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May 2009 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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cGMP Cell Cryopreservation Media

  • Contains: DMSO USP/EP 55% w/v; Dextran-40 USP/EP 5% w/v; WFI, with a 10% final DMSO concentration
  • Serum-free / animal-free, packaged in single-use syringes
  • Luer-lock tips eliminate sharps and avoid cross contamination
  • 7.0ml ready-to-use media
  • Sold in kits of 25 syringes per kit

Akron Biotechnology

High Resolution Raman Spectrometer System

  • Features an integrated touch-screen computer with research grade performance
  • Combines high throughput optical design and deep TE-cooled CCD
  • Delivers high sensitivity, superior dynamic range, and spectral resolution of 2 cm-1
  • Features patented CleanLaze™ laser and Raman probe with near-excitation cut-on at 65 cm-1

B&W Tek, Inc.


Pharmaceutical Analysis System
PA 800 plus

  • Characterization platform integrates quantitative, qualitative and automated solutions
  • For analysis of protein purity, charge isoform distribution and glycan structure
  • Facilitates quantitation in SDS-gel analysis, isoelectric focusing and glycan characterization of monoclonal antibodies
  • Increases operational efficiency for biotherapeutic characterization in development and QC.
  • Guides users from set-up through operation in routine applications

Beckman Coulter


Ice-Free Cooling and Freezing of Biomedical Samples

  • Works with rechargeable cooling or freezing gel modules, dry ice, ice, and liquid nitrogen
  • Benchtop cooling and freezing for up to 10 hours with one gel module
  • Unlimited cooling by module switching
  • Provides portable snap-freezing at the bench without alcohol slurry

BioCision LLC


Medium Hybridization Oven
Little SHOT III™

  • Provides rapid heat-up, excellent temperature stability, and efficient mixing
  • Suited for all types of hybridization and incubation applications
  • PID controller enables heat-up from ambient to 65°C in 20 minutes with a stability of + 0.5°C
  • Forced air convection maintains excellent uniformity throughout the heating chamber

Boekel Scientific


Eppendorf Polypropylene Microplates 96 and 384

  • High level of transparency
  • OptiTrack® high-contrast alphanumeric labeling matrix
  • RecoverMax® well geometry for maximum sample recovery
  • Available in high contrast white or black for improved S/N ratio for fluorescence and luminescence readings
  • Available in LoBind DNA and LoBind Protein

Eppendorf North America


Laser Particle Sizer
ANALYSETTE 22 MicroTec plus

  • Compact size
  • Extra wide measuring range of 0.08 – 2000 μm
  • Dual-laser-technology
  • Variable suspension volume
  • Practical modular and fast-switch systems
  • Variable measuring range with up to 108 measuring channels


Pipetting Pressure Data Software Tool
TADM Lab Analyzer™

  • For MICROLAB® STAR and STARlet liquid handling workstations
  • Supports sample chain of custody procedures
  • Displays TADM data in graphical, easy-to-interpret formats
  • Retrieves and visualizes precise, real-time pressure monitoring data
  • Enables user to quickly confirm accurate aspiration and dispense for each sample plate well

Hamilton Robotics


Pharmaceutical Impact Mills
UMP – Universal Mikro® Pulverizers

  • Three model sizes handle capacities for a few kg/hr to several hundred kg/hr
  • Configurations include closed loop inert processing, 150 psi high pressure systems and high containment options
  • All fabricated construction including hinged access door for cleaning or changing rotor configurations
  • Multiple feeding and collection options available

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems


Electrophoresis Systems

  • Available in a range of sizes from a compact mini gel system to a maxi system
  • Can accommodate as many as 450 samples
  • Rubber casting gates fit easily onto the gel trays for tape-free gel casting
  • Gel trays are supplied with a well visualization guide
  • Domed lid and drip ring prevent condensation from falling onto the gel
  • Additional gel trays and a wide range combs are available

Labnet International


Chemical Imaging Data Analysis Software
64-bit edition ISys

  • Designed for visualizing and analyzing multi-dimensional data – specifically for chemical imaging and mapping
  • Supports the import of MIR, NIR and Raman imaging and mapping data files from a variety of vendors
  • Includes all the tools needed to intuitively understand chemical imaging data in spectral (chemical) and spatial (image) dimensions simultaneously
  • Thirty-day trial versions of both the new 64-bit edition and established 32-bit editions can be downloaded free

Malvern Instruments


Guide Tube for Spinner Flask

  • Disposable one-liter flask molded from virgin polycarbonate
  • Central magnetic stir paddle maximizes nutrient flow and minimizes dead volume
  • Tear-drop shape breaks up laminar flow and allows for uninterrupted aspiration
  • Eliminates the multiple wash steps between culture transfers
  • Offers media capacity of 75uL – 1000mL (2.5 – 32oz)

MatriCal Bioscience


Plastics-Specific Moisture Analyzer

  • Comes preloaded with plastics applications
  • Quickly determines moisture content on the production line, during manufacturing and drying processes
  • Easy to operate, even while wearing gloves
  • Measurement does not require the use of chemicals
  • Measurement can be carried out by untrained workers
  • Provides a reproducible and straightforward ‘pass/fail’ analysis



Gas Analysis System for Thermal Analysis
ThermoStar™ GSD320

  • For bench top thermal analysis-mass spectrometry (TA-MS)
  • 20% smaller footprint
  • Allows rapid tracking of transient events
  • Quader software tool and fast Ethernet connectivity offer easy network integration
  • Provides continuous analysis of evolving gasses with superior detection limits

Pfeiffer Vacuum


Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Cartridges
Strata® Melamine

  • Specially designed for food testing
  • Simultaneously extracts both melamine and cyanuric acid
  • Cuts sample time in half compared to all other methods
  • Optimized method produces injection-ready samples for LC/MS or GC/MS analysis
  • Available in 200 mg/3mL and 100 mg/3mL SPE cartridges



Protein Precipitation Cartridge
1ml p3 Cartridge

  • Combines operational benefits of proprietary p3 technology with cartridge-based separation methodology
  • Eliminates the wetting-out and leaking of sample associated with traditional protein precipitation products before the application of vacuum
  • Novel treated frit matrix maintains high flow rates enabling quick sample preparation times
  • Cost effective and convenient alternative to protein precipitation microplates

Porvair Sciences


Lab Reactor
Lara Lite™

  • Manually-controlled lab reactor (CLR) eliminates the need for multiple reaction set-ups
  • Includes a dedicated speed control box with LCD display
  • Provides electronic control from 70 to 1000 rpm with additional torque display
  • Features an RS232 interface for optional PC speed control and logging using any generic control software



IP-65 Rated Balances
TS Series

  • Polished stainless-steel finish
  • Withstands harsh atmospheres, wash downs, dust, mist, and chemical splashes
  • Water and dustproof, but allows for easy cleaning
  • Mono-Metal Tuning Fork Sensor (MMTS) eliminates warm-up time needed by conventional balances
  • Available in 620g and 6200g capacities

Rice Lake Weighing Systems


Electronic Lab Notebook
Symyx Notebook 6.2

  • Supports synthetic and medicinal chemistry investigations
  • Adds chemical representation, chemical reaction, and compound registration functionality
  • Enables access to current chemical sourcing, molecular property, synthetic methodology, bioactivity, and toxicology information
  • Captures all the data associated with a reaction

Symyx Technologies


Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezers
HERAfreeze HD

  • Thin-wall insulation (HD) technology maximizes interior storage capacity
  • Available in 702 and 889 liter models
  • Excellent energy efficiency, temperature stability and fast recovery times
  • Fully-programmable microprocessor control system
  • Real-time visibility and precise temperature setpoints

Thermo Fisher Scientific