  • Software can be set to control separate temperature zones, cryogenic trapping, and analytical modes
  • Features multiple modes of operation

Frontier Laboratories

Raman Mini-Spectrometer
C11713CA and C11714CA

  • Expand on the existing TG series and adopt a high sensitivity, silicon back-thinned CCD image sensor, specially selected to match the optical arrangement
  • Offer a very narrow spectral resolution of 0.3nm
  • The C11713CA works over the spectral range from 500nm to 600nm, with the C11714CA operating from 790nm to 920nm

Hamamatsu Photonics

Mini PDA Spectrometer

  • Features the most popular UV-VIS ranges in a miniature grating spectrometer, including UVVIS (200–860 nm), VIS (380–750 nm), or UV-NIR (200–1050 nm)
  • Provides excellent peak symmetry at affordable volume pricing
  • Also features a colossal full well from 100 Me– to 1 Ge–, low noise (2.6 counts), high readout speed of 3.5 ms maximum, and highest signal-to-noise ratio of 10,000:1

HORIBA Scientific

NMR Super Conducting Magnet

  • Operates on a minimum amount of liquid helium
  • Will substantially reduce consumption of liquid helium by reliquifying the helium gas generated by evaporation of the helium in the magnet
  • In the event of a power outage, the helium reservoir will maintain the magnetic field for 4 days
  • System design allows for biannual maintenance without affecting the high magnetic field

JEOL Resonance

Vis/NIR Spectrophotometer

  • Makes it possible to obtain accurate absorbance and fluorescence spectra from historically challenging turbid samples
  • Uses a gas of photons as the measurement beam and a unique integrating cavity as the sample holder which makes it possible to collect accurate spectra from samples which are clear, cloudy, murky, gelatinous, fibrous, or frozen

On-Line Instrument Systems

Microscope Illumination Spectrometer
LumaSpec 800

  • Provides quantitative spectral data for virtually any microscopy light source
  • Uses an illumination target in a 3” x 1” glass slide format; able to check microscope illumination at the sample plane
  • Provides quantitative and graphical information from 350nm to 800nm with 1.5 nanometer resolution
  • Quick and easy to use

Prior Scientific

Elemental Analyzer

  • Features advanced third generation EDXRF technology
  • Designed to span from heavy industrial through to food grade process gauging solutions
  • Configurable for use in both classified and non-classified areas
  • Delivers rapid, non-destructive, multi-element analyses—from partsper- million (ppm) levels to high weight percent (wt%) concentrations— for elements from aluminum (13Al) through uranium (92U)


Portable ED-XRF Analyzer

  • Enables rapid, laboratory-class elemental analysis of environmental and geological samples even in remote locations
  • Light weight (12 kg/26.46 lb) and small (270 x 306 x 306 mm/10.7 x 12.1 x 12.1 in)
  • Includes a large sample compartment, X-ray tube, onboard processor, and high-yield battery pack
  • Optional integrated video system allows precise spot testing, plus image storage


Electrochemical Detector
Dionex UltiMate 3000

  • Makes the speed and resolution of UHPLC separation available with electrochemical detection
  • Compatible with the current family of Thermo Scientific Dionex Ultimate 3000 EC-optimized HPLC and UHPLC systems
  • Features coulometric and amperometric sensors that are designed for simple, flexible and low-maintenance operation
  • Can be used with gradients for method flexibility and high throughput

Thermo Fisher Scientific

iCAP 7000 Series

  • Designed to streamline workflows and minimize cost per sample
  • Facilitates trace elemental analysis in pharmaceutical, environmental, industrial, and food and beverage analysis applications, including regulated environments
  • Accommodates multiple sample types at high sensitivity
  • Features an advanced loop sample introduction design to enhance productivity
  • Instrument’s newly designed optics offer high sensitivity

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Advanced Polymer Chromatography SystemACQUITY APC

  • Quickly yields improved molecular weight information about polymeric species
  • Delivers improved polymer peak resolution, particularly for low molecular weight polymers and oligomers up to 20 times faster than traditional gel permeation chromatography (GPC)
  • Allows scientists to run diverse polymer applications on a single system, on one bank of columns with a variety of solvents


Product Spotlight

Identifying a Wider Range of Materials

Handheld device first to feature 1064nm wavelength excitation

One of the standout new technologies featured at this year’s Pittcon conference and exhibition in Philadelphia was Rigaku Raman Technologies’ FirstGuard™ handheld Raman analyzer.

The system, the latest addition to the FirstGuard series, is the first handheld device equipped with 1064nm wavelength excitation and it also features an updated architecture and several new software upgrades.

While 785nm wavelength excitation products can only identify approximately 70 percent of encountered raw materials in pharmaceuticals and consumer goods manufacturing due to chronic fluorescence interference, the FirstGuard 1064 can reliably identify those same materials and also identify many more materials that 785nm excitation cannot, the company said.

“Rigaku Raman is committed to making the world a safer place by leveraging the power of science and technology to deliver innovative products such as our 1064nm FirstGuard analyzer,” said Bree Allen, general manager at Rigaku Raman. “When dealing with safety-critical applications, our customers can’t afford to be 70 percent accurate in their on-site RMID process, having to rely on validation of 30 percent of their materials by other time-consuming techniques. The FirstGuard can quickly and simply analyze many more of these raw materials which is why it is becoming the world’s number one choice for a Raman handheld analyzer”

The 1064nm technology also enables analysis through many dark glasses and plastics—something that is difficult to impossible with 785nm spectrometers.

“We look forward to bringing the FirstGuard’s new capabilities to our customers and are committed to leading the industry with the type of innovation that can contribute to the enhancement of humanity,” Allen added.

For more information, visit

HPLC System

  • Includes new design improvements such as updated electronics and user interface
  • Updated system maintains key Alliance performance specifications and control algorithms to ensure that catalysts can seamlessly replicate their existing methods
  • Changes will not affect established, validated HPLC methods
  • Suited to help scientists enhance their HPLC methodologies through the use of Waters eXtended Performance [XP] 2.5 μm columns


LC System
Waters Prep 150

  • Designed to isolate target compounds from crude mixtures synthesized in the laboratory or extracted from natural sources during initial purification processes
  • Features ChromScope™software intended for scientists and technicians of all skill levels with minimal training
  • Enables chemists to purify and capture quantities of specific molecular entities
  • Operates at flow rate ranges of up to 150 mL/min


Cyanide Analyzer
OI Analytical CNSolution™ 9310

  • Can facilitate significant cost savings for gold mill operators
  • Measures available cyanide in precious metal leaching solutions per U.S. EPA Method OIA-1677 and ASTM D 6888-09
  • Responds quantitatively to cyanide, as well as zinc, copper, cadmium and silver cyanide complexes over the entire instrument calibration/measurement range (0.2 to 2,000ppm)


Basic Lab

Portable Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

  • Features a -86ºC to -20ºC temperature range
  • Offers secure mobile transport of high-value vaccines or biological specimens
  • Requires no compressors, dry ice, or LN2, and expends the same volume of energy as a conventional light bulb
  • Weighs 42 lbs and is efficient for both benchtop and field uses
  • Includes visual and audible alarms


Temperature Control Systems
PRESTO® W91 and W92 Series

  • Cover a working temperature range from -92 °C to +250 °C
  • The W91 provides 11 kW of cooling capacity with the W92 capable of 19 kW at 20 °C and 31 kW at 200 °C
  • Six configurable models of each unit with 12, 24 or 26 kW of heating power and a centrifugal pump or gear pump can be sized to meet application requirements


Powder Whiteness Tester

  • Provides instant whiteness testing of powder samples and tests are able to be completed without sample preparation
  • Instrument automatically detects the sample and provides a measurement in less than two seconds
  • Simple to use and includes a variety of calibrations
  • Includes a digital output for connection to an optional thermal printer or PC


Digital Temperature Controller

  • Can be plugged into a wall as a self-contained temperature control system, which has its own power supply
  • Can also be used universally, which allows the user to access the device wherever they are located
  • Capable of loading currents up to 10A
  • Easily connects to a computer through the electrically isolated RS232 communications port

Oven Industries

Portable Sanitary Mixers

  • Feature the M5 Quick-Lock mounting system which has two ergonomic hand-wheels and interlocking wedge components with enhanced locking force for installation and repositioning without tools
  • For users who want added leverage, the mount has a hex base that accepts an open-end wrench
  • Suitable for blending liquids from 50 to 5,000 gallons at viscosities from 1.0 to 50,000 cps

Sharpe Mixers

Bottle-Top Dispensers
Calibrex™ organo and Calibrex™ solutae

  • Provides safe and reproducible liquid distribution of volumes up to 25, 50 and 100 mL
  • Calibrex™ organo 525 model includes a ground glass plunger, best suited for organics, and non-crystallizing solutions
  • Calibrex™ solutae 530 model has a PFA coated plunger preventing plunger and barrel from seizing together; enables trouble free distribution of a variety of liquids


Air Sampling Products

  • Line includes a hand-held battery powered air pump, along with conventional and needle trapping devices for air sampling
  • Pump has a flow rate range of 100 mL/min to 5 L/min under flow control (used with conventional traps) and 5-15 mL/min (45-50 inches of water) under pressure or speed control
  • Completely compatible with the new FUZION™ air sampling accessories


Accelerated Diffusion Sampler

  • Designed to collect volatile and semivolatile organic compounds from fixed surfaces for easy transfer to instrumentation such as a GC or GC-MS
  • Creates an enclosed volume that has a reduced pressure, which speeds the process of compounds diffusing from the solid surface into the gas phase of ADS chamber
  • Delivers a consistent vacuum over multiple uses


Air Sampling Products

  • Enhance the capabilities of Torion’s person portable TRIDION-9 GC-TMS instruments
  • The FUZION-3 will accommodate up to three different modules including sample desorption (SD), heated headspace (HS), purge and trap (PT) and internal standard (IS) additional modules
  • FUZION-3 can be easily configured to meet user’s specific application requirements for sample prep and analysis


Bellingham + Stanley Pro-Juice

  • Can achieve the same high accuracy results for orange juice as it can for other fruit based juices
  • Provides a measurement accuracy of 0.01 °Brix for sucrose solutions and a reproducibility of 0.02 °Brix between orange juice samples, regardless of temperature deviation or operator skill level
  • Allows for cost savings and higher profits from increased concentrate yield


Cell Culture

Freezing Medium

  • Optimized formulation for stem cells and iPS cells storage as well as other valuable cells
  • Supplied ready-to-use with a simple usage protocol
  • Completely free of serum and animal derived components, and contains only Japanese, European or US Pharmacopoeia graded ingredients
  • hESC, MSCs and iPS cells cryopreserved with STEM CELLBANKER produce significantly higher cell viability (> 90%) over conventional freezing medium


Cell Culture Shelving and Incubation Products

  • Use a combination of thermal active gel insulation technology (patent pending) and the antimicrobial properties of copper to enhance everyday cell culture applications
  • Products address two critical incubation needs: eliminating contamination and maintaining constant cell temperature in and out of the incubator
  • Line includes the Gelf Pod, Pod Incubator, and Shelf


Bioreactor System
XRS 20

  • Incorporates a single-use, easy-to-use Allegro™ 3D biocontainer
  • Unique bi-axial agitation promotes better mixing and higher mass transfer, which expedites transport of nutrients and metabolites in the cellular micro-environment
  • Allows cultures to reach higher densities with overall greater viabilities, leading to significantly higher protein expression levels
  • Includes controller with touchscreen interface

Pall Life Sciences

Analysis module

  • Provides accurate automated pH calibration for enhanced bioprocess control for the ambr™ micro bioreactor system
  • Enables more accurate feedback and pH control of cultures
  • Gives users fully automated at line pH calibration during culture set-up and pH re-calibration at any time during the run
  • Designed to use small culture samples

TAP Biosystems


Quantification Kit
ddPCR Library

  • For Illumina TruSeq sample preparation protocols and used with Bio-Rad’s QX100™ Droplet Digital™ PCR system
  • Offers researchers a way to precisely and directly measure amplifiable library concentrations
  • Using the ddPCR library quantification kit to quantify TruSeq DNA libraries maximizes the number of useable reads, enables consistent loading, and optimizes the utilization of every sequencing run


Solid-Supported Cyanine Dyes
540 and 650

  • With 3’-modified 1000Å CPG supports, users can add cyanine dyes directly to their oligos of interest without any additional modification step
  • Save time by reducing the number of experimental steps and avoid the unnecessary cost of amino-modified oligos or the inconvenience of combining cyanine phosphoramidites and universal supports


Reagent Reservoirs

  • For 96-well and 384-well multichannel pipetting systems
  • The new 100ml and 300ml reservoirs adopt a standard SBS / SLAS footprint
  • Individual pyramidal indentations (96 or 384) in each reagent reservoir allow maximum liquid recovery when using INTEGRA’s VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 electronic pipettes as well as other platforms
  • Include reusable reservoir base


Lab Automation

Headspace Autosampler
TriPlus 300

  • Designed for fast start-up, high productivity, and flexibility for analyzing organic volatiles
  • Includes a 120-vial sample tray capacity and large 18-vial incubation oven overlap capacity
  • After initial setup, the device’s timing is automatically optimized to maintain constant equilibrium intervals, further enhancing throughput
  • Compatible with standard GC and GC-MS systems

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Sample Transport & Management System

  • Connects remote analytical instrumentation and research laboratories by transporting tubes using compressed air
  • Ensures that samples are scheduled and analyzed at the right time, in the right place
  • Allows existing centralized analytical instrumentation to be connected with several remote labs, ensuring access to the analysis at a much lower cost

TTP Labtech

Product Spotlight

Larger Samples, Faster Digestion

New sample prep system designed for labs needing quick turnaround

CEM Corporation released its latest acid digestion system, the Discover SP-D 80, at Pittcon 2013 in Philadelphia in March. The system allows users to perform acid digestion for trace metals analysis in as little as ten minutes, including cool down.

"The key is fast turnaround on a single sample,” said CEM president and CEO Michael J. Collins at CEM’s press conference at their Pittcon booth, adding the new instrument is especially suited to laboratories that need immediate turnaround.

The system handles larger sample volumes of 1-2 grams and features full pressure and temperature control of every sample. It is also capable of temperatures up to 260°C and can accommodate a variety of different samples including pharmaceutical, food, plastics, oils, organics, inorganics, metals, and US EPA Methods 3015, 3051, and 3052.

That means the SP-D 80 handles about 95 percent of the types of metals analysis out there, Collins explained, adding the system can also do both sequential and simultaneous sample prep, which is why it can handle many different types of samples.

The system also features individual sample programming so that samples with different parameters or methodologies can be run in any sequence, with vessels available in sets of six or 12.

An optional, automated 24-place sample deck allows the system to run unattended overnight and the compact system can be placed on a benchtop or in a fume hood for added safety and durability.

“We think we’re offering labs the opportunity of doing microwave sample prep in the best way,” Collins said.

For more information, visit

Life Science

Custom Oligos Ordering Tool
AptaBuilder™ BETA

  • Enables researchers to create custom oligo sequences
  • Users select their desired base pairs, type in the oligo sequence, and AptaBuilder instantaneously generates statistics including molecular weight, extinction coefficient, and GC content
  • Modifications including 3’ (prime), 5’ and/or internal modifications can be added, if desired, and the resulting sequence either saved for future ordering or processed immediately


Sample Concentrator

  • Provides an efficient and cost effective alternative to membrane centrifugation techniques for protein concentration prior to separation or analysis
  • Ensures complete sample recovery even when taking proteins to very high concentrations
  • Offers the benefit of greatly reduced spending on consumables
  • Capable of removing water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats


Portable Rapid DNA System

  • Determines the quality of human DNA faster and more economically than any existing method
  • Allows onsite rapid identification of samples suitable to submit for more detailed analysis
  • Helps reduce laboratory backlogs and turnaround times for processing, so investigators can focus their attention on samples most likely to generate a genetic profile

Life Technologies

2D Coded Sample Storage Packs

  • Contain everything needed to start using 2D coded sample storage tubes
  • Enable laboratory workers to ensure a secure sample logistics system and eliminate the costly possibility of false sample identities
  • Available with a choice of either screw cap or TPE cap tube closure
  • Offered in a range of sizes: S, M, L and XL


Purification System
Amicon® Pro

  • Streamlines the affinity purification workflow and minimizes protein loss
  • Provides consistent, accurate sample preparation, resulting in more reliable recovery, uncompromised purity and easier data generation
  • Combines the bind, wash, elute, buffer exchange and concentration steps into one device
  • Supports additional applications including depletion of abundant proteins, protein enrichment and clean-up of antibody labeling reactions

EMD Millipore

Microarray for Cancer Research
CytoSure™ Cancer +SNP array (4x180k)

  • Provides the superior detection of both copy number variations (CNVs) and loss of heterozygosity (LOH) on a single chip
  • Allows any reference sample to be used for analysis without changes to the standard aCGH protocol
  • Requires no restriction digest due to novel SNP probe chemistry

Oxford Gene Technology

(ChIP) Assay Range

  • Uses a solid phase porous polymer functionalized with protein A, allowing the chromatin capture to be more efficient than bead based methods
  • Has demonstrated levels of DNA pull down up to 25 times higher than with traditional bead based procedures
  • Provides top performance even with samples as small as 50ng or as much as 3000ng chromatin per immunoprecipitation


LIMS & Software

Software-Based LIMS
STARLIMS Version 11

  • Features easy and reliable mobile applications to use with smartphones and tablet-computing devices in a variety of different types of labs
  • Available with preconfigured searches and reports
  • Offers new ways to consolidate and retrieve lab information
  • Allows users to utilize the right screen for the right task
  • Abbott also now offers cloud services for laboratories


Database for Cheminformatics Platform
Spectrus DB

  • Release of the Spectrus DB completes the Spectrus platform which provides a variety of productivity-increasing enhancements, collaborative science, and the preservation of analytical intelligence
  • The platform puts an end to the “one-and-done” life cycle of analytical data to aid chemistry groups who are trying to maximize their return on investment for data generation
  • Can be integrated with existing informatics systems to enhance their capabilities


NMR Data-Acquisition Software
VnmrJ 4.0

  • Provides users with a comprehensive, intuitive platform that generates enhanced data with increased speed and efficiency
  • Adaptive NMR automatically adjusts measurement time so that each experiment captures the information needed, and no measurement takes longer than necessary
  • Non-uniform sampling methods generate sharper spectra with shorter measurement time
  • BioPack Express provides single-click setup for the most frequently performed biological NMR experiments


Imaging Software

  • Now expanded to drive all ZEISS light microscope systems
  • Users will experience one identical software interface for all their microscopy experiments
  • Offers synergies for research institutes using several microscopy technologies
  • Meets the requirements of various user groups with different software packages: ZEN pro, ZEN lite and ZEN desk module packages

Carl Zeiss

Computational Chemistry Workbench

  • Provides flexible handling of multiple reference molecules giving improved results during analysis of structure activity relationships
  • Includes enhanced capabilities for viewing molecules in 3D
  • Features the ability to download protein crystal structure files and rapidly split them into protein and ligand


GC-MS Analytical Software
CHROMION Release 1.1

  • Includes quantitation capabilities, advanced proprietary peak deconvolution, and customized peak identification algorithms
  • Software is easy to operate and evaluation of the results is accomplished using an easy-tolearn Windows-based graphical user interface
  • Can be used to analyze mass spectral data from any data file with a .cdf extension
  • Directly interfaces with the Torion TRIDION-9 field-portable GC-MS


Chromatography Data Software
Empower 3

  • Now includes mobile access and new laboratory analytics enhancements
  • Ensure scientists have wireless flexibility and can assess meaningful performance metrics regarding their laboratories
  • New Empower Mobile can be installed on an Empower Software network in either workgroup or enterprise configurations
  • Allows scientists to easily find and share results remotely, expedite workflow for signoff on reports, and more


Scientific Search Software

  • Provides scientists, engineers, and managers in science-based organizations with easy and secure access to information across enterprise-wide data repositories
  • Enables content consumers to find scientifically relevant information across data silos, whether structured or unstructured, and search by science objects
  • Allows scientists to simply paste science objects into a search box to retrieve near-instant results


Scientific Information System

  • Features improved software performance, default and customizable workflows capabilities, and multi-user server-based connectivity
  • Enables the capture, storage, and management of analytical LC, LC/MS, and LC/MS/MS data across applications
  • New version advances ability to manage and store exponentially larger dataset files with improved robustness, performance, and processing speed
  • Designed to support multiple scientists within a common software environment


Supplies & Consumables

0.50ml Screw Cap Tube

  • Features ultra-compact design at just 25.6mm tall to deliver 475μl working volume
  • 96 individual 0.50ml Octygen tubes can be stored in an automation compatible rack
  • Designed for both manual and automated low temperature storage applications
  • External thread design facilitates fast and simple sample handling
  • A seal in the rim of each tube minimizes diffusion of vapor during storage


Nut for GC Column Installation

  • Ensures precise and painless GC column installation and eliminates the need for wrenches or other tools
  • Low thermal mass design allows the Cool-Lock Nut to cool rapidly, preventing users from burning their fingers during column changes
  • Design elements prevent the column from slipping to ensure a more reproducible installation depth for improved method accuracy


Preparative HPLC and SFC Core-Shell Media

  • Kinetex 5-micron particles in four phases—C18, XB-C18, Phenyl-Hexyl and PFP—are now offered in 21.2 mm ID Axia packing
  • Axia preparative format delivers longer column lifetime, higher efficiencies, improved performance and high reproducibility, compared to conventionally packed columns for lab-scale prep chromatography
  • Axia packing eliminates the drawbacks of traditional slurry packing, delivering uniform bed density and dramatic performance advances


Barcoding Service

  • For Porvair’s complete range of 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well microplates
  • High quality barcode labels can be affixed to any side of a Porvair microplate to assist in ensuring sample traceability
  • Service offers a non-repeatable barcode sequence to prevent label duplication
  • Flexible, customizable barcoding options include CODE 39 (3 of 9), CODE 128, 12/5, and PDF417 symbologies