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The Olympus OLS5100 Smart Experiment Manager Simplifies Data Acquisition and Analysis

A semi-automated experiment manager for quick and efficient surface metrology experiment workflows

The Olympus OLS5100 Smart Experiment Manager
Simplifies Data Acquisition and Analysis

The LEXT OLS5100 laser scanning microscope combines outstanding accuracy and optical performance with smart tools that make the system easy to use.

by Olympus Corporation
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Laser confocal microscopes are used to measure the results of multi-factor experiments designed to show differences in performance outcomes based on input parameter variations. Data acquisition and analysis for these multi-factor experiments is time-consuming and subject to data entry errors that can compromise data quality. The new Olympus OLS5100 3D laser confocal microscope’s Smart Experiment Manager streamlines and simplifies data acquisition and analysis from these multifactor experiments by:

  • Automatically creating the experiment plan
  • Automatically populating data to the experiment plan
  • Providing clear data trend visualization tools

By automating these time-consuming functions, the OLS5100 Smart Experiment Manager reduces experiment data acquisition time by up to 30% and simultaneously eliminates data entry errors. It also organizes the data in an easy-to-use interface that ensures that no data are omitted from the analysis.

Enhanced efficiency

A carefully designed experiment plan helps ensure successful data acquisition and simplifies data analysis. Relying on manual transcription methods to create an experiment plan is inefficient and increases the risk of error, complicating later analyses. 

The Smart Experiment Manager allows laboratories to work more quickly and efficiently when performing experiments. After defining the experiment/evaluation conditions, the Smart Experiment Manager saves the user time by automatically creating the experiment plan. The software automatically creates a matrix of test conditions based on the defined functional variables, eliminating the need to re-enter the data and reducing the chance of transcription errors that can lead to problems with data analysis.

Accurate records

As numerous images are generated for each sample and experiment, it is critical to keep clear, accurate records, including sample ID and experimental conditions, to facilitate data analysis. After preparing your samples according to the experiment plan, the Smart Experiment Manager makes data acquisition from each sample quick and easy, requiring only a mouse click. The software automatically generates a file name for the dataset that contains the evaluation conditions from the experiment matrix to provide accurate record-keeping. Each dataset contains the associated images and data in an easy-to-access, organized manner, enhancing efficiency and ensuring accurate data.

Data trends and visualization

Manually executing an experiment plan increases the risk of human error. Fatigue and distraction can result in unintentional data duplication or omission, and compromises data quality. Using the Smart Experiment Manager, the microscope scans the samples according to the experiment plan, ensuring comprehensive data capture for every combination of experiment conditions. This ensures that the user is neither omitting nor duplicating data during the collection step of the experiment.

The software provides additional visualization and insights into experimental data, using a color “heat” map of the measurements. This helps the user visualize trends in the data and determine which factors and/ or combination of factors have an impact in the designated performance outcomes. With the Olympus OLS5100 microscope and Smart Experiment Manager, the tasks of performing experiments utilizing nanometer-scale surface metrology are fast and efficient. Data entry and repetitive tasks are automated to simplify workflows and reduce errors. The Olympus OLS5100 microscope enhances efficiency and delivers high-quality and trustworthy data.

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