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The Benefits of Automating Your Assay Workflow

Improves accuracy, reproducibility, and efficiency of patient-derived organoid high-content assays

Patient-derived organoids (PDOs), such as those from tumors, are being used as predictive models of patient responses to drugs and therapies. To optimize these complex and valuable 3D tissue models for drug screening, a state of-the-art, agile automation solution has been created that combines a modular incubator and intuitive workflow control software with confocal imaging in an automated workflow. Following the automated preparation, feeding, drug treatment, and image acquisitions, image sets were analyzed to generate high-content assessments of PDO responses to the drugs.

The benefits of PDO and workflow automation include: 

The Benefits of Automating Your Assay Workflow
  • Improves assay quality, throughput, and consistency
  • Applicable to a variety of PDO types and systems
  • Easy-to-use BioApps software integrates and controls all components
  • Flexible and easy-to-use platform conducive to automated imaging and high-content analysis

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