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The Benefits of Using Glass for Cannabis Extraction

The Benefits of Using Glass for Cannabis Extraction

Why use glass for extraction?

by Ace Glass

During the last several years, extraction of the soluble components of hemp and marijuana has greatly improved. What was done on a very small scale several years ago is now being performed on a scale of 1x10^6 lbs. per month.

For some extraction techniques, glass has very useful advantages compared to stainless steel:

  • Glass does not rust and can be easily incorporated into processes that are related to food and medicine without worry of metal leaching.
  • Glass is optically clear, making it easier to judge reaction progress.
  • Glass is also highly inert and thus can be used for a wide variety of chemical reactions.
  • Glass can easily be cleaned with acids and bases.

Access this white paper, courtesy of Ace Glass Inc., to learn more about the methods of cannabis extraction and the many benefits of using glass throughout these techniques.