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The Pioneer Antibody Discovery Platform: From Difficult Targets to Modular Antibodies and Bispecifics

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss Bio-Rad’s PioneerTM Antibody Discovery Platform 

Product in Action Webinar

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Bio-Rad’s PioneerTM Antibody Discovery Platform includes one of the largest Fab libraries ever made. The library contains over 2 x 10^11 unique human antibody sequences and has been optimized for Fab selection and IgG developability. In combination with the SpyDisplay selection technology and TrailBlazerTM modular antibody platform, Pioneer enables rapid lead candidate generation also against GPCRs. We will also introduce SpyLock, a novel approach for rapid high-throughput generation of bispecific antibodies.


Paul Royle
Technical Sales Manager Custom Antibodies
Bio-Rad Laboratories

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