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The GX-241 Liquid Handler

The GX-241 Liquid Handler is a compact workhorse that provides the perfect balance of size, performance, and capabilities to individual labs

by Gilson

The GX-241 Liquid Handler is a compact workhorse that provides the perfect balance of size, performance, and capabilities to individual labs. Designed for applications and labs where bench space is at a premium, it features a large injection volume range of 1 μL to 5 mL using a minimal dead volume direct injection design. The GX-241 also features two transfer ports for delivering sample to off-bed detection devices in Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) to conductivity, fluorescence, colorimeter, and absorbance detectors. This two rack capacity liquid handler has the ability to hold hundreds of samples ranging from 2 mL vials to 100mm test tubes. The flexible platform can also hold up to 4 shallow or deep well 96-well microplates.

Small in size…BIG on performance and flexibility!

The GX-241 Liquid Handler uses a Direct Injection Module, allowing the direct connect port to deliver sample directly to the valve with minimal dead volume and no connecting tubing, reducing carryover and plugging potential. Paired with the new compact GX-Syringe Pump, it can be used with syringe volumes from 100 μL to 10 mL. The GX-241 offers a 2-character LED display that provides error codes and gives user indication of maintenance requirements.

Used with TRILUTION® LC v3.0, the user has full control of the GX-241 Liquid Handler. Designed by scientists for scientists, TRILUTION LH is your complete solution for all Liquid Handling (LH) applications and is Gilson’s most user-friendly and powerful LH software yet. It was developed specifically with the scientist in mind for the ultimate in control, ease-of-use, a low learning curve and flexibility. An iPad® can be utilized to act as a keypad interfacing with the controlling computer and TRILUTION, allowing for remote, wireless functionality at your fingertips.

Applications – GX-241 Liquid Handler at work:

GPC Clean-up:
GPC is a common technique for post-extraction sample clean-up of interfering substances from environmental samples, food products and animal tissues prior to analysis. Failure to remove these interfering compounds can cause poor results. Using the GX-241, Gilson BV is developing a compact GPC Clean-up system for laboratories experiencing shortages of bench top space. GPC applications include:

• Determination of pesticides in plant and animal samples • Clean-up of soil extracts prior to analysis for organic compounds

In collaboration with a large pharmaceutical company, Gilson UK has developed a compact system, based on the GX-241 platform, to perform dissolutions, a process by which a solid, liquid or gas forms a solution in a solvent. The dissolution media is circulation in a closed-loop system by means of a MINIPULS peristaltic pump, and samples are taken at the specified time intervals through the use of flow-through HPLC vials.

• Dissolution testing is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for optimization of formulation and quality control.

Flow Injection Analysis (FIA):
FIA is the introduction of sample via injection into a flowing injection stream. The sample disperses in the liquid stream and is carried to a detection source that is continuously monitoring. FIA Applications include:

• Determining protein-bound nitrite in meat products

• Determining sulphites in food and beverages • Analysis of fluorescence for pharmaceutical analysi

• Direct Inject Module & Dual Transfer Ports