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The Next Generation of LABOPORT Vacuum Pumps

New N 96/N 820G/N 840G diaphragm pumps are oil-free, easy to use, and feature speed-controlled DC motors for greater versatility

The Next Generation of LABOPORT Vacuum Pumps

KNF presents a new series of LABOPORT® pumps—models N 96, N 820 G, and N 840 G—delivering the well-known LABOPORT performance in a striking new design.

by KNF Neuberger

Integrated Gas Ballast Valve

The valve protects the pump head and shortens processing times—even with high boiling point solvents.


The fold-out handle makes the device easy to transport and store.


Manually adjust the pump speed via the control knob or automatically by connecting to KNF’s VC 900 vacuum controller.

Exceptionally Small Footprint

This impressively compact pump provides the user with increased bench space.

Easy to Clean

The smooth surfaces without any ribs or hard edges are easy to keep clean.

3-Color Status Display

The changing color display allows the operational status to be ascertained at a glance (in operation, stand-by, or error).

Chemically Resistant

All wetted materials are suited for use with aggressive/corrosive gases.