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Transforming Biologic Drug Development

Making simultaneous CE-SDS/CIEF analyses of multiple samples possible

Biophase Instrument

The SCIEX BioPhase 8800 system is an entirely new capillary electrophoresis platform innovated from the ground up to help biologic drug developers take charge of their development pipelines, maximize efficiencies and accelerate time to market.

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Q: Are existing analytical methods preventing you from understanding molecular liabilities quickly enough?

Biopharmaceutical drug developers are working with increasingly complex next-generation molecules. At the same time, they need to understand molecular liabilities quickly in order to close the developability gap and ensure the manufacturability of robust, stable molecules prior to clinical trials. Samples are getting more complex, more numerous, and require more complex analytical methods with difficult method set ups, but results are needed in less time. Existing approaches to detect and characterize changes during drug development are part of the problem because they take too long. High-throughput analytical techniques that can overcome these complexities are becoming essential.

A:With the SCIEX BioPhase 8800 system, you can run more complex samples in less time on a single platform.

This highly engineered system enables parallel processing of eight samples simultaneously using CE-SDS and CIEF with UV and UV-LIF detection. Switching between assays is easy and seamless. Drag-and-drop method and sequence creation complements innovative data analysis, while validated kits simplify operation and minimize errors. For the first time, it is possible to quickly develop methods for screening and characterizing traditional and new engineered molecules. Scientists can now confidently deliver consistent, accurate and comparable data from bioprocessing to R&D, all the way to QA/QC. Simply put, the BioPhase 8800 system accelerates analysis and dramatically shortens new therapy development timelines while providing the sensitive, high-resolution data expected in the biopharma industry.

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