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The New Spectro Arcos

The new SPECTRO ARCOS analyzer represents a new pinnacle of productivity and performance for inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometers. 

by SPECTRO Analytical Instruments

It’s a worthy successor to previous industry-leading ARCOS models — and the capstone to more than 30 years of SPECTRO experience in producing the world’s leading ICP-OES instruments.

ICP-OES for the most demanding elemental analyses in industry and research

The ARCOS design ensures exceptionally low operating costs over a long, reliable service life. It packs a modern, ergonomic chassis with proven features such as no-purge UV-PLUS sealed gas purification technology, no-external-cooling OPI-Air interface, simplified sample introduction, and easy accessibility for service and maintenance. Best of all, SPECTRO ARCOS delivers unmatched optical performance, with its recently unveiled MultiView technology.

Multiview makes it two instruments in one

The new SPECTRO ARCOS with MultiView technology eliminates plasma-viewing compromises and revolutionizes spectrometer design. ARCOS provides uncompromised axial-view and radial-view plasma observation in a single instrument because MultiView is truly axial, truly radial, and totally radical. The periscope-free design means operators now can literally “turn” a radial-view instrument into an axial-view device, or vice-versa – in 90 seconds or less! Users get full axial sensitivity and full radial precision — with no dual-view compromises. A new white paper in the SPECTRO ARCOS Resource Center explains why the plasma interface is so important for analytical results.

Engineered to provide the lowest cost of ownership

Eliminates costly gas purging 

Innovative SPECTRO ARCOS eliminates the waste and expense required by conventional instruments that must consume and purge gas on a constant basis. Its unique sealed, no-purge optical technology saves thousands of dollars each year – about $3,800 per year – versus ordinary spectrometers. That’s because its UV-PLUS sealed optical system is permanently argon-filled. ARCOS re-circulates gas through a small cleaning cartridge that typically will last for up to 2 years. Users can start and stop the instrument at will and the result is highly stable analysis and excellent low UV performance without purge waiting or delays at startup.

Eliminates costly, complicated, external cooling 

Plasmas generate quite a bit of heat and traditional ICP-OES instruments require an external cooling system. These water-based chillers are expensive, complicated and can represent a significant headache. They’re prone to internal leaks, which can cause corrosion and failure of expensive instrument components and few chillers outlast their spectrometers. A separate chiller purchase may total as much as $5000. And energy costs, for this power-hungry component, can boost utility bills for the life of the instrument. SPECTRO ARCOS integrates innovative, patented air-cooling technology that’s very simple in conception. The instrument generates inherently less need for cooling than conventional designs so it saves the cost of the chiller, higher continuing energy costs, and it eliminates leaks and corrosion while reducing maintenance and downtime.

There’s much to learn about this amazing new instrument. Visit the SPECTRO ARCOS Resource Center for white papers, webinars, product brochures and more.


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