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The Value of a Trusted Source of OES Supplies

Precise analysis of homogenous metallic samples

by Alpha Resources
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Optical emission spectroscopy (OES) can be used by foundries, mines, steel mills, metal recycling, and scrap processing industries to test the metal content in a sample. In these industries, knowing the chemical composition of samples is essential information for gauging the product’s quality, overall composition (of incoming or outgoing materials), and level of contaminants. At a foundry or steel mill, knowing the exact composition of products being made is also needed for safety and grade assignment. This dictates the quality and worth of metal products and ensures they meet the specifications that they claim to. Essential information like this is valuable to both the producer and consumer, as well as being a competitive requirement in today’s market.

Optical emission spectroscopy: what’s in the sample?

OES is applied to a homogenous metallic sample obtained by sanding, grinding, or machining. Excitement of the sample can then determine the presence of different metals including iron, aluminum, or copper. The precision of OES systems is approximately 5-10 ppm, generally, though this can vary by sample and application. 

A new source of OES lab supplies

Alpha Resources has long been a trusted aftermarket supplier of inorganic elemental analysis consumables and reference and now offers OES lab supply components. These include electrodes, O-rings, filters, crucibles, rods, and rotorode discs for use in OES analyzers. Alpha Resources also offers sample discs/molds and graphite electrodes for sample analysis. All products are manufactured adhering to ISO 9001:2015 accredited quality system. 

OEM quality at aftermarket prices 

Alpha Resources was founded in 1978, providing reference materials for the coal industry, and since expanded its offerings into multiple industries, growing to be an internationally recognized consumables brand. At a cost of ~20-40 percent less than OEM, this leading aftermarket supplier provides a budget-friendly alternative without sacrificing quality. Alpha Resources’ new OES supplies are compatible with analyzers from several OEMs. For existing Alpha Resources customers, the added convenience of being able to add OES supplies to an existing order of lab supplies means less time trying to find reliable, high-quality after-market consumables from new vendors. As a new or returning customer, taking advantage of Alpha Resources’ after-market prices and compatible products make this new source of OES materials an excellent choice for both lab budgets and reliable results.  

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