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The Future of Laminar Flow Technology

The Nexus Horizontal Clean Bench offers superior protection against contamination

The Nexus workstation on a white background

The Nexus represents a significant leap forward in clean bench technology, offering an array of features that are unrivaled in the market.

by Labconco
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Labconco Corporation announces the launch of the Nexus Horizontal Clean Bench, the first laminar flow hood of its kind with complete onboard intelligence. This innovative laminar flow workstation sets a new standard in the industry, offering unparalleled protection against contamination for non-hazardous samples and processes.

The Nexus represents a significant leap forward in clean bench technology, offering an array of features that are unrivaled in the market. The Nexus is driven by Nexus OS, a powerful, user-friendly operating system with a 5” touchscreen display that delivers clear system information, enables data logging and traceability, and offers ethernet connectivity and user customization for an enhanced user experience. It creates an ISO Class 4 clean air working environment, ensuring the integrity of sensitive samples and processes.

Nexus clean benches employ efficient ECM blowers regulated by Labconco’s exclusive Constant Airflow Profile (CAP™) technology, which ensures safe airflow at all times, even as the HEPA filter loads. This advanced technology provides unmatched precision and performance in laminar flow. Additionally, the ECM blower operates quietly and consumes a fraction of the energy of traditional blowers. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice with minimal impact on the lab, compounding pharmacy or cleanroom.

“The Nexus represents a significant advancement in laminar flow technology critical for sterile compounding or sensitive laboratory sample manipulation, and is part of our focus to provide advanced laminar airflow solutions for USP <797> compounding pharmacies and beyond,” said Labconco’s Product Manager of Biosafety Products Elizabeth Dille, PhD. “With its unique CAP technology, user-friendly interface and disinfection-focused construction, the Nexus sets a new benchmark for laminar airflow workstations to ensure total protection for contamination-sensitive processes.”

The Nexus is the latest example of Labconco’s commitment to delivering the highest quality products to its customers. Constructed using robust materials, such as stainless steel, the Nexus is designed for fast disinfection, inside and out. This ensures optimal cleanliness and minimizes the risk of cross-contamination in critical environments.

The Nexus Horizontal Clean Bench is designed to meet the rigorous demands of pharmaceutical sites, sterile compounding pharmacies, and life science applications by combining cutting-edge technology with exceptional reliability. With its reliable protection, intelligent user-friendly interface and efficient laminar airflow, the Nexus is the ultimate laminar flow solution for clean and sterile applications.