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The Agilent 7000E GC/TQ

The Agilent 7000E triple quadrupole GC/MS provides unequivocal intelligence and robustness to deliver the answers you seek.

by Agilent Technologies

HydroInert source for maximizing efficiencies with hydrogen carrier gas

It has been increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the availability and increasing price of helium, resulting in GC/MS users considering migration to alternative carrier gases. The Agilent HydroInert source is designed with a proprietary material that helps minimize loss in sensitivity and avoid spectral anomalies associated with hydrogen carrier gas.

Have more confidence in your data

New data acquisition modes, including data-dependent triggered MRM (tMRM) mode, enable targeted screening with confident quantitation of hundreds of analytes in a single run while simultaneous dMRM and scan (dMRM/scan) mode allows for retrospective analysis of scan data with great sensitivity.

Greatly reduce manual source cleaning with the JetClean self-cleaning ion source

JetClean maximizes instrument uptime and sample throughput by greatly reducing or even eliminating the need for manual ion source cleaning, resulting in an additional one to two days per month to perform analyses.

Take advantage of new mass spec intelligence for greater productivity

New technology powers the core of the 7000E GC/TQ that enables an improved autotune algorithm, SWARM autotune, to provide more consistent tunes twice as fast for even higher data quality while additional intelligent features reduce unplanned instrument downtime.

Migrate and optimize methods easily with MassHunter software

MassHunter Optimizer software easily transfers GC/MSD methods to GC/TQ and uses retention time locking software to reproducibly transfer methods between GC systems. Additionally, MassHunter Quantitative Analysis enables simplified data analysis and review with MassHunter Review-by-Exception and Compounds at a Glance.

Partnering for sustainability with the ACT label

Agilent has partnered with My Green Lab to have the 7000E GC/TQ independently audited for its accountability, consistency, and transparency (ACT) label. ACT labels provide information about the environmental impact of manufacturing, use, and disposal of a product and its packaging, so you can make informed, sustainable choices.

Image of the Agilent 7000E GC/TQ

The Agilent 7000E triple quadrupole GC/MS provides unequivocal intelligence and robustness.

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