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May 2010 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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May 2010 Technology News


Single Quadrupole LC/MS
6150B Series

  • Scans at 10,000 amu per second, while maintaining excellent data quality
  • Jet Stream technology uses super-heated sheath gas to focus the ion stream entering the MS, resulting in enhanced sensitivity
  • The Jet Stream produces a stronger signal with lower relative standard deviation at the limit of detection
  • Minimizes the need to rerun samples in multiple ionization modes to look for differences

Agilent Technologies


Portable FTIR Analyzer
Grabner IROX Diesel

  • Compact mid-FTIR spectrometer features automatic optical realignment during warm-up
  • Measures the complete absorbance spectrum
  • Predicts properties such as Cetane Number and Cetane Index
  • Employs cluster analysis and multi-linear regression

AMETEK Petrolab Company


Product Spotlight

Supercritical Fluid Chromatography System
Tenfold Increase in Sensitivity

The 1200 Series Analytical Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC) System combines Agilent's 1200 Series Rapid Resolution LC System with the Aurora SFC Fusion A5 for conversion of gaseous CO2to the supercritical state.

A tenfold increase in sensitivity is achieved by a combined Aurora and Agilent solvent delivery system, as well as a high-pressure SFC detector cell. The 1200 Series SFC uses standard-grade carbon dioxide instead of expensive liquid SFC-grade carbon dioxide, lowering operating costs.

Stefan Schuette, Agilent Senior Marketing Director, Liquid Chromatography Business, says SFC has several benefits over traditional HPLC, including significantly reduced consumption of organic solvent and ultrafast separation at moderate operating pressures using conventional particle size columns. SFC results in high separation efficiency due to improved mass transfer, he said. It provides higher sensitivity compared to existing systems due to low baseline noise and pulse-free metering.

SFC is similar to normal phase HPLC, but most of the mobile phase is replaced by liquid CO2. Also, Schuette added, the 1200 Series SFC can achieve a much shorter analysis time compared to standard HPLC, due to low viscosity and superior diffusion characteristics of supercritical mobile phase.

In addition to significant cost savings, higher flow rates are achieved with proportional increases in numbers of samples that can be run per shift.

For more information, visit and Stefan Schuette, Senior Marketing Director, Liquid Chromatography Business, can be reached at

Sample Concentrator

  • Concentrates samples, without loss of volatile components, into a small GC or HPLC vial
  • Eliminates the need for reformatting samples after drying
  • Enables removal of steps from a centrifugal evaporator/HPLC fraction pooling protocol
  • Able to handle most solvent types



Water Purification for Ion Chromatography

  • Produces a constant and reliable source of ultrapure water for Dionex IC systems
  • Provides a continual flow of ultrapure water to the eluent generator and regenerant lines of the suppressor, reducing carbonate content and eliminating the need for helium
  • Plug-and-play installation: only two tubes and one power cord to connect



Fused Bead Sample Preparation System
Eagon 2

  • No gas supplies, cooling water or compressed air requiredjust a simple electrical connection
  • Cold-to-cold operation cycle protects users from hot materials and surfaces at all times
  • Outer doors are safety interlocked throughout the fusion cycle to shield users from moving parts
  • Features push-button optimization of temperature setting, oxidation steps, mixing and cooling

PANalytical and XRF Scientific


Air Compressors and Generators
Advanced Analytical Laboratory Products

  • Designed for LC/MS and GC
  • Provide a reliable, safe and high-performance solution for onsite hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air generators
  • AirComp, AirGen, NiGen and HyGen can operate as independent units and as a completely compatible and stackable system

Proton Energy

Ultra-High Performance LC

  • Optimized to enable analysis at pressures up to 130 MPa
  • Features a 10-second injection time and 4,600-plus sample capacity
  • Autosampler offers fixed-loop injection for ultra-fast separation and minimized peak width
  • Intelligent Heat Balancer (IHB) minimizes band broadening during high-temperature analysis

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments


  • Records the entire elemental spectrum between lithium and uranium for every analysis
  • An electrostatic analyzer and permanent magnet directs ions onto a focal plane without additional scanning of the ion beam
  • A novel ion optic transports ions from the plasma into the mass spectrometer, removing neutral particles and photons from the beam


GC Columns
TraceGOLD Capillary Columns

  • Ultra-low bleed and extremely inert, ensuring that the best peak shapes are obtained and that the risk of contamination within the mass spectrometer is minimized
  • Provide consistent run-to-run and column-to-column reproducibility
  • High sensitivity levels are obtained with low baseline noise, for improved detection limits

Thermo Fisher Scientific

High-Resolution TOF Mass Spectrometer

  • Provides mass resolution of 4,000 to 7,000 FWHM at m/z 281 Th, and a full range mass spectra up to 500 Hz
  • Pulsed mass calibration system compensates for temporal drift in mass calibration parameters
  • Sensitivity at a full mass range of 100 Hz is S/N 100:1 for 1.0 pg of OFN injected on-column
  • Supports a range of applications including metabolomics, fuels, flavors and fragrances

Zoex Corporation

Basic Lab

Analytical Balance

  • Measures to 0.1 mg
  • Bi-directional RS-232 interface enables data transfer from the balance to computers or printers
  • Features solid, durable metal construction and internal motorized calibration
  • Built-in applications include density, percentage and comparison weighing

Adam Equipment

Polypropylene Ductless Fume Hoods

  • Capable of enclosing equipment up to 52 tall
  • Feature an upper folding sash and lower access doors for easy ergonomic access, allowing equipment to be easily inserted or removed from the enclosure
  • Fumes, vapors and particulates are filtered via bonded carbon and/or HEPA filtration

AirClean Systems

Gas Regulators
Analytical Specialty Gas

  • Made from solid bar stock with a needle valve built in the regulator body to reduce internal volume
  • Feature stainless steel diaphragms for consistent, high-purity results
  • Check-valve cylinder connection option prevents contaminants from entering gas stream during cylinder change out


Particle Size Analyzer
LS 13 320

  • Now allows high-resolution, reproducible measurement of samples from .017 to 2000 μm
  • Adds Rosin-Rammler and Folk & Ward Phi methods to its analytical capabilities
  • Tornado Dry Powder Dispersing System keeps samples intact
  • Reproducibility is typically better than one percent

Beckman Coulter


  • Additional ball milling function can be used in both wet and dry applications
  • Model T2 F can accommodate container sizes up to 2L
  • Model T10 B features a silent pendulum swing drive to control mixing basket
  • Model T50 A can hold up to 165 lbs in a 55-liter container

Glen Mills

Pocket pH Meter
H-Series miniLab

  • Features a virtually unbreakable non-glass silicon chip sensor that gives stable readings in seconds
  • Includes a replaceable reference electrode for meter longevity
  • Offers water-resistant operation and economical measurement of small sample volumes
  • Three models are available, providing 1-, 2- or 3-point calibration and pH resolution up to 0.01 pH

Hach Company

Low Flow Constant Volume Fume Hood
UniFlow SE

  • Made of non-metallic, unitized composite for superior chemical resistance
  • Available in 4, 5, 6 and 8 widths
  • Face opening with airfoil provides uniform airflow into the fume chamber
  • VaraFlow baffle system directs airflow through fume chamber to the exhaust outlet


Nitrogen Generators
HPN2 and UHPN2

  • Transform standard compressed air into 99.99% or 99.9999% nitrogen
  • Produce up to 1.1 lpm of UHP nitrogen gas and up to 2.0 lpm of research grade purity nitrogen gas
  • Pressure swing adsorption removes O2, CO2 and water vapor
  • UHPN2 series features a catalyst module to oxidize hydrocarbons from inlet air supply

Parker Balston

Environmental Testing Chamber

  • Suitable for applications requiring a -10C to 60C environment, with control up to 0.1C
  • Chamber temperature uniformity is 0.5C
  • Automatic Setting Temperature Alarm alerts users of a temperature deviation of more than 1C to 5C
  • Includes a high-precision microprocessor controller combined with a heater P.I.D.

SANYO North America

Smooth Flow Chemistry Pump
Asia Syringe Pump

  • Rated to 20 bar (300 psi) and chemical-resistant using PTFE and glass
  • Compact size, at 23 cm wide, makes it ideal for in-lab use
  • Offers two flow channels, each with a pressure sensor and flow rate range from 1.0 μl to 10 ml/min
  • PTFE pressure sensor automatically stops pumps in case of over pressure


Biological Safety Cabinet
1300 Series A2 BSC

  • Uses a smaller aperture to extend the life of the HEPA filters by 20 percent
  • SmartFlow airflow compensation system maintains a safe environment for the user
  • Low airflow requirements can reduce noise levels to as low as 62 dB(A)
  • Requires only 180 watts to operate

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Lab Automation

Automated Cell Handler
BioCel System

  • Fully automates cell-based ELISA procedures, reducing the risk of human error and contamination
  • Features automated control of intermediate plate batches, cell medium removal and absorbance detection
  • Provides unattended automation of approximately 500 plates per run in a 3-day experiment
  • Cells can be plated and stored at a rate of 1 minute per plate

Agilent Automation Solutions

Automation for Real-time PCR
CFX Automation System

  • Provides walk-away, high-throughput qPCR on CFX96 and CFX384
  • Benchtop plate handler can load up to twenty 384-well plates at a time on CFX384
  • CFX automation software can be used to define PCR protocols for multiple experiments at once
  • Upon run completion, users can be sent an e-mail notification with an attached data file


Automated Handling of Frozen Samples
Datamatrix Cryo Rack

  • Cryo.s freezing tubes feature an identification number encrypted in a Datamatrix code
  • Up to 48 Cryo.s freezing vials, all with unique codes, can be scanned simultaneously
  • Data on the origin, type and age of samples is saved and processed automatically
  • Automatic error-correction algorithm can make partly damaged codes readable again

Greiner Bio-One GmbH

Multichannel Probe Head for Liquid Handling
CO-RE 384 Shifted Tip Pickup (STP)

  • Picks up one column, one row or one tip without changing heads
  • Ideal for performing serial dilutions in 384- and 1,536-well plates
  • Employs CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology and air-displacement pipetting
  • When used with Rocket Tips, the need for a second head and arm is eliminated

Hamilton Robotics

Automated Decapper for Screw Cap Tubes
ScrewCap DeCapper

  • Automates opening and closing of screwcapped tubes from 0.5 to 1.4 ml
  • Opens a row of 12 tubes simultaneously
  • Decaps or recaps a complete rack of 96 screwcapped tubes in less than one minute
  • Operates as a standalone system or integrated with most automated pipetting systems

Micronic Europe BV

Benchtop Automation
Orbitor and Momentum 2.0

  • Orbitor benchtop mover can rotate 360 degrees and connect a broad range of devices
  • Features stack and random access storage, as well as re-grip and plate de-lidding
  • Momentum 2.0 software facilitates predictive modeling of accelerated dynamic processing schedules, ensuring robust automation control

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Life Science

QPCR and QRT-PCR Master Mix Kits
Brilliant III

  • Feature a newly engineered Taq to minimize nonspecific amplification
  • Ultra-fast reagents allow the completion of real-time experiments in less than 40 minutes
  • Supports a variety of applications, including gene expression analysis, pathogen detection and SNP genotyping

Agilent Technologies

Precast Gels for Protein Electrophoresis

  • Based on a modification of the Laemmli buffer system, extending the gel shelf life to more than 12 months
  • Can be run to completion in as little as 12 minutes
  • Proteins from the gel can be transferred onto a PVDF or nitrocellulose membrane in as little as 15 minutes


Microplate Reader
Anthos 2010

  • Includes four filters that cover wavelengths for most common absorbance assays
  • A choice of software packages enables the user to connect to a PC and run both endpoint and kinetic assays with ease
  • Single or dual wavelength measurements plus kinetic measurements maximize analysis options
  • Ideal for research, quality control and diagnostics


Programmable Peptide Synthesizer
Syro Wave

  • Capable of conventional room temperature parallel peptide synthesis and microwave assisted peptide synthesis
  • Features a separate cleavage and transfer workstation
  • Includes disposable polypropylene reactor vials
  • Features vortex mixing in microwave cavity


Hybrid Microplate Reader
Synergy H4

  • Now HTRF certified
  • Cisbio Bioassays guarantees that it meets or exceeds strict performance and functional criteria for optimal HTRF readout
  • Combination of Synergy H4 and HTRF assays provides increased productivity and extended flexibility


Product Spotlight

Protein Mobility Measurement
Measure macromolecular electrophoretic mobilites

Rather than remaking an instrument designed to measure particulates, Wyatt Technology designed Mbiuζ to focus on the unique measurement of protein mobilities. Its the only laser-based device that achieves reproducible measurements of the mobilities of large particles such as liposomes and VLPs, as well as traditionally challenging protein samples including antibody formulations, bovine serum albumin and lysozyme.

Mbiuζ incorporates several innovations to achieve fast and reliable measurements of macromolecular electrophoretic mobilities. Its patent-pending detection process achieves increased detection sensitivity: 2 mg/mL lysozyme or 0.5 mg/mL BSA.

The WyattQELS option, which uses backward scattered light to determine the sample translational diffusion coefficient, simultaneously measures the macromolecular hydrodynamic radius. Samples can be introduced by manual injection, an auto-sampler, syringe pump or an auto-titrator.

Featuring a non-invasive, laser light scattering method, Mbiuζ can measure molecular sizes below 2 nm, while a measurement time of less than 60 seconds helps to protect protein samples.

You dont want to disturb fragile samples, said Vincent Hsieh, R&D Scientist at Wyatt Technology. People might be enticed to apply up to 150 volts to a sample a higher velocity makes it easier to measure, but this can damage the sample.

The device also features temperature control and can perform automated temperature studies.

For more information, visit R&D Scientist Vincent Hsieh can be reached at or by phone at 805-681-9009 ext. 262.

Molecule Characterization
Biacore Sensor Chip CM7

  • Features high signal-to-noise ratios and improved detection
  • Employs a carboxymethylated dextran matrix covalently attached to gold film
  • Capable of binding proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates or small molecules to carboxyl groups on the sensor surface

GE Healthcare

Robotic Peptide Library Synthesizer

  • Able to run syntheses from 0.005 to 24 mmol scales
  • Features 6 reaction blocks capable of holding 96 (10 ml) or 24 (40 or 45 ml) reaction vessels
  • Individual dispensers do not require rinsing between deliveries
  • Safe-Response feature automatically drains and rinses the resin with solvent when an error occurs

Protein Technologies

UV Sterilization Cabinet

  • Ideal for molecular biology laboratories carrying out PCR reactions
  • Provides decontamination of reagents and equipment before carrying out PCR reactions
  • Four timer-controlled 15-watt UV bulbs enable the user to control the exposure time and dose of high-energy UV irradiation
  • Safety interlocks automatically turn off bulbs when cabinet doors are opened


LIMS & Software

Spectral Databases
Sadtler ATR Series

  • Basic Polymers: Contains 503 ATR/FTIR spectra of commercially available compounds
  • Inorganics: Includes 269 ATR/FTIR spectra of anions and polyatomic ions
  • Organometallics: Includes 176 ATR/FTIR spectra compiled for organometallic compounds
  • Monomers & Polymers with 742 spectra for 13C NMR method of analysis


Lab Streamlining Software

  • Brings applications, instruments and data together under a single lab environment
  • Consists of three integrated solutions: Chromatography Data System (CDS), Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Supports virtually any chromatographic technique, providing control of instruments
  • Facilitates multi-discipline interaction and cross-team collaboration

Agilent Technologies

Laboratory Information Management Suite

  • eForms provide a configurable approach to creating and filling out forms electronically
  • Zero footprint configurable off-the-shelf (COTS) LIMS consolidates functionality typically found in multiple laboratory systems
  • Grid Data Entry uses dynamic techniques to allow real-time rich-data visualisation via a grid/spreadsheet-enabled interface


Informatics System
KnowItAll version 8.2

  • New addition spectral integration application allows users to link to additional reference information for each functional group in the Sadtler Handbook of Reference Spectra
  • Includes a series of new report templates for improved design and function
  • Helps chemists interpret spectra by gathering a list of functional groups at specific peak positions in a spectrum


MS-based Lipidomics Software
LipidView Software

  • Includes lipid fragment database with more than 40 lipid classes and 23,000 lipid species
  • Enables identification and characterization through database searching of MS/MS fragmentions
  • Allows even novice users to easily find, identify and interpret lipid species from mass spectrometry data from complex samples


Sample Tracking Software

  • Users can report on samples by location or study, showing exactly where they are to be found
  • Radioactivity stocks can be accounted for by isotope, limit, disposal route, etc.
  • Features RS-232 interface for collection of weight data from balances
  • Uses a Microsoft Outlook-style interface to facilitate a quick and easy learning curve

LabLogic Systems

Desktop Application for Drug Discovery

  • Allows users to quickly and conveniently view compound structures and data
  • The free application eliminates the need for plug-ins for Microsoft Excel to examine, sort and search chemistry data sets
  • Compounds can be loaded from SD, SMILES, MOL or CSV files
  • Includes two ways to look at data: traditional table or proprietary Molecule View


Product Spotlight

On-Demand LIMS
SaaS-Based, Enterprise-Class Solution

LIMS-on-Demand allows organizations of varying types and sizes to leverage all the benefits of an industry-leading LIMS solution without the time and cost typically associated with on-premise software installation.

Offering flexibility and ease-of-use, LIMSon- Demand helps organizations replace inefficient, error-prone manual processes with an automated data management solution. For the cost of a monthly subscription fee, users can easily and securely create workflows, map sample lifecycles, and generate automatic updates from any standard Internet connection and through any web browser.

The user-friendly interface enables connectivity with a variety of internal instruments and systems, as well as external facilities, partners and regulatory agencies.

Kim Shah, Director of Marketing and Informatics at Thermo Fisher Scientific, says too many labs around the world are still using manual processes to manage the intricacies of workflow and data collection. There are tens of thousands of small- to medium-sized labs out there that dont have access to databases and dont have IT people, he said. All the headaches of hosting a server, maintenance, upgrading, data securityall of that stuff is now Thermo Fishers responsibility.

In addition to seamless connectivity, LIMS-on-Demand touts affordable operating costs. We have developed an lower laboratory management solution that does not sacrifice functionality, Shah added.

For more information, visit Kim Shah, Director of Marketing and Informatics, can be reached at

Bioinformatics Software
Qlucore Omics Explorer 2.1

  • Enables users to explore different hypotheses and alternative scenarios within seconds
  • Includes new functionality for variable list handling
  • Allows users to perform set operations such as union and intersection on lists
  • Supports direct import of data from miRNA experiments pre-processed with Agilent Feature Extraction Software


Laboratory Data Management System

  • Delivers the level of data management required for small- to medium-sized labs
  • Includes a PC, barcode reader, barcode printer and core VersaLIMS software
  • Provides sample and result management along with 30 pre-configured reports
  • VersaLIMS.NET is easily scaled by adding functional modules and user licenses

Quality Systems International

Sample Management Software
Mosaic version 4.0

  • Incorporates enhanced modules for tracking manually accessed stores and manual operations such as pipetting
  • Substance Registration System handles allocation of substance identifiers and capture of substance metadata
  • Features ability to seamlessly link to external registration systems

Titian Software

Pumps & Valves

Conductive Plastic Pumps

  • Allow users of flammable liquids to ground pumps, making them safe for use with class 1 and class 2 flammables
  • Available in four models, the pumps are made to fit containers and drums from 5 to 55 gallons
  • Enable safe and spill-proof transfer of over 850 fluids and solvents
  • Feature a cost-effective life expectancy of 10 to 15 years

GoatThroat Pumps

Advanced Syringe Pumps
PHD 22/2000

  • Provides low flow rates, high accuracy, smooth flow and advanced programmability
  • Available in three pumping options: simple infusion, infusion/withdrawal or a programmable model that can store up to four programs of ten sequences each
  • All models are available in standard force or high force versions

Harvard Apparatus

Syringe Pumps
Legato 200 Series

  • Touch-screen interface allows users to quickly create configurations and recall them
  • Three basic models available: Infuse Only, Infuse and Withdraw, and Push and Pull
  • Works with one syringe or two, and can be reconfigured in the field to use with multiple syringes
  • Run screen enables the user to quickly create configurations and recall them later

KD Scientific

Double Syringe Pump

  • Includes both infusion and withdrawal capabilities with accurate delivery of nanoliter, microliter and milliliter flow rates
  • Infuses and withdraws two different sized syringes simultaneously, up to 60 ml
  • Features continuous dispensing at a fixed pumping rate
  • Program up to 41 pumping phases that change pumping rates

New Era Pump Systems

Pneumatic and Electric Actuated Ball Valves
BVP70/BVP80 Series

  • Features a stainless steel external trim and FKM O-Rings as standard
  • Operates using an air supply of 3.5 to 8.6 bar (50 to 125 psi)
  • Direct valve stem coupling to actuator shaft minimizes backlash
  • Electric actuators feature two NPT conduit ports and integral thermal overload protection

OMEGA Engineering

High Pressure Fittings
360 μm

  • Permits direct connection of 360 micron OD fused silica, PEEK, stainless or electroformed nickel tubing without having to use liners
  • Features a leak-free connection that seals at pressures well in excess of 20,000 psi
  • Available with a PEEK or stainless nut
  • A wide range of micron bore sizes are available

VICI Valco

Supplies & Consumables

Foaming Hand Sanitizer

  • One 8.5 ounce pump provides 150 applications of foam to kill 99.9% of disease-causing microorganisms in seconds
  • FDA-regulated with specific kill claims for microorganisms including MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus
  • Lightweight formula conditions and moisturizes hands

ITW Dymon

Transfer Pipets for Liquid Handling
Plastic Transfer Pipets

  • Produced from special-grade, low-density polyethylene to make them non-slippery and easy to grip when wearing gloves
  • Available in more than 35 different styles with a choice of capacities, lengths and tip styles
  • Sterile pipets are available individually wrapped or in bags of 10 and 20 units

Globe Scientific

Conductive 384 Tips

  • Eliminate electrostatic effects, which can be problematic with non-conductive tips
  • Packaged in nested tip racks providing high packing and storing density and reduced space requirements
  • Twenty tip racks sit on one tray, providing access to 7,690 tips for longer unattended runs
  • Capacitance liquid level detection (cLLD), which improves pipetting accuracy, cannot be performed with other tips on the market

Hamilton Robotics

Sample Storage Tube Locking Mechanism
Snap Tube

  • By applying downward pressure, sample storage tubes are locked into storage rack
  • Ensures samples in non-coded, alphanumeric and 2D coded tubes are kept secure during transport or storage
  • Accommodates 96 individual tubes in industry standard configuration
  • Available in sterile, RNase/DNase free and with custom specific barcodes for automated tracking

Micronic Europe BV

Reagent Reservoir
4-row Partitioned Reservoir Plate

  • Enables aspiration of up to 4 reagents into a single well space
  • Allows pipette tips with strippers to easily reach the bottom of the channeled reservoir
  • Each row holds 73 ml, providing a total volume of 292 ml
  • Feature pyramid bottoms to reduce reagent waste

Porvair Sciences

Polymeric Tubing
PEEK and Fluoropolymers

  • FEP, PFA and ETFE (Tefzel) are available in 360 μm, 1/32, 1/16 and 1/8 OD
  • PEEK tubing is available in a wide variety of forms including natural, solid color-coded, dual-layer colorcoded, striped, and dash-stripe coded
  • Features a tolerance of .0005 for IDs up to .010 and .001 for larger IDs
  • All colorants used in manufacture are RoHS compliant

VICI Metronics

Pipette Disposal Container
Terminal Pipet Keeper

  • Allows disposal of pipettes, swabs and other items up to 15 in length
  • Designed for easy use by both right- and left-handed users
  • Made of sturdy paperboard
  • Features a plastic lining and webbed corners to avoid soak-through

Whitney Products