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Touch-Operated FTIR Spectroscopy Software

The first true touch-operated software for infrared spectroscopy

Touch-Operated FTIR Spectroscopy Software

OPUS-TOUCH offers an intuitive approach for a smoother user experience to allow you to get more done in less time.  You just choose the type of analysis you want to run and using the clean user interface, you will achieve your desired results in less time.  The compact design is a plus and offers full data integrity and traceability for your regulated SOP’s.

by Bruker Corporation
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Q: Finding the ability for FTIR software to intuitively perform within demands of the 21 CFR Part 11 regulation (OPUS/Validation) without the complexity.

Although touchscreens have long since found their way into everyday applications, spectroscopic devices pose a special challenge in software design. Most software applications are extremely complex and confusing, requiring hours of training and then retraining. How can you be more productive in less time?

A:OPUS is the leading spectroscopy software for state-of-the-art measurement, processing, and evaluation of IR, NIR, and Raman Spectra. OPUS-TOUCH offers the first truly touch-operated   software for infrared spectroscopy.

OPUS provides the highest accessibility for FT-IR beginners and full instrument control for experts, while meeting strict regulatory compliance. Based on decades of experience and driven by the innovative spirit of a technology leader, the OPUS software suite combines an unmatched range of functionality with unique ease of use and scalability. For routine analysis, dedicated intuitive user interfaces are available to guide even inexperienced users step-by-step smoothly through the measurement and evaluation process. For advanced users and experts, OPUS offers maximum flexibility including customizable workspaces to tailor the OPUS software to the user’s individual needs.

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