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The Connected Lab: Asset Management Goes Digital

An intelligent solution to maximize laboratory assets and enhance productivity

Asset Management Goes Digital

Get the data driven recommendations you need to make decisions on your lab equipment fleet with our suite of holistic lab and asset analytics delivered to you through the powerful mobile app and web portal.

by PerkinElmer
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Q: How can we monitor laboratory conditions and obtain insights into asset utilization without relying on time-consuming manual data collection?

Our laboratory requires a monitoring solution that provides accurate, detailed data pertaining to laboratory environmental conditions, asset operating parameters, and asset utilization. This data would support greater experimental reproducibility, and enhance efficiency and productivity. Utilization data would enable us to identify and potentially redeploy underutilized assets, and determine whether we need to acquire additional assets. This data would also help us establish an appropriate preventative maintenance schedule for each asset and reduce the risk of unexpected malfunction and the associated delays for repair. Relying on laboratory staff to monitor and record laboratory conditions and asset utilization is inefficient, and takes up the valuable time of our skilled personnel. What solutions can improve our approach to asset management?

A:The PerkinElmer Asset Genius™ system supports continuous monitoring of laboratory environmental conditions and asset operating parameters, and provides analytics-driven utilization data and insights.

Asset Genius™ is designed to alleviate laboratory staff of inefficient manual data collection, enhancing productivity by allowing them to focus on more complex tasks. Detailed asset utilization data and productivity insights may be leveraged to guide capital equipment lifecycle planning, from forecasting future demand, to identifying instrument candidates for decommission or redeployment. These data and insights also support maintenance optimization, enabling users to establish an appropriate preventative maintenance schedule, and optimize service contracts. Further, by correlating laboratory environmental conditions with instrument performance, Asset Genius™ enhances data reproducibility.

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Using wireless sensors, Asset Genius™ enables continuous monitoring of multiple laboratory parameters, such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, and light, and provides accurate, detailed utilization data for numerous assets such as refrigerators and freezers, ovens, incubators, and mass spectrometers among many others. Data is stored in a cloud-based platform, and is easily accessible to laboratory personnel on any computer or mobile device. The system also enables users to configure notifications and alerts to prompt them when action is required. This fully digital approach to asset management makes it easy to optimize assets throughout your entire organization.

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