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The Next Generation of Vacuum Pump Systems; Clean, Quiet and Energy Efficient

Vacuum pumps systems no longer have to be loud, noisy, filled with oil that leaks and smokes, or complicated to use.

by KNF Neuberger

Vacuum pumps systems no longer have to be loud, noisy, filled with oil that leaks and smokes, or complicated to use. Today’s researchers are looking for vacuum systems characterized by reliable, deep vacuum performance, for use in a wide variety of applications, high flow capacities, shorter process times, precise pressure control, accurate, repeatable results, and clean, quiet, and efficient operation. Also important are environmentally friendly products without sacrificing performance. All of these requirements are now met by new products using a sophisticated, patented pump diaphragm and valve technology.

KNF Lab again extends their wide range of oil-free vacuum pumps and systems with the introduction of the SC950 vacuum pump system with wireless remote control. This innovative vacuum system features a high 50 LPM pumping capacity and a deep 1.5 Torr end vacuum to enable shorter processing time with a wide range of solvents.

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This new system combines KNF’s latest diaphragm pump technology with a smart electronic control and efficient motor, saving labs time, energy, money, while protecting the environment.

The heart of the system is a newly developed, four-stage diaphragm pump. Patented diaphragm technology ensures high pneumatic pumping capacity in a small package with minimal operating noise level. All components of the vacuum pump system that come into contact with media are made of chemically-resistant materials for a long trouble-free life. In addition to being extremely quiet, the pump’s performance is precisely controlled by advanced internal electronics.

The system electronics provides four operating modes to ensure the maximum flexibility in a range of laboratory applications; vessel evacuation, constant pressure control, automatic vapor pressure determination and individual pressure function (operates according to a user-defined pressure curve) are all chosen from the handheld remote or via a USB PC control interface.

The pump is driven by an efficient, speed-controlled DC motor utilizing low energy consumption. The motor is capable of starting against vacuum. Powered from 100V to 240V at 50Hz to 60Hz. This makes the system more tolerant of power fluctuations. The unit converts incoming voltages into the DC voltage for the drive motor, while motor speed is constantly adjusted by internal control electronics.

The space-saving design conserves valuable laboratory space by positioning the system in remote locations such as within a cabinet or on a shelf. When located inside a fume hood, the wireless remote allows the operator complete control, even with the sash closed for added safety and HVAC energy savings. Researcher safety is improved by a closed glass shield between them and their reaction. Featuring both an inlet separator and liquid-cooled outlet trap, the SC950 provides excellent solvent recovery yields and keeps the atmosphere clean by eliminating virtually all vapors in the exhaust.

This new vacuum pump system sets new standards in laboratory vacuum systems with respect to shorter process times, precise vacuum control, energy efficiency and solvent recovery.

To learn more about the SC950 system, and our other products, visit KNF at Booth #2080 during Pittcon 2012 in Orlando, FL from March 11th through the 15th or visit us online at

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