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The Gas Management Problem

Gas generator technology for lab instrumentation 

The Gas Management Problem

Parker is the recognized leader in filtration, purification and gas generation technology.

by Parker Hannifin
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Q: How can I reduce the risks and costs of supplying gas for my lab’s gas chromatographs?

Historically, gas cylinders go hand-in-hand with the operation of  gas chromatography instruments. The laborious routine of  managing gas cylinder inventories is accepted as a necessary evil by every lab manager. Gas storage, handling, and associated costs are all daily challenges that must be addressed when choosing to go the traditional cylinder route. Safety issues are an ongoing challenge when factoring in the possibility of  leaks as well as the hazards of  transporting the cylinders from the receiving dock to their final destination.

A:Gas generators have become the preferred method of supplying high-purity gases to laboratory instruments.

With the addition of  benchtop gas generators, chromatographers can now eliminate hydrogen, zero air, and nitrogen gas cylinders from the laboratory. In fact, expensive helium cylinders can also be eliminated by switching to hydrogen as the carrier gas, allowing GCs to operate completely independent of  high-pressure cylinders. Parker Hannifin, US based corporation, offers a complete line of  gas generators to match every instrument’s gas requirement. Parker gas generators require very little maintenance and are designed to operate 24/7 with minimal operator attention. Parker zero air and UHP nitrogen generators produce high-purity gas from house compressed air, while hydrogen generators generate UHP hydrogen from deionized water.  Onsite service is available for completely hassle-free ownership. Experienced sales specialists can assist in specifying the best gas generator or system for every laboratory application. For over 35 years, Parker has proudly served the laboratory market with the most innovative and highest-quality gas generator solutions. Instruments that can benefit from a Parker gas generator include: GC, GCMS, LCMS, TOC, NMR, FTIR, AA, TGA, DSC, and Evaporators.

The Parker H2PEMPD hydrogen generator product line offers 5 models with flow capacities up to 1300 cc/min. At 99.99999+ % purity, multiple GC-FIDs can satisfy their Fuel and Carrier gas needs with one system. PEM/Palladium purification technology eliminates the need to replace desiccants that are commonly found on competitive systems. Automatic water fill, multiple instrument load balancing, remote PC monitoring, and built-in safety controls are all features of  the Parker system. With the best-in-class 3-year cell warranty, you can buy knowing your lab is receiving the industry’s best quality and support.

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