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by Abbott Informatics
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Today’s laboratory is under unprecedented pressure. From increased regulatory scrutiny to exponentially larger amounts of data, labs are being called on to drive smarter decision making and help with organizational integration.

That’s where Abbott comes in. Laboratory information management systems (LIMS) platforms can play a crucial role in tackling data management challenges, and STARLIMS, Abbott’s web-based LIMS offering, can help improve processes throughout the entire product lifecycle, from clinical trials to manufacturing. Abbott’s new and enhanced STARLIMS Clinical Solution CL 11.0 which includes the Life Sciences industries of pre-clinical, clinical research, biorepository, molecular and academic research, and STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution QM 11.1, which includes the industries of pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, food & beverage and petrochemical/refining are built on the latest V. 11.6 of the STARLIMS technology platform, which was developed to simplify data management while improving integration and user-friendliness.

“STARLIMS was designed to empower laboratories around the world to deliver high-quality, safe products to market as quickly as possible,” says Mark Spencer, divisional vice president and general manager, Informatics, Abbott. “These enhancements to STARLIMS Life Sciences and Quality Manufacturing solutions reflect Abbott’s ongoing commitment to innovation and meeting customer needs.”

STARLIMS Clinical Solution CL 11.0

Today’s laboratories make major investments in analytical equipment, but problems can occur when proprietary instrument software interfaces directly with some LIMS.

Thanks to a new partnership between Abbott and Data Innovation, Abbott’s STARLIMS Clinical Solution CL 11.0 can help to alleviate stressors by allowing lab connectivity with an even wider range of third party instrumentation, giving laboratories more freedom to choose their tools based on scientific and business requirements rather than data system limitations.

STARLIMS Clinical Solution CL 11.0 features enhancements that streamline sample management, simplify accessioning and allow for interfacing with third party instruments, along with the conversion to HTML5 web platform. As a result, labs can operate with increased flexibility, productivity and efficiency, and reduce the complexities of working with different software platforms.

STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution QM 11.1

Developed to support laboratory productivity and efficiency across diverse sectors of the global manufacturing industry, STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution QM 11.1 offers features to help manufacturers operate more effectively through a real-time, holistic view of workflow progress in their laboratories.

With updates such as a new request management portal, a user-friendly and customizable dashboard, and out-of-the-box, pre-aided graphical workflows for five key testing lifecycles and mobility applications, these enhancements not only provide an intuitive visual interface but also help ensure transparency and support regulatory compliance.

From Clinical Trials, Manufacturing and Beyond…

The recent product enhancements to STARLIMS Life Sciences Solution CL 11.0 and STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution QM 11.1 are user-friendly, adaptable to your organization’s needs, and support the rapidly changing data management needs across your organization.

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