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The Power of Vulnerability

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss how to use vulnerability to improve the decision-making in the lab

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Lab managers face a wide range of challenges and issues. Unfortunately, no single individual can have all the technical, operational, people management, and business knowledge needed to solve every problem facing the lab. Lab managers who can harness the power of vulnerability can better access and use the knowledge, skills, and experience of others to find better solutions for the lab. Being vulnerable in this context is about sharing needs, asking for help, being open to new and different ideas, and being willing to admit mistakes. Being a vulnerable leader isn’t about exposing weakness, but about demonstrating inner strength in the face of important challenges. Vulnerable leaders help to create cultures of emotional and psychological safety that can get the very most of all the combined knowledge of the lab staff. It is also freeing for lab manager to no longer need to be the source of all ideas for the lab.

 This presentation will explore the benefits of the vulnerable leader and how to use vulnerability to improve decision-making in the lab.

Learning objectives

  • The benefits of courage
  • Creating emotional safety
  • Demonstrating caring
  • Getting better ideas
  • Asking for help
  • Being open to new ideas


Scott Hanton
Editorial Director
Lab Manager

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