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September 2009 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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Sample Prep Method Kits
SampliQ QuEChERS

  • Simplify sample preparation for analyzing pesticide residue in fruits, vegetables and processed food products
  • Use premeasured reagents designed for specific food sample types and screening protocols
  • Include extraction kits and dispersive solid phase extraction clean-up kits
  • Available for the original QuEChERS method, European standard method, and a standard recognized by the Association of Analytical Communities

Agilent Technologies
www.agilent .com


Scanning Microplate Reader
Zenyth 200

  • Offers a built-in UV/Vis spectrophotometer
  • Designed specifically for Life Science laboratories
  • Able to handle multiple plate formats from cell culture (6-48 well) to 96/384 well plates
  • Features advanced optics capable of endpoint, kinetic, multichromatic, spectral scanning and position scanning



Fiber Optic Switch/Converter
QuickSwitch® Model 4195

  • Capable of accessing two separate SC Duplex, Multimode, 100 Base FX ports
  • Fully compliant with the 802.3u 100 Base TX/FX standard
  • In A/B Switch Mode users can switch position manually or remotely
  • In Auto Fallback Mode the unit automatically selects its switch position based on the presence or absence of Send Data

Electro Standards Laboratories


Rotational Rheometer Platform

  • Built-in adaptive intelligence guides users through set-up, sample loading, measurement and analysis
  • Enables easy access to the most appropriate information
  • Allows users to precisely analyze the rheology of materials
  • Features exclusive ‘plug and play’ cartridges for all environmental controllers



Filter Robot for Emissions Determination

  • Designed to meet the requirements of the automotive industry
  • Allows fast and precise determination of particulate matter with an accuracy as small as 0.1μg
  • Automatically performs all steps without the need to transfer samples
  • Intelligent software controls the workflow and ensures high throughput

Mettler Toledo


Digital Radiometer/Photometer
AccuMAX™ Series

  • Provides accurate readouts for UV irradiance, visible illuminance and luminance light readings
  • Features specially calibrated readout units for use with a full line of interchangeable sensor detectors
  • Microprocessor-controlled with software-driven functions
  • Detectors can be connected directly to the readout unit or by a standard USB cable



Sorvall MTX 150 and MX Series

  • Offer improved versatility in rapid, small volume sample processing
  • Provide an expanded volume range, accommodating tubes from 0.2mL to 30mL
  • Cutting-edge drive system provides maintenance-free performance and rotor imbalance protection
  • Ensure years of reliable and dependable performance

Thermo Fisher Scientific



High Sensitivity DNA Kit
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Workflow

  • Designed for use with the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
  • Offers solutions for the analysis of DNA, RNA, proteins and cells
  • Increases the fidelity of sequencing data for double-stranded DNA
  • Enables users to quantify DNA fragments in the lower single-digit pg/μl concentration range

Agilent Technologies


Cell Migration Assay

  • Amendable to high throughput and high content imaging instruments
  • Offers unobstructed live images of the cells as they migrate
  • Available with tissue culture treated plates, Collagen I coated plates, Fibronectin coated plates, or Tri-Coated plates
  • Creates a consistent detection zone to monitor 2-D closure



Plasmid DNA Purification System
Promega Wizard* SV 96

  • High-throughput method purifies DNA from pelleted bacterial culture samples
  • Processes up to 96 plasmid samples in 30 minutes or less with consistent results and no detectable cross-contamination
  • Allows purified plasmid to be used directly for automated fluorescent DNA sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion and other downstream molecular biology processes
  • Provides rapid isolation of pure plasmid DNA through automation

Hamilton Robotics


Universal Weighted Lids
For SBS/ANSI Formatted Microplates

  • Robotics friendly lids are light tight to protect sensitive assays
  • Designed for in-process assays and short to medium term storage
  • Offer cost-effective gaskets as an alternative to heat seals
  • Reduce the problem of evaporation and offer air/liquid tight well to well seals

Matrical Bioscience


Colony Counter and Zone Sizing System
ProtoCOL 2

  • Dark screens eliminate ambient light effects and improve imaging results
  • Contains a high resolution camera and red, blue and green LED lighting integrated to a processor and software
  • Generates high definition, life-like images that enable precise colony counts and accurate zone measurements
  • Touch screen monitor features on screen commands for quick set up




Electronic Lab Notebook
Kalabie 4.0

  • Enables users to automatically import data from a wide range of chromatography data systems
  • Allows users to create templates for entering data into each experiment and reuse data across protocols and experiments
  • Contains powerful features to facilitate workflow between groups
  • Designed for multiple disciplines including analytical chemistry, biology, and other research environments



HRM Analysis Software for CFX96™ and CFX384™
Precision Melt Analysis™

  • Offers a broad range of applications such as mutation scanning, methylation analysis, and SNP genotyping
  • Enables users to genotype samples based on the thermal denaturation properties of double-stranded DNA
  • Allows the user to streamline data analysis using the customizable default analysis settings
  • Features multiple data view options to manually assign sample genotypes by tailoring the software to the appropriate analysis



Reagent Dispenser Software

  • Provides increased user functionality
  • Offers the ability to develop database and transfer dispensing protocols
  • Features an extensive plate list sorted according to manufacturer
  • Allows users to easily select the required format and columns to be filled

Thermo Fisher



Disposable Valves

  • Designed for lightweight and easy manipulation
  • Profiled to minimize flow path turbulence and single-handed use
  • Provide an accurate estimate of flow restriction with a maximum operating pressure of 150 psi
  • Manufactured and packed in ISO Class 7 clean rooms and supplied with full certification

BioPure Technology


Syringe Pump Modules

  • Include Microliter, Millimeter, Programmables and High Pressure models
  • Offer specially built pumps suited to the user’s research and design needs
  • Feature superior accuracy and precision, as well as smooth flow
  • Available customization of flow rate range, construction material, force, syringe size, control mechanism and more

Harvard Apparatus


Syringe Pump

  • Offers infusion and withdrawl capabilities with accurate delivery of picoliter, nanoliter, microliter and milliliter flow rates
  • Designed to hold two syringes from 0.5μl up to 10mL
  • Combines smoother flow and updated features to create a high performance, affordable pump
  • Offers flow range from 1.3 picoliters/min up to 0.8788ml/min

KD Scientific


Solvent Pumps
Extensive selection

  • Offer a wide range of flow rates and operating pressures to meet demanding application needs
  • Well suited to both QC and research applications
  • Ensure high performance, maximum flexibility and functionality
  • Operate up to 10,000 psi and are available in sizes ranging from 5mL to 5L capacity

Supercritical Fluid Technologies


Radial Diaphragm Valves
DR Series

  • Feature enhanced drainability and system compatibility
  • Available in a wide range of configurations to include multiple valves and ports, and point of use valves
  • Manufactured from 316L stainless steel with modified PTFE wetted single-piece diapragms
  • Designed for system pressures up to 150 psig (10.3 bar) and operating temperatures of up to 280°F (137°C)



Liquid Handling Pumps
Cheminert® M6 and M50

  • Produce a bidirectional pulseless flow with a range of over six orders of magnitude
  • Eliminate the need for refill cycles and syringe changes
  • RS-232 and RS-485 communication protocols are incorporated into the microprocessordriven controller
  • Included software controls flow rates, flow direction and metered volumes, and can integrate a multiposition stream selection valve

Valco Instruments



Bottletop Burette

  • Provides titration within ASTM and ISO error limits for Class A glass burettes
  • Features a magnetoresistive measurement system that detects actual piston rod movement
  • Automatically detects the direction of rotation for seamless transition between filling and dispensing
  • Eliminates poured transfer by mounting directly on most titrant bottles

BrandTech Scientific


Custom Label Design
Tube Labels

  • Allows users to easily organize and manage their orders
  • Drag-and-drop interface allows users to include information from a variety of sources
  • Features a library of stock designs, or customers can upload their own symbols or pictures
  • Eliminates errors associated with traditional custom label design by linking directly to IDT’s manufacturing systems

Integrated DNA Technologies


Light Sensitive Sample Storage
Black Tubes

  • Manufactured using FDA approved carbon-filled polypropylene
  • Offered in a wide range of working volumes (0.5mL, 0.75mL, 1.1mL, 1.4mL, 7.5mL)
  • Available for almost any light sensitive sample storage application
  • Fully compatible with all Micronic storage racks, tube capping systems and tube readers



Laboratory Glassware

  • Features superior resistance to heat and chemical attack
  • Beakers, flasks and graduated cylinders available in many styles and sizes
  • All glassware conforms to ASTM Specifications
  • Provides a durable and reliable material for working with harsh chemicals and solvents

SKS Science Products